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The Top 20 Hedge Funds in the World by Order of Assets Under Management


Hedge funds are companies that make it their business to combine insurance and investments in one tidy package. They deliver their services on a global scale and the top ranked hedged funds are known for high quality. There are a few different reasons for investing in hedge funds. They give some investors the chance to "trounce" the market, and others do it simply as a way of diversifying their portfolios and extending them beyond the traditional elements of stocks and bonds. Hedge fund investment is considered an alternative strategy, and it's not for everyone because for some, they represent a terrible deal with high minimum investments.

The fees are high and they're not subject to the same regulations that mutual funds are. It can be difficult to know just what your hedge fund owns or what activities are taking place, but there are some who have done well in going with large companies that are on the move.. We're focusing on the top twenty largest hedge funds in the world today, ranked from the twentieth largest to the top position of number one, by order of assets.

20. Adage Capital Management -$8.9 billion

Adage Capital Management is a firm that was founded in 2001. The Boston based company has assets that are worth over $8.9 billion. They are a huge power player on the market and are employee owned, with a total of seventeen years in business.

19. Lone Pine Capital -$24.5 billion

As we begin our journey to discovering the largest hedge fund in the world, Lone Pine Capital comes in at nineteenth place. This company is privately owned and there has been no official disclosure of the names of the individuals or entities with controlling interest, however; we do know that Lone Pine Capitol was founded in 1997 by Stephen Mandel in Connecticut. He is the current president of the company that maintains its headquarters in Connecticut.

18. Citadel - $25 billion

Citadel is a Chicago, Illinois based company that was founded in 1990. The owner of Citadel is Kenneth Cc. Griffin. It is an American Hedge Fund business that utilizes alternative asset management tools. Citadel ranks as the eighteenth largest Hedge fund firms in the world with assets of an estimated $25 billion. For more about the company, please visit:

17. Davidson Kempner Capital Management - $25.4 billion

Davidson Kempner Capital Management falls under the unique category of being employee owned. The company was founded in 1983 and has been in operation from its base in New York since that time. The company is considered to be one of the most prestigious major hedge fund firms in the industry and on the market. They offer undeniable high quality in the services that they provide, and they have been doing so for more than thirty years. They are the seventeenth largest hedge fund in the world, with assets totaling $25.4 billion.

16. Elliot Management Corporation - $27 billion

The Elliot Management Corporation ranks sixteenth in size of all hedge funds in the world for 2018. The New York based company is owned by Paul Singer, and was founded in 1977. Elliot Management Corporation is an American hedge fund that deals mostly on the distressed security market. They are actively involved with debt in companies that are near or nearing the point of bankruptcy. Their assets currently total $27 billion.

15. Winton Capital Management - $28 billion

The fifteenth largest hedge fund in the world is Winton Capital Management. The company is currently owned by David Harding and it was established in London, England in the United Kingdom in 1977. The British, London based company has been providing high quality investment management services for the past eleven years, and has proven its mettle by battling its way to a highly ranked position in a short period of time. The assets of Winton Capital Management are estimated to be at $28 billion.

14. Viking Global Investors - $28.8 billion

Viking Global Investors holds the position of being the fourteenth largest hedge fund in the world for 2018. The American fund was founded in 1999 and is currently headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut. Viking Global Investors is owned by Andreas Halvorsen and is an investment management firm that maintains assets valued at $28.8 billion.

13. Baupost Group - $29.4 billion

The Baupost Group is the thirteenth largest Hedge fund in the world with assets totaling $29.4 billion. The owner of the company is Seth Klarman. The Baupost Group was founded in Boston, Massachusetts, and has maintained its headquarters in this city since the time it was founded in 1982. A second operations base is in operation in London, England in the United Kingdom and it ranks among the top twenty largest hedge funds in the world.

12. Brevan Howard Capital Management - $40 billion

Brevan Howard Capital Management is owned by Allan Howard. The company is based out of Jersey and is ranked as the eleventh largest hedge fund on the planet. It was founded in the year 2002 and has been active for the past sixteen years. It is considered to be one of the biggest macro funds in the world. The Brevan Howard Capital Management company provides its services to high end businesses and clients and currently has an estimate $40 billion in assets.

