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The Top Five Shinola Watches for Sale Right Now


Shinola watches are a perfect choice for the modern sophisticated gentleman. The brand has a mid-18th century orientation with a modern touch, giving it a classy edge that doesn’t ask for more than a grand. Shinola watches best fall under brand and enthusiast’s kind of watches and are ideal for anyone looking to make a first good impression.

The marque defines its presence through its world class manufacturing policies and state of the art pieces, right from the assembly of parts to the stitching of leather straps. In other words, the entire construction process of a watch to the time it’s released to the market is done with meticulous keenness. Some of the top watches from the company have remained a relished part of men’s collection as more and more designs continue making their debut to meet the different trend demands.

Shinola has a rather short history. It was launched in 2013 in Detroit, Michigan, making it one of the newest made-in-American watch manufacturers. From the start, the brand set out to produce a trio of random items such as bicycles, stationery, leather goods, and of course, timepieces. The idea came at a time when the city was economically depressed. The real estate capacity and available labor allowed for special projects and opportunities like this. The “built in Detroit” products, coupled with the story of the brand represented an innovative approach to developing new American marques. With that in mind, here are the top five Shinola watches for sale right now.

Shinola the Runwell Leather Strap 47mm


Price: $550

The deep brown/slate blue watch is powered by a 46-piece quartz movement and has a double-curved sapphire crystal face that ensures a clear and clean display. It is made of a solid steel case, generating a silver glitter, and a premium topstitched leather strap to enhance durability. It also comes with a signature laser etched case back with a serial number. General features include a stainless steel or stainless steel with gold, brass or black iconic plate/leather, sapphire Crystal face, and Aragonite 715 quartz movement. Its 47mm case fits perfectly with the big-faced watch while still maintaining a modern look. The watch goes well with most types of clothing, with the deep brown color delivering a surprising feeling of pride.

Shinola “The Runwell”Leather Strap Watch 41mm


Price: $550

The Runwell watch comes with a black leather strap and is powered by an American 46-quartz movement. It has a double-curve sapphire crystal face. The 41mm case makes it more of a medium-sized watch on the wrist, meaning it is big enough to fill the wrist but still sizeable to keep up with trending designs. The black leather strap goes a long way towards complementing virtually any piece in your closet. Notable features include a Detroit Argonite 1069 quartz movement, Sapphire Crystal Face, Buckle closure, and 20mm bandwidth. It also comes with Stainless steel, brass ionic plate, rose gold ionic plate, or a gold-ionic plate. As you can see, the watch is suitable for all sorts of occasions, whether casual or formal. In fact, the black leather strap Shinola watch is the best choice when you are looking to make a statement among your colleagues.

The Canfield


Price: $850

Another masterpiece produced by Shinola, the Canfield uses a 46 piece- American Made quartz movement. It also features a double –curved sapphire crystal face surrounded by a thin coin-edge bezel to protect its clean display. The dark/brown coloring on the watch has an elegant and authoritative look that makes it perfect for attending a classy conference meeting. General features include a Stainless Steel/steel or gold PVD plate/leather, Sapphire Crystal Face, Date Function, Argonite 715 quartz movement, Buckle closure, and a 43mm case with a 20mm band width. The date function allows the wearer to keep up with time easily, especially when it comes to appointments and other significant events.

Shinola the Runwell Chrono Leather Strap watch 47mm


Price: $800

This dark nut/cream watch comes with its own product specification that gives it an edge over other Shinola models. This includes an 84-piece quartz movement power time, chronograph subdials, and date, with a double-curved sapphire crystal face. The watch is among the more expensive timepieces from the former collection, but stands out because of its extra features. Standard features include a stainless steel or stainless steel gold ionic plate or black plate/leather, Argonite 5021 quartz movement with Swiss parts, and a 47mm case with 24mm band width; 230mm band length. The model, which was assembled in Switzerland, is one of the most authentic timepieces ever produced by Shinola. It is also an excellent choice for a birthday gift or any other special event.

Shinola ‘The Runwell” Moon Phase Leather Strap Watch 47mm


Price: $800

One of the more classic timepieces in Shinola’s collection, the Runwell does not disappoint on design. The meticulously assembled parts, starting from the sapphire crystal face to the alligator-leather strap – are methodically crafted. The moon phase indicator is inscribed with the company’s name, as well as the renowned laser etched brand signature. It is a great value for your money, especially given the fact that it was handcrafted from scratch. Its black/white/gold features are suitable for basically anyone. General features include a Stainless steel with goldtone PVD coating/leather or stainless steel, Argonite 708 quartz movement, and a 47mm case with a 24mm band width. The detailed construction of the watch and alligator leather strap indicates the value and veracity of a traditional but fashionable timepiece.

Final Thoughts

One of the most important signs of a good brand is its name and tradition. Shinola is a relatively new brand, but has worked at a legendary pace to generate an impressive audience that is always looking forward to its releases. The watchmaker is not only growing in popularity for its meticulously crafted designs, but also because it’s one of the best American brands by an American timekeeper who puts a conscious effort to improve the watchmaking industry. Compared to other brands, Shinola takes precedence due to its high quality watches. In fact, the brand is steadily proving to be a tough competitor among other established brands like Rolex.

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