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How to Transfer Money from an Unemployment Card to Bank Account

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Every State has guidelines regarding who qualifies for unemployment benefits. To apply for one, you need to be unemployed for reasons beyond your fault. Therefore, in most States, a person should have been separated from their last job due to the unavailability of job opportunities even if they meet work and remuneration requirements. Suppose you qualify to receive unemployment compensation. When the benefits are allocated to you, you can be paid through a debit card, which can be an electronic payment card or direct payment card. The card will be issued to you by the unemployment office in charge of your State. It will be mailed to your address once everything is sorted and your claim is sanctioned. But how can you transfer these benefits to your bank account? That is what this article is about to guide you.

How you will receive your Unemployment Benefit

Suppose you reside in a State issuing debit cards to qualified candidates who meet unemployment requirements, and you happen to be lucky. In that case, if you elect to use a debit card, the card will be mailed to you with the personal identification number as soon as you claim the approval. According to Chron, every State uses different criteria to administer the allocated amount to you. The most important thing is at the end of the day; your money will be loaded onto your card in a few days after you have certified your weekly or bimonthly benefits.

Ways of Receiving your Unemployment Cards

When your unemployment card reaches you, you have three options to select to get your cash. Firstly, you can go to an ATM near you and use the card to withdraw your money using your PIN. Secondly, you can visit your bank, bring the card with you, and either ask any available teller to transfer the cash allocated to your card to your bank account. Alternatively, you can appeal to the teller to hand you the money directly. The third and last option is to bring the card to a store that offers cashback services and make a purchase.

Ways to transfer cash from your unemployment card to your bank account

If you've been wondering if you can transfer cash from your unemployment card to your bank account, then you don't need to worry, it is possible to do so. According to Transfer Money, you can either make the transfer from your unemployment card to either your checking or saving account. The process is simple; you have to set up a direct transfer. Once you have set your card to direct transfer, the system will permit you to transfer funds from your card to your chosen bank account option electronically. Please note that the moment your approved card is mailed to you and you have received it, It would be best to make a call to the Bank of America, the designated bank that issues these cards, using voice number 1-866-692-9374. Alternatively, you can use TTY 1-866-656-5913. You will be assisted in completing the entire process of transferring your money to your bank account. You can officially visit the Bank of America website and contact them online to request for them to set your unemployment card to direct deposit.

When you want to set your card to direct deposit, here are the requirements you need: a debit card that you were issued, your current active email address, and your bank account number and routing number that will allow the rerouting of money to go into your account. Once the Bank of America has completed the process of setting your account to direct deposit, your account will be activated, and you will be free to transfer the allocated funds to your bank account online at your convenient time. According to Careers, after completing a transfer to your bank account, you can instantly make the transfer of funds to a checking account number and other account holders with accounts at your bank immediately the funds will reflect in your bank account.

Furthermore, you can use that money to recharge other cards, transfer to mobile wallets, pay bills, and more after availing cash in a checking account. It would be helpful to download the Bank of America mobile app on either Google Play Store or App Store. After downloading it, create your online account for your unemployment card. Please note that you don't have to open an account with the Bank of America for you to be issued with a debit card. Moreover, you also don't have to open an account with other banks to be sent your unemployment card. This means that once you have qualified for unemployment benefits, you can decide to use the card that you receive independently the way you want. If you have activated a direct deposit on your card, you can choose to modify it or cancel it whenever you feel like it.

How can you qualify for an Unemployment Card?

To qualify for an unemployment card, you need to prove that you have lost your job or part of your salary to your State department dealing with the unemployment program and apply for it.

How often will you be paid using an Unemployment Card?

Typically, payment through these cards takes place weekly or biweekly. However, this will depend on where you are based.

Instances when your Benefits delay

When your unemployment money is delayed by a few days, it would be best to call the unemployment office you registered with. They will provide you with the relevant information that you want regarding whether your payment has been processed or not or any other issues that have taken place.

Bottom Line

You can get your unemployment debit card after successfully meeting all the necessary conditions and claiming the approval sent to you by the unemployment department. The Unemployment card the Bank of America will issue you is what you will use to make transfers from your card to your bank account and perform other transactions. Additionally, you can use the card to withdraw money from an ATM near you or over the bank counter.

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