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A Closer Look at The Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Camper

Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Camper

The Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Camper made its first debut in Toyota's 2021 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show display at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Over the years, Toyota has been the leading car manufacturing brand in building tough vehicles, as evident in the release of the Tacozilla Tacoma Camper.

This retro-designed pickup camper is the true definition of overlanding. It brings outstanding minute house comforts, among other fun adventure concepts.

Based on a Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport truck, the Tacozilla is a symbol of Toyota's go-anywhere vehicle brand to many of their customers looking forward to having outdoor fun and paying tribute to the '70s and '80s Toyota campers. Here, we will take a closer look at the Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Camper.


The Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Camper is based on a Tacoma TRD Sport that was designed by the team at Toyota's Motorsports Garage and painted in Texas. The Tacozilla's chassis was built in-house as well as its impressive frame, whose rear compartment is designed to be comfortable enough to accommodate individuals of height six-foot and above.

The Camper Frame

The camper's frame is also smoothed out and narrowed at the top and bottom to allow the pickup to navigate off-road trails easily. Additionally, the pickup's suspension provides an additional two inches of clearance of the standard height units, supported by massive 33-inch General Tire Grabber X3 all-terrain wheels.

Around fifty years ago, Toyota collaborated with a company known as Chinook to release the first Toyota camper, which became one of the few exemplary automobiles of all time.

Toyota's Remodel

Decades later, Toyota decided to remodel this legendary camper for the new modern ear with the launch of the Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Camper. The process was started off by eliminating the carbo bed from the Tacoma TRD Sport and including amenities and specs such as a kitchen, toilet, room for a sofa, dining area, spacious sleeping arrangements geared to suit all your off-road needs.

The Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Camper is presented in a vintage orange, yellow, and bronze color variation that draws inspiration from the '60s and '70s Toyota Campers.

Interior Design

Toyota wanted the interior of the Tacozilla to look like a "micro-house" with a rustic appearance. That said, the camper invites you with sauna-inspired teak floors, a gorgeous 3D-printed table, a pop-up skylight, and sleek wood cabinets. There is also a dual-bench dining lounge with a stunning 3D-printed that would double as a sleeping surface and as backlit wall art.

All the Creature Comforts of Home

Additional comfort appears to be the main focus of the Tacozilla camper as it includes a working toilet, a full bathroom, and a hot-water shower. The kitchen is complete with a gas stove, spacious sink, and a fridge. Stepping farther inside the Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Camper, there is a Lexan canopy (pop-up skylight) that is 4ft by 4ft to allow plenty of natural light into the pickup.

The interior walls have a terrazzo finish and a large 1.2m x 1.2m auxiliary lighting that allows abundant illumination to flood the living space while preserving your indoor privacy.

A Last-Minute Addition

Apparently, the inclusion of the pop-up skylight was a last-minute addition to the Tacozilla camper, designed to allow more interior visibility and headroom than initially planned. Toyota collaborated with Columbia Sportswear to design the camper's interior and provided some of the modern furnishings used.

Furthermore, the Tacozilla replaces the typical rear seats with plenty of storage space for camping, while the front seats are presented in custom-stitched leather trim. This camper is powered by an unrivaled 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine, which produces 278 HP and 265 lb-ft of torque. The Tacozilla is more suited as a family camper with plenty of sleeping room, abundant storage capacity, and a TV to keep your family entertained.

Exterior design

When it comes to the Tacozilla's exterior, Toyota collaborated with the Texas-based Complete Customs, which helped with the installation of an eye-catching multicolor retro sheen and helped assemble the rigid aluminum body. Complementing the Tacoma Tacozilla camper's design is an impressive paint job consisting of an overall white body with amazing orange, yellow, and bronze strips.

Moreover, the camper still features the same fender flares as the Toyota stock pickup but has 2-inches of additional ground clearances due to the massive suspension forks. The smooth surfaces and rounded edges of the Tacozilla camper perfectly blend with its exterior body line, making it look more finished and integrated. Although the camper's body looks like it is made from fiberglass, it is a sheet aluminum frame.

100 Hours Just for a Rear Door

According to Pressroom. Toyota, the Toyota team spent approximately 100 hours designing the camper's rear door alone, much of which involved fine-tuning and fabricating the hinges that are suspended off the roof access ladder.

The bronze toning on the camper's hexagonal body is finished with similar subtle touches on the wheels, while the concept's name is visually represented with a cartoon graphic of a Godzilla holding a taco. The Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Camper comes with 17-inch bronze TRD wheels that are enclosed with 33-inch General Grabber all-terrain tires.

Fully Integrated Winch

There is also a fully-integrated winch in the front bumper, an auxiliary battery, a lifted TRD suspension kit, a TRD snorkel, a large light bar, a custom exhaust system, and a fuel-tank filler separated from the pickup.

Since the Tacozilla camper is the first special prototype to be showcased by Toyota at the SEMA show display, we are guaranteed to produce a high-performing family camper that will usher in a new era of campers in the automobile industry.

How Much Does the Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Camper Cost?

The leading Japanese automobile maker Toyota released this retro-themed family camper just in time to be showcased in this year's Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show display. The Tacozilla is well-suited for your family's camping needs as it comes with amazing accessories, including; a large 4" by 4" skylight, a fully operational kitchen with a sink and a stove, and a sauna-style teak flooring.

The Tacozilla camper rides on a V6 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine and a standard Tacoma TRD suspension fork with two additional inches of extra lift. According to Thefocus news, the Tacozilla is sold at an average price of $39,255.

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