11. Och-Ziff Capital Management - $42 billion

The eleventh largest hedge fund in the world is Och-Ziff Capital Management. The New York based company was founded in 1994, and is currently owned by Daniel S. Och. It is considered to be one of the major hedge funds in the world. The company is dedicated to alternative global asset management for its clientele. The assets of they company have grown over the past 24 years to a value of $42 billion, highlighting the success of the business and inspiring confidence in its ability to deliver top notch services.

10. Two Sigma - $52 billion

Two Sigma is a New York based hedge fund that was founded by John Overdeck and David Siegel in 2001. The 10th largest hedge fund firm in the world has assets totaling $52 billion and they are an original investment manager that adheres strictly to the principles of technology and innovation. This not only makes them unique in the current market, their success so far has been evident in their climb towards the largest hedge firm in the world in the seventeen years that the company has been in business.

9. Credit Suisse Asset Management - $52.5 billion

The Credit Suisse Asset Management Company is the ninth largest hedge fund with current assets totaling an estimated $52.5 billion, and are owned by the Credit Suisse Group. They have earned the reputation that places them among the biggest names, or the most well known provider of hedge funds in the world. The company was founded in New York in 1856 and has been in operation for well over one hundred and fifty years, providing high quality services that have endured for more than a century and a half.

8. Renaissance Technologies -  $65 billion

Renaissance Technologies was founded in 1982, in New York. It is owned by James H. Simons, and has an AUM of $65 billion. The company maintains a crew of more than 200 employees and it is currently the eighth largest hedge fund firm in the world today. If you're interested in learning more about Renaissance Technologies, you can visit their site at:

7. Man Group - $78.1 billion

Man Group is a London, England based company that enjoys a rich and thoroughly productive history. This business is currently owned by Jon Aisbitt. It was originally founded in 1783, making it not only one of the largest hedge funds in the world, but also the oldest. The current assets of the company are estimated to be at $78.1 billion. Their reputation is well deserved and is based upon their high success in business, their longevity, and the long history of high quality services that they have consistently delivered to their clients and partners. They are the seventh largest hedge fund in the world today.

6. D.E. Shaw & Co. - $84.36 billion

As we move yet closer to the largest hedge fund in the world, D.E. Shaw & Company occupies the position of being the sixth in ranking. The company bears the name of its owner and founder, David E. Shaw. He founded the investment management company back in 1988. It has remained in its successful standing for more than thirty years. D.E. Shaw & Co. was established in New York, where it currently maintains its headquarters and operations. The value of the assets of the company is estimated at $84.36 billion.

5. AQR Capital Management -  $153.6 billion

The fifth largest hedge fund in the world is AQR Capital Management. This famous hedge fund is based out of Connecticut and was established in 1998. It is owned by the Affiliated Managers Group and has a truly impressive AUM of $153.6 billion.

4. Bridgewater Associates - $197 billion

We're nearing the finish and come to the fourth largest hedge fund in the world, and the beginning of the elite class of the top fourth, Bridgewater Associates. The company is owned by Ray Dalio and Bob Prince. It was founded in Westport, Connecticut in 1975 and has continuously provided high quality services to its clients from the beginning of its operation more than forty years ago. The firm has rightly earned is distinction as being among the most prestigious in the world, working with clients throughout the world. It's assets are valued at $197 billion.

3. Millennium Management - $207 billion

As we close the gap on the largest hedge fund in the world, coming in at place third place in the twenty largest hedge funds in the world is Millennium Management. The New York based company is privately owned and is based out of New York. This remarkable American company was established in 1989, and in its twenty nine years of operation, it has evolved, and achieved an amazing level o success in the investment market. The total estimated assets of Millennium Management rest at a whopping $207 billion currently.

2. J.P. Morgan Asset Management - $1.7 trillion

The second largest hedge fund in the world is really no surprise. J.P. Morgan Asset Management has been a major player in the game offering their services to businesses and clients throughout the world for more than fifteen years. They are owned by J.P. Morgan & Co. The New York Based American company was founded in 2000 in New York, where it currently maintains its base operations. The assets of the company are $1.7 trillion.

1. BlackRock - $4.6 trillion

The BlackRock company comes in at the number one position for the largest hedge fund in the world, based upon its assets. The mind blowing figure stands as a testament to the competence of the company as well as the confidence that the public has in utilizing its alternative investment strategies. This company is based out of New York and was founded in 1988. Since its launch over thirty years ago, BlackRock has acquired assets valued at $4.6 trillion. This company is owned by Larry Fink and it is dedicated to asset management and takes a unique perspective on providing clients with effective risk management strategies.

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