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The Top 5 Luxury Resorts in Argentina


Everybody usually wants different things when they go on holiday. Some yearn to get away from it all (including people) and seek out a tiny get away pad in the middle of nowhere. Others want to be pampered and have everything there for them. For these people, a resort might be a good option. It is more than just a hotel that provides meals and a bed for the night. At a resort there are loads of different things to do. They offer tourists a complete package whilst still giving them the option of going out an exploring the place. Some resorts have marketed themselves as being particularly exclusive and full of prestige. They can be quite expensive but this also gives you exclusivity.

Argentina is an incredible country with gorgeous beaches, amazing wildlife, forests and mountains and usually reliable weather. The tourist offering is, as a result, enormous, and it can be quite daunting piling through the lists of first class resorts that are open to you. In this list, we have tried to make it simple for you and outlined the 5 top luxury resorts in the country, all guaranteed to provide you with a first class service and make sure that you have a fantastic holiday. Without further ado therefore, let's start the list...

Loi Suites Chapelco Hotel


Located in San Martin de los Andes in Patagonia, this resort offers you the highest standard of service and superb facilities. It is set over an area of 226 hectares, including a brilliant golf course. In the background one can see the Andes mountains and so you feel like you are in a beautifully natural area. At the same time, it is just 7 kms from the airport and 17 kms from San Martin de los Andes city. All of the rooms have spectacular views and face out across the golf course and towards the mountains.

The resort includes 2 restaurants, a snack bar, a spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a gym and an amazing wine cellar. This is your opportunity to wind down and relax in glorious surroundings. The rooms in the hotel range from the 35 square meter 'Junior Golf' rooms to the 65 square metre 'Suite Golf' rooms, which include two rooms, a jacuzzi, TV, audio system and complimentary internet access. If you play golf then this resort will certainly be for you.

Villa Huinid Resort and Spa


Overlooking the majestic Lake Nahuel Huapi, this resort has perhaps the widest range of accommodation options of any of the resorts on this list. You can book cabins, stay in the lodge, the 3* hotel or the 5* hotel. If you are looking for luxury though, you should probably opt for the 5* hotel! There are 70 rooms in this hotel and they are all designed to maximize silence and peace and quiet. The hotel is also home to an incredible spa and first class restaurant.

Arakur Ushuaia Resort and Spa


It would take quite a lot to beat Arakur on location. It can be found 800 feet above sea level and has incredible views, overlooking the surrounding mountains and native forests. This resort provides more than a holiday. Opportunities include guided hiking tours to the Reserva Natural Cerro Alarkén, a shuttle bus to Ushuaia city center, a shuttle to Cerro Castor during the ski season, a heated pool, gym and ski and boot cleaning services. It is also popular with business people and there is a dedicated business center.

This place is worth visiting at any time of year and you can make the most of the glorious surroundings. Arakur was really designed with the surroundings in mind and there are lots of outdoor activities to get stuck in to. These include visiting the Río Chico Waterfall and the beaver lodges or exploring the Andorra Valley, Vinciguerra Glacier and the Iceberg Lagoon. Despite being located within the Cerro Alarkén Natural Reserve the resort is also just minutes from downtown Ushuaia and its major attractions and a mere 20 minutes from the international airport. This is a great resort to head to for those of you who love the outdoors.

Sheraton Iguazu Resort and Spa


Located within the Iguazú National Park, this resort has spectacular views of the Iguazú Falls. The resort invite you to relax and experience the wonderful surrounding, getting away from it all. Their rooms range from 25 square meters to 58 square meters and the attention to detail is beyond belief. The SEDA Pool & Spa features a variety of treatment options across five indoor boxes, four outdoor tents, one internal box for couples, and a Vichy shower.

They also provide a Zen relaxation room, a salon, a sauna, a steam room, and a large hot water whirlpool for therapeutic treatments. This all complements the fitness center and the outdoor pools, which are provided for both children and adults. The restaurant on site provides international cuisine in a buffet style service and there is often live entertainment. A bar sits alongside this and is open until 1am each evening. This resort will suit those looking for a detox or a relaxing family break.

Iguazu Grand Resort, Spa and Casino


This resort is certainly the grandest in the city of Puerto Iguazu, just 15 minutes from the Iguazú National Park and 20 minutes from the airport. 134 suites are available and the amount of activities will be more than enough for any holiday maker. It is particularly good for families in this regard. The 'playland' is designed for children under 5. Within it there is a playground with a ball pit, a mini-theater, a soft playground, a bouncy castle and many recreational activities. Every day there are plenty of events to keep you and the kids entertained, including pool games, mini-golf, big-sized chess, use of a climbing wall and zip line, themed parties, mini-chef cooking activities, juggling classes and art workshops.

This is certainly a place if you want to keep busy! On the other hand, it is also a place where you can relax. The Spa del Paraiso in the resort offers different therapeutic treatments, massage services, a water circuit that includes a sauna, a steam room, a Scottish shower, a relaxing room, an indoor pool and a Roman bath. For eating, there are two restaurants on site serving regional food and plenty of other eateries. The casino is one of the biggest in South America and attracts lots of people every night. In fact, no matter what you are in to, you will almost certainly find it at the Iguaza Grand Resort, Spa and Casino.

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