The Most Expensive Apple in the World and Other Expensive Fruit

Fruit can definitely be expensive, but some varieties can be a lot more expensive than you can imagine. Have you ever wondered how much the most expensive apple in the world is? We can answer that question for you along with providing you with information about some other most expensive fruits in the world. Not only are these fruits very interesting, but they will set you back a few dollars – or a few hundred – depending on what you choose. Check out the most expensive apple in the world and other expensive fruit. You won’t believe your eyes!

The Most Expensive Apple in the World

This title belongs to the Sekai-Ichi Apple according to a variety of foodie websites, such as Fresh Plaza and First We Feast. “Sekai-Ichi” translates to “best in the world” and the price they cost per apple, this better be true! The apples bearing the “best in the world” title are not only branded by hand to ensure they are completely blemish-free, but they are also washed in honey. Another uncommon practice in Japan’s seemingly fruit-obsessed culture, the orchards these expensive apples grow in are pollinated using a little want by hand. Yes, you read that right. These apples are pollinated by hand!

The Sekai-Ichi apple is quite large and can weigh up to two pounds each. Being a somewhat new variety of apple, they only just celebrated their fortieth anniversary in 2014 according to Fresh Plaza. However, five years later, they are still the most expensive apple in the world, costing up to twenty-one dollars each. These large apples are also uniformly round in shape as well. Most have red stripes and a pinkish-red blush overlaying a yellow background but some can be completely red in color (Speciality Produce). If you’re wondering what these expensive apples taste like, they are slightly tart with a mild sweetness and are juicy, crisp, and firm. They are said to be a cross between Golden and Red Delicious apples.

Also known as “world’s number one” apple, these fruits take extra special care during the growing season which is probably why they cost so much. If you decide to buy one of these expensive apples, be sure to eat it with the skin on. Not only do you want to get every penny’s worth, but also most of the nutrients are directly in and under the skin itself anyway. Eat up but just remember, at twenty plus dollars a pop, you may not be able to eat too many!  And here are the most expensive fruits in the world:

5. Square Watermelon

Because fruit can be coaxed to grow into all kinds of shapes, Japan likes to grow watermelons that are square. Although they are no different than any other watermelon on the market, their cost is exuberant. Whether it’s the fact that they fit better in the fridge or that they are just interested in their shape, these watermelons can cost up to eight hundred dollars each according to Money Inc.

4. Ruby Roman Grapes

It seems Japan has cornered the market on expensive, that’s for sure. Regardless of their name, these grapes are also grown in Japan. Their large appearance – approximately the size of a ping-pong ball – and their brilliant red color combine to make a bunch of these costly grapes to run about four thousand dollars a bunch. You might want to get a few friends to go in on a bunch because at an average of twenty-five grapes a bunch according to First We Feast, that’s about over a hundred and fifty dollars per grape!

3. Densuke Watermelon

Yet another fruit commodity coming from Japan, the Densuke Watermelon is one of the most expensive fruits in the world. Its looks are quite different from ordinary watermelon in that it is solid black and doesn’t have the usual stripes of a watermelon. In addition, the reason that makes this fruit cost so much is the fact that only about ten thousand of them are grown each year. This limited watermelon can go for as much as six thousand dollars because of its limited supplies. (Money Inc)

2. Yubari King Melon

It may look like an ordinary cantaloupe, even in color, but it is far from average. The Yubari King is yet another fruit coming from Japan – see what we mean about Japan being fruit-obsessed? This cantaloupe type is not just perfectly round, but it is also completely smooth as well. Because these fruits tend to be purchased in pairs to give as gifts during the Ghost Festival, their price is about ten thousand dollars. In fact, according to First We Feast, a pair once went for twenty-three and half a thousand dollars.

1. Lost Gardens of Heligan Pineapple

Number one on our list of most expensive fruits in the world is this pineapple produced at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. These botanical gardens are located in Cornwall, England. Because pineapples are said to be tropical fruits – and England is not a tropical place – these special pineapples have been known to bring in up fifteen thousand dollars each. The special way they’re grown, referred to as “Victorian techniques” is the reason they can flourish in the colder climate. We’ll keep that bit of information to ourselves; it may ruin the taste you have conjured in your mind.

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