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10 Reasons You Should Stay at The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman

Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman

Given its status as one of the best vacation destinations in the world, let’s face it: wherever you land up staying in Grand Cayman, you’re likely to have a swell time regardless. Away from the island’s busy docks, you’ll find sheltered little inlets of tranquil beauty, amazing wildlife, pristine coral sands and crystal-clear turquoise waters. For the lively, there’s sports a- plenty, from beach volleyball to hiking, from scuba diving to snorkeling (if your planning on spending some time underwater, don’t miss the amazing coral reefs, underwater sea walls and eerie shipwrecks). If you’re after some R&R, you’re guaranteed to find it at one of the many spas, massage centers and beauty parlors scattered around the island. So, it’s clear – choose Grand Cayman as your nest holiday destination, and you’re going to have a good time. If you want to take things up a gear and move from “good” to “awesome”, a stay at the Ritz-Carlton might just do it. Situated in a prime position next to the popular Seven Mile Beach, the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman is a destination in its own right- even if you don’t manage to leave its 144 acres during your stay, you’ll still go home happy. Spa treatments, international cuisine, a nine-hole golf course, tennis courts, landscaped gardens- whatever you want, you’re likely to find it at the island’s premium resort. Not sure if it’s worth the spend? Then here’s 10 reasons to convince you.

1. It has the only pickleball court on the island

According to VersaCourt pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the US. If you’ve not yet tried it, a stay at the Ritz-Carlton will give you the perfect opportunity to do so. As of 2019, the resort is the proud owner of the only pickleball court in the whole of the Cayman Islands. It also boasts three red clay courts, two hard courts, and a tennis pro shop. If you want to improve your game, you’ll find plenty of pro coaches on hand to offer you some tips.

2. It has amazing treatments

If your skin is in need of some TLC, you’re in luck. The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman offers a range of pampering treatments, including the exclusive (and much hyped) HydraFacial treatments. Using patented technology to cleanse, purify and hydrate (and uber-exclusive La Prairie products to round things off), an hour or so at the hands of the resort’s experienced skin care experts is sure to leave you glowing.

3. It has an award-winning golf course

If you want to improve your swing, you’ll not find many places better to do it than the Ritz-Carlton’s award winning 9-hole golf course. Created by Greg Norman, the course is designed to offer a challenging play while letting you enjoy the natural beauty of your surrounds. If you need to pick up some balls, you’ll find them at the pro shop at the Resort Golf Club (which, handily enough, also offers tournament conditioning, customized instruction and equipment rental).

4. It’s got 6 restaurants

If you like to try a different restaurant every night of the week (with a day-of-rest sandwiched in between), then the resort’s choice of 6 fabulous restaurants is guaranteed to please. In addition to the usual “sit down and order” options, guests also have the opportunity to take part in wine tasting and special “chef-led” experiences – perfect for all you gourmets (and gourmands) out there.

5. It has the largest ballroom in Grand Cayman

Fancy a tango? Then you’re in the right place. The Ritz-Carlton boasts the largest ballroom in Grand Cayman, with over 13,000 square feet of carefully planned space. In honesty, the ballroom is designed more for events and meetings than flamenco... but we’re sure the staff won’t mind too much if you start laying down some moves.

6. It’ll get you fit

If you’ve been piling on the pounds, a stay at the Ritz-Carlton will soon shake them off. With multiple tennis courts, basketball courts, fitness centers, fitness classes, water sports toys (kayaks, standing paddle boards, water tricycles, floating rafts, paddle boats and water hammocks), one-on-one sailing lessons, snorkeling lessons, a putting green and a turtle splash pool (plus the previously mentioned nine-hole golf course and pickleball court), you’ll not be short of healthy activities, that’s for sure.

7. It’s got shops galore

What’s a holiday without a little retail therapy? One that’s somewhere other than the Ritz-Carlton, for a start. The resort offers plenty of outlets for you to lay down some of your hard earned cash, including La Boutique, Cupboard, Harbour Shop, Kiosk, Silver Retail, Tennis Pro Shop, Golf Shop, Ambassadors of the Environment Shop and Glamorous Hair Studio. According to the resort’s website, all shops offer a range of “island fashion, logo products, a wide array of gift items, wellness apparel and products."

8. It’s in a prime spot

Wherever you go on Grand Cayman, you’ll be confronted with awe-inspiring natural beauty. That said, the surrounds of the Ritz-Carlton are among the island's most magnificent. Thanks to its position along the hugely popular Seven Mile Beach, you’ll enjoy direct access to some of the clearest waters and most pristine coral sands you can imagine- plus all the water sports and sunbathing opportunities that entails.

9. It’s a paradise for kids

If you’ve accidentally gone on holiday with your family, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to lose the kids at the resort’s many child- friendly venues. Among its offerings are the Ritz Kids program, the Wave Game Room, two outdoor pools and an interactive water playground. As an added bonus, you’ll also enjoy complimentary dining for kids under five years old at the resorts SEVEN, Bar Jack, Andiamo and Taikun restaurants.

10. It has an art gallery

If you’re a fan of art and want to see what Grand Cayman’s local artists are made of, don’t miss a visit to The Gallery: not only can you view some of the best examples of the island’s vibrant art scene, you’ll also get the chance to buy some pieces to take home and keep.

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