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A Closer Look at the Tudor North Flag

Tudor North Flag

Tudor announced the pending release of its North Flag model at Baselworld in March of 2015. It's been six years since the launch of the timepiece. Upon release, it became one of the most overlooked new watches of its time. Upon retrospect, the North Flag is a gem that deserves a closer look to truly appreciate its merit and magnificence.

Background of the Tudor North Flag

Not all truly great work of art receive their due admiration until someone notices their finer points and speaks up. Marketing campaigns are not always on the mark and sometimes they don't get the point across with the fullness a product deserves. Today we make a more thorough examination of the Tudor North Flag so you won't miss out on this innovative masterpiece that was somehow sidelined until recently. Hodinkee comments that the name of this watch was taken from British expeditions to the North part of Greenland that happened in the first part of the 1950s era, as Tudor Oyster Prince watches were worn by members of the party. Some inspiration was taken from them including the integrated bracelet, case shape, and style of minute and hour hands in the shape of arrowheads. The watch bears similarities to the Ranger II and the Rolex 1530 with sharp case geometry that sets it apart from the others. Time and Tide Watches noted that there are a few things that set the Tudor North Flag apart, including the release of their first in-house movement in the model. The North Flag is powered with a COSC certified MT5621 which was brand new a the time of its release. Other models took center-stage including the Pelagos, while the North Flag, being diver's watch seemed to fade away into obscurity. There is a renewed interest in the North Flag, which sadly has been discontinued. Those who own mint editions of the timepiece may discover that it will gain value over time as the masterpiece that didn't get its fair share of attention, and it may in fact increase in value over time.

A closer look at the Tudor North Flag

The Tudor North Flag is a watch for everyday wear, but it does feature a water resistance of 100 meters. The strong case is enhanced with a ceramic black double bezel. The case is made of stainless steel material with a width of 40mm and a lug to lug distance of 50 mm. The depth of the watch is 13.3 mm for a fairly chunky and sporty aesthetic. The finish of the case is Tudor's signature satin, which is a fine brush. A stainless steel bezel is complemented by the inserted doubled ceramic bezel creating a slight slope inward. The generously sized crown is also made of stainless steel material. It has a coin edge that makes it easy to grasp for making any time adjustments necessary. At the top of the screw-down style crown, is the engravement of the signature Tudor logo you see on all authentic Tudor watches. When you flip the watch over, a flat sapphire crystal reveals the inner workings of the mechanism with a visible pink jewel. It's not a fancy movement, but it does have the appearance of being solid. The outer ring of the case back is stainless steel with a finely brushed satin finish that bears engravements that give the particulars of the watch, including the movement caliber and other identifying information.

Other interesting facts about the Tudor North Flag

The movement of the North Flag features a bi-directional rotor with a silicon hairspring and a free-sprung balance. The plates are beveled and sandblasted with an open-work style rotor, beating at 28,800 vibrations per hour, or 4 Hz. Functions include hours, minutes, seconds, and dates. Owners of the model claim the movement to be reliable with refinement and accuracy. Surprisingly, there is a following of fans for the Tudor North Flag, which didn't receive much fanfare upon its release. Reviews from owners are positive, showing that the watch may appear to have been somewhat sidelined but there are plenty of owners who saw the merits and took advantage.

Pricing and availability

The Tudor North Flag is available in your choice of an integrated metal bracelet that matches the case material, or a leather strap with ornate yellow stitching that complements the splashes of yellow on the dial of the timepiece. We priced the model and discovered that the current range is between $3,100 and $8,300, depending on whether it's new, used, and the overall condition. There are quite a few owners who are not willing to part with their editions, however, there are also several listed on popular auction and used watch websites.

Final thoughts

The Tudor North Flag has been the subject of discussion by multiple watch review experts in 2021. The renewed interest in the model is likely because of Tudor's news that they plan to discontinue the North Flag. Many feel that it's a shame to see the line end after just six years of production. It's a dependable and sturdy watch that is suitable for everyday use. Although it appears to have a somewhat chunky profile, the overall consensus is that it's a comfortable watch to wear on the wrist. When we look at the history of the watch it's hard to imagine that it didn't get more press than it did, but that's the way it goes sometimes. Those who have enjoyed ownership can attest to its merits and are likely to now hang onto their possessions with news that the North Flag will no longer be produced by Tudor. It's destined to go down in the history of the brand as a model that featured the introduction of their first in-house movement, and one that perhaps did not receive the press that it deserved. The Tudor North Flag will soon be gone, but as some admirers have suggested, it will not be forgotten.

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