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The 10 Best Toyota AWD Models Of All Time

Best Toyota AWD Models

Toyota is one of the largest automobile manufacturing companies in the world. By sales volume, it was the second-largest producer in 2018. The automobile maker has made a name for itself in employing new age technology in its vehicles, which makes the cars versatile to run in various terrains around the world.

Among the new tunings that Toyota incorporates into its manufactured cars is the all-wheel-drive technology. In all-wheel driving, the powertrain can power all the wheels of the vehicle simultaneously. Below is a list of the ten best Toyota AWD models that you may come across.

10. 2019 Toyota Prius AWD

2019 Toyota Prius AWD

The Toyota Prius was one of the best moves of the Japanese automobile maker towards environmental conservation. It is a hybrid car that has been in the industry for quite some time and makes a mark due to its zero emissions.

The 2019 model features some improvements aimed towards improved traction with the addition of the all-wheel-drive mode. The vehicle does not disappoint when it comes to fuel economy with an impressive figure of 54 and 50 miles per gallon in city and highway roads, respectively.

9. 2019 Toyota Sienna

2019 Toyota Sienna

The idea of a minivan on an all-wheel-drive powertrain seems like a fantasy. Toyota turns this fantasy into the real deal with the 2019 Toyota Sienna, which is an excellent family vehicle, considering its decent seating capacity.

A look at US News gives you a sneak peek of the fantastic features of this minivan. Top of them is the powerful V6 engine that kicks a robust 296 horsepower for smooth cruising. The interior is also cozy, featuring leather upholstery and power adjusted seats.

8. 2018 Toyota Tacoma

2018 Toyota Tacoma

The 2018 Toyota Tacoma is the first truck under the best Toyota AWD entry boasting of impressive off-road performance. One of the areas that this off-roader grabs the price is in its variety of driver-assisted features. Some of the highlights include automatic high beams, pedestrian detection, and the rearview camera for easy navigation.

It also has some excellent safety additions such as the rear parking sensors and blind-spot monitoring. For a car of its make, it fares quite decently when it comes to consumption with a figure of 20 and 24 miles per gallon on city and highway roads, respectively.

7. 2019 Toyota Rav4

2019 Toyota Rav4

If there is a car that has taken well the all-wheel-drive concept, then it is the 2019 Toyota rav4. Featuring a sleek interior that almost looks a like a facelift of the other years' models, the rav4 is excellent in handling with a smooth ride in both rough terrain and smooth surfaces.

Fuel economy is another factor that makes this car one of the best all-wheel-drive models. It has a decent consumption of around 30 miles per gallon. It is quite spacious and has a five-passenger capacity.

6. 2018 Toyota Tundra

2018 Toyota Tundra

The 2018 Toyota tundra combines an impressive off-road feat with comfort to rank among the best Toyota all-wheel drives. It is a sturdy automobile featuring a V8 engine capable of an impressive 381 horsepower. The car is very spacious with a six-passenger seating capacity and user-friendly driver-assisted features such as climate control and collision warning.

5. 2019 Toyota Sequoia

2019 Toyota Sequoia

The 2019 Toyota Sequoia is a powerful sports utility vehicle that boasts of its spacious outlook both in passenger and cargo capacity handling. It has three rows of seats of an eight-passenger capacity, which makes it a suitable family cruiser. The engine is a robust 381-horsepower spitting V8 engine that excellently handles the weight of this massive SUV.

4. 2019 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

2019 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

The hybrid Toyota rav4 delivers when it comes to handling, utility, and fuel economy. It is a hybrid make, which means it is quite low on emissions; hence, suitable for the environment. This Rav4 sports an eight-speed automatic transmission as well as the fantastic hybrid acceleration. It is an economical SUV to have with a 40 miles per gallon figure on the highway.

3. 2018 Toyota Highlander

2018 Toyota Highlander

The Toyota highlander ticks all boxes in power, space, and interior elegance. It has a powerful V6 engine with a range of 185-295 horsepower figure, which is ample for tackling rough terrain.

The cabin is spacious with a seven or eight-passenger capacity depending on your preferred pick. The SUV comes with a load of driver-assisted specifications for smooth operation. They include the front and rear parking sensors, forward collision warning, and a rear parking camera, among many others.

2. 2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

The 2019 Toyota highlander hybrid has almost similar features to the preceding highlander entry, with the difference being that the hybrid version is more powerful. It features a V6 engine with three electric motors to generate impressive power while on the road. The cabin is spacious, with seven or eight-seater options available for you to pick.

In the infotainment's sector, the highlander has the navigator, a stereo system with six speakers, USB ports, and an Entune system having a 6.1-inch touch screen.

1. 2020 Toyota Camry

2020 Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is one of the most awaited unveils of 2020, described as an all-weather car from Toyota’s official website. It is the only sedan in the entry and a good option for you if you want smooth handling in different terrains with being compelled to go for an SUV or a crossover. It is a great car to take out to snowy roads with superb traction and an excellent interior. The interior features comfortable heated leather seats with a similarly heated steering wheel to keep the chill afar.


The all-wheel-drive powertrain system is an excellent addition that Toyota employs on a range of its automobile models. The system provides fantastic handling, especially when tackling rough terrains.

Above are some of the best Toyota AWD cars that you may come across. Among the features that contributed to their presence on the list include their power, fuel economy, spaciousness, and comfort. If you are planning for an off-road excursion, get one of these models to have a taste of Toyota's unique engineering.

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