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The Best Five Honda Motorcycles from 2010 to Present

Honda is in the business of building motorcycles that hard charge when it comes to performance for moto racers and comfort for those who enjoy a cross-country tour to see America. They also cater to the casual rider who uses a bike to commute to and from work or school, and those who want a motorcycle that can tear up the track, then legally drive down the road to go home after winning. They've put a lot into their designs and innovations to supply the demand of a discriminating clientele. They just keep getting better and with this in mind, here are the best five Honda motorcycles from 2010 to present.

2010 Honda Stateline 1300

The 2010 Honda Stateline 1300 is one of the best Honda motorcycles built from 2010 to the present. This bike features a 1212cc Twin engine that gives it plenty of power to motor down the road in style. It's fully loaded with saddlebags, a windscreen, full fenders, floorboards, fat tires, and a sissybar. It's among the most popular sport touring bikes that eat up the road with comfort to spare. This bike was first released for sale to the public in 2010 and it's been a favorite since. Riders know that this bike is just the ticket for going on road trips because it's capable of hauling a passenger comfortably, plus gear for driver and companion.

2015 Honda CB500F

The CB500F made its debut at the EICMA Motor show in 2013 and made an excellent impression. It was one of three new models that featured the new in-house 500cc engine. This edition rose to the top in 2015 but only part of the popularity of this bike is because of its affordability. The Japanese made bike comes with a 500cc parallel twin 2 cylinder 4 stroke engine with fuel injection and it's paired with a 6-speed manual transmission. The fuel tanks hold 4.1 gallons which will get you quite a way down the road. This 420-pound bike is lightweight and is a great standard bike for beginners through advanced riders because it's a pleasure to ride. This is among the most popular models for short commutes to work and school because it handles so well on the highway and in town. In addition to all this, it has a sporty appeal, even though it's a smaller bike. It gets the job done without breaking the bank.

2012 Honda NC700X

The NC700X came along when sales were beginning to slump because of hard economic times. It was affordable but it also had a lot more to offer. Honda created this bike with the intention of giving loyal Honda customers an adventure touring crossover that was manufactured with cost saving in mind, but that didn't skimp on value. They poured technology into the design of the compact parallel-Twin engine that averages 66 mpg in fuel economy. This bike was made to handle rough riding environments, yet it's just as much at home on the road offering a comfortable ride for the best of both worlds in one dual purpose bike. A 21-liter storage compartment just sweetened the deal, along with the 3.7-gallon fuel tank located under the seat. Its fuel efficiency is thanks to the 670cc engine paired with the programmed fuel injection system and the standard six-speed manual gearbox. This model is one of the favorites of the decade.

2018 Honda Grom

The Honda Grom 125 has earned its place in the top five categories because of its brilliant performance on the track or in the dirt. Its popularity is undisputed as the choice of a variety of riders from those who ride for recreational fun, commuters, beginning riders and individual racers and racing teams. This bike features a 125cc engine that generates a decent rev. The fuel injection system gives it decent performance and it's easy to start, thanks to the electric starter. It's an excellent entry level bike with a small size that is easy to manage. It's a top pick for beginners and the 2018 model has made some great updates including a 2 step seat, a new muffler, ABS, a headlight and some cool bodywork. It's fun and economical to drive and it won't break the bank if you decide to walk away with a new one.

2017 Honda Rebel 300

The 2017 Honda Rebel 300 has a bigger brother in the 500 but this smaller gem came out with a new and sporty look that was for some riders, quite aesthetically pleasing. Add the fact that it's 286cc single cylinder four-stroke DOHC 4 engine supplies 30 horsepower yet the fuel injection system gives it plenty of revs, it's got the attitude to spare. The appeal of the Rebel 300 is found in its sexy demeanor, but the padded seat and overall design give you the comfort of a tourer. It's not as fast nor as dynamic as the step up in horses of the 500, but not everyone wants to go all out with power because in some cases, it's neither necessary nor desired.

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