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10 Things You Didn't Know About Unimatic Watches


For the fashion enthusiast, a potent arsenal to bring their look to exceptional levels is a watch. When it comes to a standout timepiece, the brand speaks volumes. Most popular brands hit the spot, focusing on prestige, durability, and other aspects that may meet your preference. Among the brands to consider is Unimatic Watches. They have a collection of the best watches to ensure your style never lags. To give you more information about this watch manufacturer, we present you with 10 things you probably did not know about it.

1. Presence In The Market

When you look at the unimatic brand, you get the idea of sophistication, and you can put it at the top among other brands that have been in the market for long. The astonishing factor is that this watchmaker just came up recently in 2015, according to A Blog To Watch. In the few years it has been in business, it has caused ripples, and that spells success if it continues with its excellent watchmaking feats.

2. It Is An Italian Brand

When it comes to matters dealing in fashion, Italy prides itself on being the home of famous brands with an international appeal. Known for its extravagant style that speaks of artistic freedom, many stylists look up to the Italian scene to get a motivation for their next fad. It is, therefore, not surprising to learn that Unimatic Watches is an Italian brand. As it is still new in the game with less than a decade in the business, it has a bright future in its fashion-conscious home.

3. It Still Takes On A Microbrand Tag

Many review sites tag Unimatic Watches as microbrands. This refers to its small-scale production whereby it produces timepieces below the 3000-unit mark. The tag applies as the watchmaker is still young, though it is growing at a fast rate. The term also applies when looking at its target market, which is mostly made up of hobbyists who appreciate the simple and slightly minimalistic design of wrist pieces.

4. The Recent Partnership With BIOTOP

As evidence of its growth and bearing to an international market, Unimatic Watches have an alliance with Japanese retail stores, BIOTOP which deals in a range of products from cosmetics, clothes, botanical products, and food. It takes on the description of a complex store, and its goods come from different parts of the world. The shop will stock Unimatic's pieces as part of their collaboration. As a show of appreciation towards the collaborative effort, the Italian watchmaker introduces the U1-BTP watch, which is a variant of the Unimatic Modello Uno edition. Only BIOTOP stores in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka will stock the timepieces.

5. Sale Of Straps

Aside from the face, another capturing feature of watches is the strap. The strap speaks a lot on the quality of the timepiece, focusing on its durability aspect and also its design. When they become worn out, it is usually a hard task getting a replacement. However, when you get yourself in such a situation, there is no need to worry as the watch manufacturer has replacement straps in its stocks. A look at its strap page introduces you to the variety of replacements it has, and you can get the desired one when yours gets beat.

6. Release Of Limited Editions

One thing that maintains the exclusivity of the unimatic brand is the release of limited editions. Its first brand, when it came to the market, the Unimatic Modello Uno U1, is among the limited editions. There were only 300 pieces in the market during its unveiling. Unimatic does the same for all its pieces and releases 50 to 600 units per piece. The strategy is working for the watchmaker as it has its target market mapped out.

7. The Unimatic LUISAVIAROMA Collaboration

It seems part of the timepiece maker’s growth strategy is through joining hands with established retail brands. Aside from the earlier mentioned partnership with BIOTOP, it has also linked up with LUISAVIAROMA, an Italian luxury goods retailer. LUISAVIAROMA was its first retailer, and at the moment, it is still among the most prominent, according to Highsnobiety. To mark the partnership between the two enterprises, Unimatic introduced the ultra-limited edition of the Modello Uno.

8. Taking Heed Of Technological Advancements

The company's inception came at a good time with e-commerce strong in the commercial scene. In a move to take advantage of the internet, it has its online shop for easy selection and purchase by its clients. It also has a strong social media presence on popular platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. It taps into the market available on these platforms and also uses them to communicate to its potential clients.

9. Durability As A Standout Factor

Sustainability is an essential element when it comes to watches. It translates to longevity and cuts down replacement or repair costs. Unimatic Watches majors on this element and all its pieces are sturdy enough to last you for a decent amount of time. The case is mostly stainless steel. The straps, on the other hand, are military-grade nylon, heavy-duty rubber, or steel.

10. Offers Promotions

In a bid to enhance its clients' experience, the watchmaker and retailer will occasionally offer promotions. The offers come as money-offs or discounts, and its site has a strict policy available on its sales terms' page. You have to be keen on the running offers to acquire an attractive discount on the Watches.

Final Thoughts

A watch is a must-have on your wardrobe - if you want your style to stand out. Unimatic is a new entrant into the watchmaking scene, but it is already establishing a strong presence. It features a limited production model to its target market. Above are some of the details of Unimatic Watches. You can visit its website or social media pages to find out more and view its rich collection of wrist pieces.

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