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You May Want to Check Out the Siam Bangkok’s 100-Year-Old Villa

When it comes to Bangkok, you can experience just about everything that life has to offer. When it comes to lodging opportunities, you have luxury hotels that have just been built, residing next to guest houses that look like they are about to be torn down. In the midst of it all, you have iconic Asian influenced buildings that continue to captivate the attention and patronage of people around the world after decades in operation. One such property is the Siam Bangkok’s 100-year-old villa. One look at this property will leave you amazed that it can be nestled amidst the urban oasis that is Bangkok.

What You Will See

The Siam is actually located right in the midst of one of the busiest sections of Bangkok, but you wouldn’t know it once you are transported inside the villa itself. It is housed on a three-acre site that is directly adjacent to the banks of the river Chao Phraya that cuts through the center of Bangkok itself. For those that know Thailand, this is right next to Dusit, which is one of the most historic districts in Bangkok and right next to many of the main tourist attractions.

The always kept up grounds will greet you as soon as you step onto the property. This begins with a courtyard that gets ample sun all year round. You will see many leafy ferns in the yard, along with a cool fountain in the shape of a lotus flower. This will just whet your appetite for the luxurious surroundings that you are about to encounter. As you look around, you will see an atrium that has a newly added reflection pool. As if this weren’t enough, you will be able to gaze upon vegetation that seems to tower up out of nowhere until it lands on the roof that is made out of glass and steel.

Artistic Design

The villa itself is designed by the famous Bill Bensley. He used a bit of Art Deco Flair throughout the property, which also allowed him to keep the old world appeal of the villa itself. It is this blend of modernity and classic that will make the Siam Bangkok so memorable to everyone who visits it. The Siam Bangkok is actually by a famous singer and actor in Thailand, Krissada Sukosol Clapp. He actually has included his own private collection of antiques, paintings, and various other types of art throughout the property. Guests will feel like they are strolling back through time as they gaze upon these brilliant artifacts.

The Rooms

Now, onto what you have all been waiting for. With a property as spectacular as what we have just described, you can only imagine how luxurious the guest rooms are. This building has 28 suites housed in the main building, while another 11 private villas with a pool are hidden away behind the wooden doors that you will see in the lobby. You will see a few traditional Thai teak homes located throughout the grounds. These are more than 100 years old and were owned in the past by Connie Mangskau. She was known as a member of Thai high society who really enjoyed throwing her fair share of parties on her land.

Each of the villas was transported directly to this new location from where they used to sit in Bangkok. To get them here, they each had to be dismantled and then put in a boat that came up through the Chao Phraya River. Once there, they were reassembled and renovated as needed. Three of these homes now serve as restaurants, while the last one is called Connie’s Cottage. This is a two level villa that has a private pool and a large living room. These are on the first floor. The second floor contains an amazing master bedroom and large balcony. This is a place where you will be happy to call home, no matter if it is for just one night.

The Siam Bangkok has a lot of history. You will enjoy just gazing upon the teak wood homes and imagining what life in that area was like more than a hundred years ago. If you want to really enjoy the experience, book yourself into one of the rooms and prepare to be amazed.

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