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The Most Expensive Bonsai Trees Money Can Buy

Bonsai is an art that involves precision trimming and care of trees to encourage them to grow in a specific design. Each Bonsai tree takes years to perfect. It's art in slow motion that evolves, sometimes painstakingly. You can find Bonsai kits for a few dollars if you desire to grow your own, but did you know that some Bonsai trees are centuries old? They're still living and growing, and they're priceless. What makes a Bonsai tree expensive? Not all Bonsai trees are expensive. The value of a Bonsai tree depends on the age of the plant, the species, the size, and the shape. Bonsai Empire explains that some of the older Bonsai trees are priceless. The history of the plant also figures into its overall value. Some of them are so valuable they're not for sale, but there are others that owners are willing to part with if you have the money to buy them. Some Bonsai Trees are valued at $400,000 to over $1 million. Here are the most expensive Bonsai trees money can buy for your enjoyment and consideration.

8. Mexican Frankincense Bonsai Tree Price: $875

Bonanza lists this unique Mexican Frankincense Bonsai Tree for sale. The tree is a native plant of Mexico with beautiful red peeling bark. It flowers throughout the year with white and yellow with a green tint, at the ends of the branches. The tree produces grayish-brown fruit in a triangular shape. This Bonsai tree is 58 years old and measures 20" x 22" x 30." It's one of the most remarkable indoor flowering Bonsai trees we've seen for under $1,000. If you think the price is high for this tree, there are seven higher-priced Bonsai trees on our list.

7. Premna One-of-a-kind Pre-Bonsai Price: $900

Wigert's is selling this unique Premna bonsai. there is only one of them. It's a tropical tree that grows wild in Indonesia, The Philippines, and Thailand. It's a fast-growing tree that is offered at 17" tall for this price. The leaves are naturally tiny. It is resistant to pests and grows well when kept indoors and sets in a windowsill. The tree requires full sun and watering as needed but it can't tolerate freezing temperatures. The age of the plant is not disclosed. It's an exceptional Bonsai starter plant.

6. Trident Maple Price: $1,291.00

The Trident Maple has the name Acer Buergerianum. This beautiful example is known to be fifteen years of age. The plant has received meticulous care resulting in an artistic expression of nature. It measures 27 inches tall. you can find this lovely bonsai tree at Brussels Bonsai online

5. Ficus Willow Leaf Price: $4,500

This hardy tree is an exceptional choice for banyan-style artistry in bonsai. It can be grown outdoors or outdoors in partial shade or full sun. It is a tropical tree that cannot tolerate freezing temperatures, but it loves a sunny window. The leaves are small and narrow and the tree sets on ornamental figs after blooming. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind Bonsai tree, Wigert's Bonsai offers this unique example in a willow tree. the common name of the tree is Willow Leaf Ficus. The scientific name is Ficus Salicaria. The age of the plant is not disclosed. It is 10" wide and 33" tall. This graceful Willow Leaf Ficus features a semi-cascade design. You can find it for sale at Brussels Bonsai (

4. Crepe Myrtle Price: $6,594.00

This unique bonsai tree is a CrepeMyrtle or Lagerstroemia Indicum. The graceful tree has received carefully nurturing for fifty years. It has reached a height of 44 inches. It's one of a kind and is highly valuable. It's a bargain at $6,594.00. You can find this lovely Crepe Myrtle bonsai tree for sale at Brussels Bonsai.

3. Ficus Retusa Price: $6,696.00

Bonanza is a premier Bonzai tree dealer specializing in high-quality specimens for sale to the general public. This high-end Ficus Retusa has grown to a height of 36 inches. It has been nurtured and cared for to the age of thirty years. It is an exquisitely shaped bonsai tree for the gardener or artist with discriminating tastes.

2. Trident Maple Bonsai Tree Price: $15,000.00

Brussels Bonsai offers this one-of-a-kind, Trident Maple Bonsai Tree with small leaves bearing three compact short lobes, forming the appearance of a Trident, giving the variety its name. This example is unique. It has a dappled light brown color and exfoliating bark that reveals various shades of brown and greyish orange bark beneath. This Trident Maple Bonsai has been gently cared for and nurtured for 115 years. It is 41 x 37 inches x 34 inches in height. The Trident Maple Tree's leaves turn to brilliant colors in the fall. This example is offered by a seller that does not complete online transactions. Direct contact is required to complete the sale, and arrange for freight shipping by truck due to the value and size of the tree.

1. Ficus Retusa Price: $18,136.00

This lovely Ficus Retusa is in the Ficus Micrrocarpa family. It is one of the most splendid Bonsai trees available for sale on the market today. The trunk is well-developed with an artistic gentle curving that follows the Bonsai tradition. The growth is semi-cascading with just enough greenery to enhance its beauty. This tree has been grown and nurtured for nearly a century, assessed at the age of 80 years. It is a large bonsai that has grown to a height of 84 inches. You can learn more about buying this exceptional Ficus Retusa at Brussels Bonsai.

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