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The Top Five Most Luxurious Rentals in the Bahamas

The Bahamas stretch across the Atlantic Ocean consisting of hundreds of islands and cays. Holidaymakers from around the planet descend on the island-nation for beaches, snorkelling and to have the ultimate tropical getaway. Several exclusive villas and homes for rent in Bahamas line the coastlines. But knowing which ones to book up can be a challenge in itself (not to mention time-consuming). Keep reading for a rundown on the top five most luxurious rentals in the Bahamas.

Why Visit the Bahamas?

Before delving into the specifics, it’s worth discussing why people want to travel to the Bahamas. First, the islands offer an unmatched holiday experience in the Caribbean. Some provide a cosmopolitan environment like capital city Nassau on New Providence. Others lack mass tourism, provide incredible diving conditions and attract professional anglers. Whether you want to spend your time on the beach or exploring secret coves, you’ll find it on one of the islands. The more popular vacation rentals are located in and around New Providence, which gives easy access to Nassau and the international airport. Others sit in the Abacos, a sprawling archipelago in Northern Bahamas. And these not only offer luxury and exclusivity, but they also feature on the must-visit places for celebrities.

1. King’s View, Harbour Island

This enormous rental houses up to 18 guests a stone’s throw from Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island. Sat on the coastline, you’re promised the experience of waking up each morning to the sounds of the turquoise water lapping against the soft sandy shore. With eight bedrooms, a heated infinity pool and barbequing facilities, guests at King’s View will get the celebrity experience. And if that’s not all, the property has its own entertainment facilities including pool tables, fitness centres and ping pong. You can also spend your days sunbathing on a private stretch of beach. Or dig out the snorkelling equipment and explore the underwater world. Return in the evening for al fresco dining as the sun dips over the horizon. This is one of the best vacation rentals in the Bahamas for groups.

2. Colonial Paradise, Paradise Island

The contemporary four-bedroomed villa sits on its own private island near Nassau on New Providence. Surrounded by a white-sand beach and offering incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean, this is among the most stunning vacation rentals in the Bahamas. After a short boat ride to the island, the skipper will drop you off. The apartment even has on-site staff who cater to their guest’s every need. Whenever you feel hungry, call up the chef, and they’ll cook up something delicious. Almost floor-to-ceilings with views of the ocean makes the rental feel both airy and spacious. Add the modern interior design, a formal dining area and a fully-equipped breakfast bar. Aside from the luxury, guests have shared fitness facilities, a salt pool and private al-fresco dining areas. A ten-minute boat ride (with a private skipper) deliveries you to downtown Nassau and Paradise Beach when you want to go out. Because of its location near Nassau and the countless amenities, this villa is recommended for families, couples or honeymooners.

3. Reefside, Winding Bar

The three-bedroomed oceanfront property sits on the soft sand of a Bahaman Bay. Located in Abacos, Reefside provides the highest level of luxury in some of the less visited parts of the Bahamas. A vast terrace overlooking the turquoise waters is a favourite place for breakfast or to savour the view with a bottle of wine. And if the weather turns in the rainy season, head inside and take full advantage of their fitness centre and entertainment facilities. The fully-stocked kitchen and an onsite chef caters to your every need inside the elegantly decorated villa. Each of the three spacious bedrooms opens to their own private sundeck stocked with loungers. Whether you want to enjoy a luxurious honeymoon away from the crowds or go snorkelling on the doorstep, this villa promises excellent value for money.

4. Parrot-dise, Winding Bay

The eloquently named Parrot-dise is set on the Abaco Club Golf Course’s eighth green. Golf lovers can have access to one of the Bahama’s best courses in a matter of seconds while the family can enjoy the view of Winding Bay from their windows. Renting this villa gives you full access to the Abaco Club amenities, which includes tennis courts, a fitness centre and an infinity pool. Inside, four-suite style bedrooms fill the two-storied property with a fully-equipped kitchen for light snacks. But the real appeal is the exclusivity while still having easy access to the Abaco Island’s best beaches, spas and amenities. Take the family to nearby Little Harbour or book a tour to Abaco National Park located approximately 80 kilometres away.

5. Putt For Dough, Winding Bay

This luxury property attracts beach-lovers and golfing enthusiasts. Set inside the Abaco Club Golf Course, the four-bedroomed villa overlooks Winding Bay. Lush gardens surround the two-storied property with outdoor dining areas and views of the coastline. Head out onto the beach and snorkel in the warm Atlantic Ocean before taking an outdoor shower and sunbathing on your private stretch of beach. If you want to explore, make full use of the complimentary golf cart. Putt For Dough is not only popular with families, but it’s also a favourite honeymooning spot.

The Bahamas offers dozens of vacation rentals catering to different people and circumstances. For convenience and exclusivity, head to Colonial Paradise on Paradise Island. Groups can stay in the ultra-luxurious King’s View on Harbour Island. Families and couples looking to escape the crowds will appreciate their time in Abacos.

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