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What Differentiates McLaren Interiors From Other Cars?

McLaren is a British automaker that specializes in the design and production of luxury sports cars. Although the brand is known throughout the world for the fastest production and racing cars, it's also established a firm standing in the high-end luxury market. We could go on about what makes McLaren such a desirable vehicle, but today we're going to focus on the elements that differentiate the McLaren interior from other car brands in its class.

An overview of McLaren's commitment to luxury

According to the McLaren website, McLaren maintains a focus on unique design elements for each vehicle it produces. Its loyal band of followers insists on the highest in performance, with all the trappings of a sporty, fast and sexy supercar, but there is still a strong desire among the McLaren audience for luxury touches that reach superior levels when it comes to refinement and comfort. We chose the McLaren 570GT model to examine as it is arguably the most luxurious example when it comes to interior design. The 570GT stands as a representation of the kind of refinement that McLaren puts into every model. It's designed for those with impeccable taste and a requirement for the ultimate comfort in a Grand Tourer for longer journeys, without sacrificing the handling or performance of the vehicle. The 570GT is a car that does not compromise.

Luxury amenities of the 570GT

The driver's seat is positioned for the ideal position for driving. The power-adjustable steering column allows you to achieve the ideal angle and distance of the steering wheel for your arm length and seat height without much effort. It moves easily to allow the driver easy and comfortable when entering and exiting the vehicle. The steering wheel can be moved out of the way then readjusted.

Luxury seating

The seats of the McLaren 570GT are other features that differentiate the interior from other cars in its class. The design offers power-adjustable positioning of the seats to put your body in the most comfortable angle, height, and lean. The materials used for the upholstery are premium leather that is hand-made in your choice of black or natural tan colors. To add a few more superior luxury touches, the seats contain memory cushioning that conforms to the contours of the driver's body. They're also heated for relief of any aches and pains, or extra comfort when it's cold outside. The seats have a sporty aesthetic that matches the exterior personality of the car. Sumptuous leather trim is found throughout the McLaren interior.

McLaren architecture

The architecture of the interior is driver-centric to the extreme. It's elegant and well-thought-out with a floating center console to put everything the driver needs at a finger's touch. Elements include an infotainment system with a seven-inch touchscreen for operation. McLaren took extra care to keep the interior uncluttered with the layout of all of the bells and whistles.

Creature comforts

To make short and long trips more enjoyable McLaren equips the 570GT with a standard 320W audio system with 8-speakers. An upgrade to a Bowers & Wilkins 12-speaker surrounds system that is optimized is also available including a 14-channel 1280 amplifier for crystal clear audio and music directed through five Kevlar mid-range drive units, two carbon fiber Rohacell sub-bass woofers, and five aluminum Nautilus tweeters. Other comfort and safety options include an elegant luggage holder and a rear-view camera to make it easier to back the vehicle in reverse safely.

What's special about the McLaren' 2021 570S Coupe luxury interior?

A brief overview of McLaren's interior doesn't serve it justice. According to Car Dingo, the bottom line for the design of McLaren interiors is to achieve superior comfort and ease of use. Other features that help to accomplish these goals are the door pockets for fast storage of personal items you may need to access quickly, electronic instruments that are easy to read and to use, and a layout that helps cut down on distraction with easy to find and operate gadgets. The 570S offers many of the same features as the 570 GTS. A good example of McLaren's innovation is the installation of hotkeys for fast satellite navigation, climate control settings, and media frameworks. Operating the features within the interior of McLaren vehicles are designed to be as user-friendly as it gets. The design focuses on functionality, stylishness, and ease of use. McLaren is careful to update its interiors to avoid any complaints of outdated designs or features.

This model offers a lot more than some of the brand's other cars when it comes to the interior and cockpit area. Other useful features include a low dashboard that does not impede your view of the open road, along with the large windscreen for further enhancement of the view. The entryway features a dihedral shape with low door sills to make entry and exit even more convenient. An optional Track Pack package is available to bring this vehicle to the top of the line in luxury trim with Alcantara shrouding for the steering wheel and dashboard, and carbon-fiber racing seats.

Final thoughts

McLaren goes all out on its 570 model line when it comes to interior luxury. Drivers enjoy the premium materials that dorn the cockpit with an ultra-luxe aesthetic and feel. Every component of the interior is designed in a driver-centric styling and placement to put everything within easy reach. From highly stylish, sporty, yet sophisticated seats with fully-powered adjustability, to control panels for the infotainment and other necessary systems within arms' reach, the McLaren interior is designed to provide everything that a driver could ever need or want. The automaker also does an exceptional job of keeping the interiors of its vehicles fresh and updated. It's no wonder that McLarens are some of the most highly desirable vehicles in the world today. These are the elements that differentiate the McLaren interior from other cars.

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