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Five Brilliant Timepieces from Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps

Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps

When Denis Giguet founded Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps in 2007, he set out to bring the world exclusive timepieces that exemplified remarkable craftsmanship and technological innovation. Based in Switzerland, the company has become known for its bold designs, the precision and reliability of its watches, and an aesthetic that's both modern and sleek. Here are five brilliantly designed timepieces from Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps.

1. Sequential One S100

Sequential One S100

Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps' Sequential One watch is the design that started the company's design and engineering reputation. It's comprised of 471 components and features hand wound movement. When this watch is fully wound, its power reserve peaks at 40 hours. The MCT Sequential One's multi-layered dial has four modules, and a Breguet terminal curve ensures the precision of the watch's movement.

The Sequential One is available in an 18 carat white or pink gold case and measures 45 mm. Its face is made of sapphire crystal glass that provides a clear view and has an anti-reflective coating. The intricate details of this watch's finish can be seen thanks to a sapphire insert sandwiched between the case's components. A unique feature of the MCT Sequential One is its lug collars, which are designed to act as an anchor for the strap and add a new level of distinction to the watch's design. Production of this watch was limited to 99 pieces for each color and costs $118,000.

2. S-110 Evo Venta Black

S-110 Evo Venta Black

MCT's very limited edition S-110 Evo Venta Black is very black, and not just because of its color. It's coated with a material called Vantablack, which is engineered to absorb more than 99.965 percent of light that hits it. The resulting effect mimics looking at a black hole and makes this model the "blackest" watch on earth. Why would such a material be engineered for watches? It wasn't. Vantablack was originally created to use in aeronautics and space applications, but Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps designers thought that combining it with their luxury watches would be an epic combination.

Technology aside, this timepiece is the ultimate in versatile. It's suitable for business, formal, casual, and everything in between simply because of its profile and hue -- black truly does go with everything, and there's no other watch on the market like this one. The S-110 Evo Venta Black is set to debut in fall of 2016, and only 10 of the watches will be sold. The price to own one will be $95,000.

3. Main de Maitre

Main de Maitre

The Main de Maitre line of watches from Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps is its most whimsical offering. There are two designs: a women's watch called the Sparkle, and a men's watch called the Koi Carp. The Sparkle Main de Maitre watch features a bright pink strap, dial, and accents, a diamond encrusted face, and magnificent movement. As the only women's wristwatch offered by Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps, the Sparkle takes the spotlight and stands out for its gorgeous look and technical engineering.

The Koi Carp edition of the watch looks very different, although it has the same profile and type of strap. Its design features a black and bronze color scheme and a face with four engraved Koi fish that display incredible detail. It can be said that all watches from Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps are works of art, but the Main de Maitre Sparkle and Koi Carp fit the conventional idea of what art is. They're unique, have beautiful aesthetics, and are packed with style and sophistication.

4. Sequential Two S200

Sequential Two S200

The Sequential Two is Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps' follow up to its Sequential One S100, S110, and S110 Evo lines, and it's the first timepiece from the company that has a round face. Sequential Two keeps the MCT patented energy reserve system and the brand's signature face markings. It also has the standard Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps prism display and technical precision, as well as the style the brand is known for.

Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps' Sequential Two has an 18 carat gold micro rotor that's produced in house and drives the timepiece's automatic movement. The Sequential Two is available in five colors: black with pink gold, white gold, orange, blue, and lemon green. The more vibrant orange, blue, and lemon green iterations of the watch have a sportier edge than the white and pink gold versions, especially given the straps that coordinate with the faces. Colorful stitching along the straps' edges bring a fun, contemporary vibe to the overall aesthetic.

The central crystal of each watch is made of sapphire and the material is used throughout the design from the inside out. Each version of the Sequential Two has anti-reflective sapphire glass for clarity and beauty, plus sapphire inserts to bring light to the timepiece's movement. The Sequential Two is made of 654 separate components that all work together in harmony to create an outstanding watch. The price tag on this timepiece is $100,000.

5. Frequential One F110

Frequential One F110

MCT's Frequential One watch has a movement that's unlike anything else in the industry, or for that matter from the brand's own collections. It has a suspended, central balance wheel plus a traditional hours and minutes display. Color is used in this watch to highlight its features and movement and bring it more depth. As well, the Frequential One's different iterations each have their own textures, from brushed and polished to bead blasted and stippled, that give each one its own feel and mood. Still, all Frequential One watches maintain their balance and reflect the sophistication and sleek style that is the hallmark of the brand.

This timepiece has a mechanism that's manually wound and features a Breguet terminal curve. The Frequential One's case is a bit smaller than other Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps watches and measures 42mm. This line of wristwatches is comprised of 279 components and its precision is bolstered by rubies, Titanium Grade 5 treatment, and expert craftsmanship. The MCT Frequential One is water resistant up to 30 meters and has a hand stitched alligator strap. There are four color schemes available: Blue, Anthracite, Black, and Red. The price for the Frequential One watch comes in at $45,818.

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