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The Five Best Tourbillon Watches North of $50,000

What makes a tourbillon watch worth the cost of $50,000 or more? Some may answer that it is finding someone willing to pay that much. While this is a factor, it's not the only. The objective value of a tourbillon watch can be measured in its rareness, its uniqueness and the complication of its design and workmanship. The designer, the age and its value as a collectible as well as the materials used in the creation of the watch all combine to build its worth on the market. Most luxury watches run into the thousands for the better examples, but today we're looking at the five bests tourbillon watches North of $50,000.

5. Blancpain Women's Leman Tourbillon Automatic Watch - $64,500.00

This example features a 40mm case made of 18 k rose gold with a complimenting genuine crocodile leather strap in brown. The bezel is also made of 18 k rose gold. The dial is silver and gold-tone hour markers, indexes, and hands provide a highly legible and aesthetically pleasing contrast. The Minutes are displayed with Arabic style numerals. The dial is an analog type. The hands are treated with a luminescent coating as are the markers. The date is located at the 6 o'clock position. There is a cutaway window at the 12 o'clock position that displays the precision gears as they turn, giving all a view of the tourbillon system, patented by the watchmaker. The movement is a Swiss automatic mechanical with a power reserve of 168 hours and water resistance up to 330 feet. The functions include date, day, power reserve, hour, minute, second and tourbillon.

4. The Hublot Tourbillon Solo Bang Skeletonized Black Carbon Men's Watch - $149,400

The Hublot Tourbillon Solo Bang is a horological masterpiece that took three years to develop. The 44mm case is 14mmin thickness and made of platinum material covered with black ceramic in a round shape. The Bezel is crafted of black ceramic. Other editions are offered in 18K red gold with black ceramic for the bezel. The bezel is fixed and the dial is a skeletonized black carbon completing the theme with skeleton hands. The dial is an analog type. This watch is powered with the Swiss-made Hublot Calibre HUB1050GD with a power reserve of 120 hours. It is capped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and is water resistant up to 330 feet. Functions include tourbillon, hour and minute. The and is made of black rubber.

3. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon - $404,000

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon is the product of a brand that has been in business since 1833. Founder Antone LeCoultre was known for designing and crafting the most accurate timepieces in the world and the tradition is carried forward by the skilled artisans and craftsmen of the brand today. This example uses the tourbillon which is a mechanical aspect that was devised hundreds of years ago in 1795, that counteracts the effects upon the watch, of gravity. The case is made of a platinum material with a ruthenium rhodium-plated dial and is capped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The band is made of genuine crocodile leather and this watch is water resistant up to 50 meters.

2. Daniel Roth Master 8 Day Tourbillon - $164,000

The Daniel Roth Master 8 Day Tourbillon features a 41mm case that is made of 18k rose gold material. The dial is a lovely grey color that contrasts wonderfully with the outer case. The strap is made of genuine crocodile leather in a black color and it features rose gold accents. The movement is a Swiss made mechanical. This is an antique watch that bears a high collectible value.

1. The Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon 5002 P - $1.5 million

The Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon 5002 P is a brilliant example that is not produced in large quantities. It's rare, but available for purchase now and then, but be warned, it can be difficult to find. This special edition watch is worth a million and a half. It's made of platinum materials for the case and bezel. The dial is exquisite and is double faced with celestial movements. This example is made up of a total of 686 parts and some of them are microscopic in size. The movement is a manual winding 55 jewel type with a power reserve of 48 hours. It's capped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and fastens with a genuine leather crocodile band in black. This watch is not water resistant but the case does offer protection from dust and humidity.

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