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10 Reasons to Visit Texas State Capitol

Austin is an amazing city to visit with plenty of interesting things to see and fun things to do during your stay. There are activities and attractions to suit all tastes, from outdoor spaces to historical landmarks. One place that you might like to visit if you are staying in Austin, Texas, is the Texas State Capitol, which is located on Congress and 11th Streets. Here are just 10 of the reasons you should consider visiting Texas State Capitol while you are in Austin.

1. Admire the Architecture

If you are a fan of interesting and unique architecture, then this building will fascinate you. It was built in 1885 and the architecture is superb. There are many beautiful and ornate architectural features both inside and outside the building. It was designed by architect Elijah E. Myers and it is the sixth-tallest state capitol in the United States. Many who have visited this attraction describe the architecture as awe-inspiring.

2. Learn About Texan History

One of the main reasons why people visit this attraction is because it is one of the most historically significant landmarks in Texas. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the city of Austin and the state of Texas. Brochures are available that give an abundance of information about the building and the area. Combine the brochures with a tour and a view of the exhibitions, and you will have a fascinating day.

3. Take a Free Guided Tour

According to the Texas State Capitol Board, one of the best ways to view the building and learn about its history is to take one of the free tours. The tours take place at regular intervals throughout the day and are available seven days a week. These are extremely informative and give you the opportunity to ask questions. You will certainly find out more by taking one of the free tours than if you simply explore the grounds and building alone.

4. Explore the Stunning Grounds

While there is plenty to explore inside, one of the stand-out features of this attraction is the stunning grounds. Visitors are free to roam around the beautiful gardens, admiring the landscaping and enjoying the fresh air. This is a peaceful way to spend your time, so it is different from the frantic atmosphere of many of Austin’s attractions. If you have a limited budget and want to keep the cost of your visit down, then you can bring along a picnic to enjoy in the grounds instead of dining out in a restaurant.

5. Check Out the Monuments

The grounds of Texas State Capitol are also home to some beautiful monuments. Each of these commemorates a different person or event that relates to Austin. Taking a mini-tour of the monuments is an interesting way to spend your time at Texas State Capitol and is also a good way to explore the grounds. The grounds and monuments are also good places to take photographs to commemorate your visit.

6. See Both Rotundas

Most people are aware that Texas State Capitol has a rotunda, which is a circular central chamber with a double-walled dome. Other than admiring the beauty of this structure, visitors love to use it as a whispering gallery as they stand on opposite sides and whisper. The shape of the structure means that the sound travels to the other side. What fewer people know is that there is another rotunda in the grounds, says This is located within the underground Capitol Extension. At the center of this is an outdoor rotunda that floods the underground building with natural light. You should try to see both rotundas during your visit.

7. Enjoy the Fun Exhibits

The highlight of a visit to Texas State Capitol for many people is the exhibits. These allow you to learn more about the history of the building and its historical significance to the area. There are some delightful photography displays to enjoy, examples of the materials used to construct the building, and a miniature replica of Texas State Capitol. You will find many of these exhibits in the visitor’s center.

8. Grab a Bite to Eat

Visit Austin says that you can grab a bite to eat during your visit to Texas State Capitol. In the Capitol Extension, you will find the Capitol Grill. This serves breakfast and lunch daily, along with some grab-and-go options. If you do not want to eat within the attraction, there are many more excellent restaurants you can try that are within walking distance. These include the Clay Pit and Texas Chili Parlor. While the former is an Indian restaurant, the latter serves traditional Texan cuisine.

9. Visit The Cloak Room for a Drink

You can also enjoy an alcoholic beverage during your visit to Texas State Capitol as it has its own bar called The Cloak Room. Many visitors head to this bar at the end of their day at Texas State Capitol. It is also popular amongst the staff who work in this building. The bar is located on the western edge of the Texas State Capitol grounds. While the main attraction is only open in the day, this bar is open into the night. It is a great place to hang out with a relaxing vibe. While you are there, you may hear some interesting stories being told by the staff.

10. Admire the Craftsmanship

There is some outstanding craftsmanship around Texas State Capitol, and it is a to miss this if you hurry through the building. You should take your time when visiting this attraction so that you do not miss all the interesting little details you will see along the way if you observe carefully. For example, there is some beautiful hardware crafted from brass, and the ornate furniture is stunning. It is worth taking a little extra time so that you can fully appreciate the craftsmanship on display.

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