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The Top Five Ski Resorts in Wyoming

Just looking out upon the Grand Tetons and how they seem to tower over the state in such a majestic fashion seems to inspire a sense of awe in most anyone that visits Wyoming. But when one looks upon the equally impressive number of ski resorts in Wyoming their jaws are more likely to drop out of sheer joy as they come to realize just how much fun they are bound to have. Wyoming is known for a few things when it comes to securing its place in America, but throughout the world it is one of the most popular ski destinations for those who want to ride the slopes and feel the exhilaration of speed a as they go racing from the peak to the lodge.

Among the numerous lodges to be found among the Teton Range, there are a number of challenging courses that can offer up a pleasing to death-defying experience for any skier. However, there are also enough added perks that a family can find fulfillment and shared enjoyment while sharing many different exciting experiences. While the grander, more luxurious resorts are without a doubt awe-inspiring and even jaw-dropping in their luxury, there are still many smaller resorts that are dispersed throughout the state that offer affordable prices and a genuinely good time to those that decide to visit. Here are just a few of the top selections that attract the greatest numbers of skiers willing to make their way up the mountain.

5. Sleeping Giant Ski Resort

This impressive resort can be found just a short ways from Yellowstone National Park. The base of the resort is located on the Shoshone River, which is in turn near the Absaroka Mountains. There is roughly 184 acres worth of quality skiing to enjoy in this place and it is entirely rider accessible, so snowmobiles are most definitely encouraged. The resort features three separate chair lifts, up to 49 runs that offer a variety of challenges, and two terrain parks for added fun. This location receives an average snowfall of 150 inches, which means during the season it is always one of the favorite locations for skiers and fellow enthusiasts who enjoy a good romp in the snow.

The resort has been open for an astounding 78 years and its nearby hotels usually charge for as much as $120 to $135 per night. Life prices are around $32. The skill level needed for this resorts runs tends to favor those of intermediate to advanced skill, but there is plenty for the entire family to do when staying at this exciting and very engaging resort.

4. Meadowlark Ski Lodge

Meadowlark is situated on US Highway 16 not too far from Ten Sleep, Wyoming. This lodge is a real comfort to visit and offers a pleasing amount of recreational activities for its guests and up to 300 acres of usable terrain. The resort employs 2 separate chair lifts and features a scenic view of Meadowlark Lake, which is simply stunning to look upon from afar. The runs are fairly evened out as they don’t tend to favor any one skill set more than other, meaning that beginners and intermediate skiers can rest easy knowing that there are plenty of runs that they should able to navigate without too much difficulty. Meadowlark is a relatively new resort, as it’s only been open slightly less than a decade, but this also means that it can offer a fresh perspective on a time-honored hobby for many and provide a pleasant experience for those seeking a resort that is still making its presence felt among the older and better established locations.

The average accommodations for a hotel near the resort will run anywhere from $100 to $200 dollars a night. Lift prices are as much as $30 to $48. As of now however the resort is temporarily closed, and will hopefully reopen soon.

3. Jackson Hole

Existing as one of the more popular resorts in Wyoming, Jackson Hole caters primarily to intermediate and expert skiers that enjoy a good challenge. This resort is to be found in Teton Village, which is not too far from Grand Teton National Park. This resort features some of the hardest and most death-defying slopes to be found in America, and is a favorite of many of the world’s best skiers. Jackson Hole receives and impressive snowfall of around 450 inches and is considered to be one of the most elite locations for serious skiers to visit.

It is still known to possess enough options that can help beginners who are just attempting to stand upright on their skis. Jackson Hole has been in business for a little over half a century, and has been lauded as one of the absolute best resorts in all of North America. The average lift price is not available on their site at the moment, but is not all that cheap considering the overall status of the resort. A single night spent in the nearby Four Seasons costs around $1,549, which easily reflects the resorts favored status among skiers.

2. Hogadon Basin

There is no doubt that Hogadon Basin, located near Casper Mountain, is exclusively geared to accept the most extreme skiers and enthusiasts. Its runs are primarily intermediate and above, catering to those who are just beginning to get the hang of the sport and those who have mastered it to such a degree that they don’t mind going nearly vertical when descending the mountain. Unlike other resorts this one is actually located on the summit, offering a much different experience for those who don’t wish to rely solely on the chair lifts to get to where they’re going. There is a terrain park and beginner runs to be fair, but they are few and far between when considering how much of the 60 acres of groomed runs are dedicated to those who have all but perfected their technique.

Lift tickets cost about $32 to $42 apiece, which is not too expensive, but remains a competitive price. Nearby lodging costs around $77 to $129 a night, making it seem that this resort, no matter how extreme, is built more for those who enjoy the value of a good adrenaline rush brought on by a death-defying run rather than the overall luxury.

1. Grand Targhee Resort

This resort can be found in Alta, and is very well known for its deep powder as well as the exceptional terrain it provides. Grand Targhee is close to the Idaho border, and rests on the western side of the Tetons. Among the resorts listed within this article Grand Targhee is one of the few that can be said to feel the full effect of any storm activity that comes off of the Pacific Ocean. The scenery that surrounds and encapsulates the resort is simply stunning, and the trail system that is designed for skill levels of all types adds to the overall enjoyment of this impressive location. The runs are also designed to be far more even in number, offering a pleasant number of options for beginners and intermediate skiers as well as those who are more advanced in skill.

Lift tickets for this resort are rather pricey at roughly $80, which makes this more of a pleasure resort than a second home for the average adrenaline junkie looking for a thrill ride. In truth Grand Targhee is more of a family-oriented location, and proves this by providing a great many options for those who don’t so much want to ski as just have a good time. Unfortunately the resort keeps the lodging prices quite close to the vest and doesn’t often give out the prices unless its known that you are attempting to book a trip. By this practice alone you can easily guess that a night spent at this resort is anything but cheap.


Wyoming is the place to go if you want a quality skiing experience. There are lodges aplenty that offer a wide variety of trails, different skill levels, and terrain. Lodging might be a bit expensive in some areas, but there are always places to stay that are fairly inexpensive and not too far away from the slopes.

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