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The 10 Finest F.P. Journe Watches of All Time

JP Journe

Francois-Paul Journe is the creative mind behind F.P. Journe, a high end luxury watch brand that's based out of Geneva, Switzerland and was founded in 1999. There are just a handful of locations in the world with an F.P. Journe boutique, and those who are able to purchase the watches must be prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars.

The brand's exclusivity is one factor that has contributed to its success, but the watches are also excellently designed and engineered. These aren't wristwatches for the masses, but impeccably crafted pieces of art with timeless looks that can easily be passed through many generations. Here's a list of ten of the finest F.P. Journe watches ever created.

1. T30, 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Tourbillon, $115,000


This F.P. Journe watch has a refreshingly different look, which is highlighted by a rose gold dial and smooth tan leather bracelet. The gold case perfectly frames the special edition watch, and its dial displays Roman numerals as opposed to Arabic numbers. Two displays are on the dial, each with its own set of blue hands. Inside this timepiece is a house made manually wound movement.

2. Centigraphe Souverain Chronograph, $40,000


The Centigraphe Souverain Chronograph is a beautifully engineered watch that has an innovative dial. Three separate displays are just the beginning, as the watch also has a more traditional set of Arabic numerals lining the outer edge of the dial. An over-sized crown adds a refined, subtle detail, and a platinum case elevates the watch's design. The exclusive movement in this F.P. Journe watch is automatic, and the Calibre 1506 movement also contains 50 jewels and a free sprung balance.

3. Resonance Souverain, $60,000


This is another F.P. Journe timepiece with a very intriguing dial. It has five sets of hands, some single and others with a pair. The 40 mm platinum case complements the look of the gray dial, which displays GMT, small seconds, minutes, hours, and has a power reserve indicator. The bracelet of the watch is comprised of black crocodile leather and a platinum buckle, while inside is a manually wound movement.

4. Chronometre Souverain Platinum Boutique Edition, $35,000


Fans of watches with a dark color palette will appreciate the aesthetic of the Chronometre Souverain Platinum Boutique Edition. It has a dark gray dial that's modern and quite appealing, along with a black leather strap. The 40 mm timepiece features a platinum case and buckle, 55 hour power reserve, and a manually wound movement with 22 jewels. Like so many other watches offered by F.P. Journe, this one has a dial with a configuration that breaks convention and is nothing like the norm. Still, it's a very practical and upscale accessory.

5. Octa Automatique Calendrier, $35,000


This iteration of the Octa Automatique is a stylish update with a black leather bracelet, gleaming gold 38 mm case, and a highly functional calendar mechanism that displays both the month and day. Three other displays are on the watch: hours, minutes and small seconds. The silver dial contrasts well with the blued hands, adding another attractive detail. The movement inside this F.P. Journe model is automatic and has a 120 hour power reserve.

6. Dead Seconds Tourbillon, $105,000


F.P. Journe's Dead Seconds Tourbillon is an exclusive timepiece that sports an impressive dial, design, and features. The watch's Dead Second complication causes the seconds hand to stop on each second until it has elapsed. This break from the traditional sweeping seconds hands is captured via a see through area on the watch where the movement can be seen. The novelty of the watch is a large part of why it costs six figures.

The Dead Seconds Tourbillon also has a Constant Force Escapement and it contains many signature details that the brand is known for. A 40 mm rose gold case and black leather strap look dashing paired with the gray background of the dial.

7. Zodiaque Limited Edition, $40,000


One of the most intriguing watches that F.P. Journe has produced is the Zodiaque Limited Edition. It has an appearance that's attractive and masculine, but it also has many classic details. The watch features a glossy black leather strap, 40 mm platinum case, and a dial that pays tribute to the zodiac. Around the outside ring of the dial is a list of all zodiac signs, and just beneath that are the signs' corresponding months. The dial also includes small seconds and date displays.

8. Octa Sports Indy 500, $20,000


The Octa Sports Indy 500 is a limited edition timepiece that was made to celebrate the Indy 500 race, particularly French race car driver Jean Alesi. This 42 mm F.P. Journe wristwatch has a black aluminum case, black dial, luminous hands on the dial, and both the Indy 500 and Lotus Racing logos. Production of the watch was limited to just 99 pieces.

9. Octa Automatique, $30,000


F.P. Journe's Octa Automatique has a very distinctive looking dial. Numbers don't circle it, like one would expect on just about any other watch. Instead, it has several displays with a total of three sets of hands: a date indicator, minutes and hours hands, and small seconds. A partially see through case back allows the wearer to get a glimpse of the watch's inner workings, including its house made automatic movement. The case is made of platinum and the watch features a black leather strap and platinum buckle.

10. Octa Lune, $45,000


This watch has a timeless look and is full of luxurious touches. It features a 40 mm case made of platinum, a dial comprised of mother of pearl and silver, and a platinum buckle fixed to a black crocodile leather strap. The Octa Lune keeps small seconds, minutes, hours, the date, moonphases, and also has a power reserve indicator on the dial. It contains a self-winding automatic movement and has a see through case back.

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