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Where To Find The Best Chinese Food In Sarasota


Many people retire to Sarasota, Florida. Many northerners annually winter in the beach side city for the winter to enjoy the warmth and relaxation of the Gulf Coast. Many tourists flock to Sarasota for family vacations. Sarasota has something to offer for all. If you live in Sarasota full time, part time, or just for a visit and you're craving good Chinese food, there are several wonderful Chinese restaurants to choose from.

10. Sunny Wok

Sunny Wok is a take out Chinese restaurant located at 8756 State Road 70 East in Bradenton just outside of Sarasota. The lunch and dinner menus are American Chinese. Dishes include Bourbon Chicken, Chicken Teriyaki Sticks, Beef with Vegetables, and Show Main Noodles with beef, ribs, or sweet and sour chicken. The portions are large. The price is reasonable. The ingredients are fresh. Sunny Wok offer quick service and delicious Chinese food.

9. Shangri-La Restaurant

Shangri-La Restaurant is a favorite in Sarasota. The restaurant is located at 5828 Bee Ridge Road and has been family run since 1991. Shangri-La Restaurants offers dine in or carry out service. The menu offers American Chinese classics including Egg Foo Young and Chow Mein. Shangri-La also offers authentic Chinese dishes including Peking Duck and whole steamed fish options. The Poo Poo Platter is a favorite. The staff are welcoming and friendly, offering a family atmosphere. The food is delicious. Shangri-La Restaurant is always busy, so order early.

8. China Star

China Star is located at 3558 Clark Road and serves both Chinese and Japanese cuisine. The variety of dishes on the menu is great, and the meals are affordable. The service is always great, and the quality ingredients are always fresh. China Star offers dine in, take out and delivery for lunch and dinner. Some favorite House Specialties include the Shrimp Meifun and the Sesame Chicken. The Diet Menu includes steamed rice and vegetable dishes. Other favorites include the Bourbon Chicken, Roast Pork with Garlic Sauce, Beef with Mushroom, and Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce.

7. Taste of Hong Kong

Taste of Hong Kong is located at 2224 Gulf Gate Drive. Much of the large menu is mainstream American Chinese, so if that's what you're craving Taste of Hong Kong is the place to dine. There are also some more eclectic dishes on the menu. There are also a number of Thai inspired specialties including the duck. Some favorites include the Spicy Seafood Tofu Pot with Black Bean Sauce and the Scallops or Grouper with Asparagus. Other favorites include Sizzling Eggplant and Salted Fish or Chicken in a crock pot. The service is always friendly and efficient. The value is excellent.

6. Asian Kitchen

Asian Kitchen offers dine in, carry out and delivery service. The restaurant is located at 555 Palmer Crossing. The service is always excellent, and the portions are ample enough to share. Asian Kitchen offers a main menu and a "healthy menu". The menus offer authentic Chinese dishes with gluten free options. Asian Kitchen offers Thai Specials, vegetarian options, Chef's Specialties, Family Meals, and stir fry options. Favorites include the egg rolls and dumplings and the steamed chicken with black pepper sauce.

5. China Taste

Located at 3800 South Tamiami Road, China Taste offers dine in, take out, and delivery service. The staff are excellent and accommodating. The menu offers a modern interpretation of classic Chinese dishes, many created in New York style which snowbirds from the east coast appreciate. The menu includes Chef Specialties including Bourbon Chicken, Orange Chicken, Hunan Duck, and the spicy Hawaii Five "O" dish. Other favorites include the house specialty Egg Foo Young Omelets and Spicy Jumbo Shrimp with Eggplant and Garlic Sauce. China Taste offers an extensive diet menu including steamed white rice, fresh vegetables, and a choice of garlic, white or brown sauce. Don't miss the Green Jade Delight.

4. New York Chinese Restaurant

New York Chinese Restaurant is located at 5010 Clark Road and offers unique To Go orders. The restaurant's menu inspired by New York Chinese restaurants. The menu includes dishes with a modern interpretation of classic Chinese dishes. The ingredients are of quality and freshness. The menu includes wok fresh entrees, healthy low fat options, and dinner combos. Favorites include the Rock Shrimp and Squid and Spicy Fried Rice. If you're visiting Sarasota and craving New York style Chinese cuisine, you need to stop at New York Chinese Restaurant.

3. Pei Wei Asian Diner

Pei Wei Asian Diner is located at 8511 Cooper Creek Boulevard. The restaurant offers lunch and dinner for dine in, carry out, delivery, and catering. The menu is diverse offering craft entrees with bold flavors and delicious ingredients. The vegetables are fresh and hand chopped at Pei Wei Asian Diner. Diners may enjoy whole cuts of meat including chicken and beef. The menu includes dishes with grass fed flank steak. The service is excellent. Favorites you can't always find at other Chinese restaurants include the Chicken Lettuce Wraps and a delicious Chicken Chop Salad.

2. Yummy House

Yummy House is a favorite Chinese Restaurants with natives and visitors to Sarasota. Located at 1737 South Tamiami Trail, Yummy House offers a large menu for lunch and dinner and dishes served with fresh ingredients. They are busy on weekends so it's wise to make reservations. Yummy House offers lunch and dinner for dine in and carry out. The service is prompt and friendly. The portions are ample offering dishes with great flavor and texture. Favorites at Yummy House include Salt and Pepper Eggplant, tofu, calamari, scallops, and chicken, Hong Kong Won Ton, Tofu with Bamboo, Mushrooms with Albacore, Mongolian Beef, and Conch with Spicy XO Sauce.

1. China 1

China 1 is the best place to dine for Chinese food in Sarasota, Florida. Located at 6575 South Tamiami Trail, China 1 offers great food, great service, and even catering. China 1 offers New York style Chinese cuisine focusing on dishes from the Hakka culture in northern China. The mene is filled with pan-Asian cuisine made with traditional Chinese cooking methods. The restaurant offers dine in, carryout, free delivery, and catering. Dining in at China 1 is always a treat with its open kitchen concept. The ingredients are fresh. China 1 also has a large private banquet room for parties.

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