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A Closer Look at the Waltham Field and Marine Dual Time Gunmetal Grey

Waltham Field & Marine Dual Time Gunmetal Grey

Watch Angels introduced a new watch in 2021 called the Waltham Field & Marine. As the name suggests, it is a masculine and rugged timepiece made for active outdoors-loving enthusiasts that require a wristwatch with design features and materials that hold up under extreme conditions. The most recent iteration of the Waltham company's rich legacy of watches goes back to the days of the industrial revolution in the United States. The Waltham watch manufacturing company was here before Henry Ford launched his automotive manufacturing plant, according to Clock Me Tender. The new Field & Marine is a piece inspired by the vintage timepieces that Waltham produced during World War I when the first model in its ancestral line emerged on the market. Waltham designed a soldiers' watch to provide a reliable accounting of the time under some of the worst environmental conditions. Clock Me Tender staff refers to the new Field and Marine as a phoenix rising again. It's a symbol of resurrection from the ashes, representing a brand present during our nation's formative years.

The Waltham Field & Marine Dual Time Gunmetal Grey at first glance

The first thing you notice about the new Field & Marine Dual Time is the attractiveness of its design. The crown features a crown protection area referred to as crown guards in modern lingo. Watch Angels explains it's a bayonet-style crown that is seen only on the Field & Marine and its predecessors. It's essential to know the history of the design. The bayonet crown is a patented design feature secured on January 28, 1919. The screw-down crown component is a style designed by the Depollier-Waltham engineers who received four patent approvals from 1917 through 1919, and it is an unimitable design from a legal standpoint. That's why you only see it in Waltham's original designs. It's been carried over to the latest iteration. Anyone with a knowledge of Waltham's history, including vintage watch collectors, will immediately recognize this as a part of the DNA that distinguishes Waltham watches from the rest. It's a part of the continuing legacy of the World War I era manufacturer. Additionally, the bezel and case back are both screwed into the case to ensure water resistance. Other features of the watch are highly stylized and modern.

A closer look at the Waltham Field & Marine Dual Time Gunmetal Grey

The case of the Waltham Field & Marine measures 43 mm in width with an ample thickness of 13.18 mm. The casement is premium quality 316L stainless steel with gunmetal PVD coating. The case back is screwed in with the same materials. The bayonet crown closure features a Depolier-inspired brass locking lever that pays homage to the vintage edition with a triptych of the crown, case back, and bezel. The dial is a clear double-domed sapphire crystal lens coated with anti-reflective treatment on the backside to reduce the glare of bright light, enhancing legibility in sunlight. The watch is water-resistant up to 300 meters, or 1000 feet, validating the Marine term in its title. The case also features a case-back system called a compressor with an opening for a chuck key. The bezel receives polish to a mirror finish. It contrasts beautifully with the vertical brushing on the case body and the circular brushing on the back of the case. An in-set pusher is to adjust the 24-hour dial. The dial features a matte grey background. Other features are large applied and slightly raised white Arabic numerals. Dual timezone subdials are at the 12 and 6 o'clock positions for symmetry. The date window is at the 3 o'clock position. The hour and minute hands and hour markers are treated with Superluminova Grade X1 for brilliant illumination of the characters in low light and darkness. The strap is synthetic textile material in a tactical styling in military green with Waltham's W stitched at the lugs. The strap is interchangeable. It fastens securely to the wrist via a pin-style buckle of stainless steel with gunmetal PVD coating to complement the case.

The movement

A Blog to Watch confirms that the Waltham Field & Marine Dual Time Gunmetal Grey version is powered by a Swiss-made Soprod caliber C115 automatic, mechanical movement with 31 jewels. It operates at a frequency of 4 Hz or 28,800 vibrations per hour for precision timekeeping. The power reserve is 42 hours, as displayed on the indicator on the dial. The functions include hours, minutes, seconds, date, second 24-hour time zone, and power reserve indicator.


The Waltham Field & Marine Dual Time Gunmetal Grey is available through Angel Watches for 1,595 Swiss Francs. It's translated to roughly $1,604 in USD.

Final thoughts

Waltham was an old and distinguished watch manufacturer that maintains a chapter in the history of American industry. It was here when the industrial revolution started in the United States and it supplied our troops with reliable wristwatches in the World War I era. The watches were around when Henry Ford established the Ford Motor Car company and mass production of automobiles gradually replaced the horse and carriage. Angel Watches launched a project to resurrect the watch brand in a respectful way that pays tribute to the pioneer in American watchmaking. The company carried elements of the original Field & Marine with its patented crown, bezel, and case back system that distinguishes Walthams from other brands and lends its water resistance. Angel Watches confirms that Waltham is America's brand and it pays its due respects while resurrecting one of the most important inventions of the era. The timing of its release is ideal for reminding Americans of our rich history and all the reasons we should either put aside our philosophical differences or resolve them to see the reasons why we're still a great nation of people who can still unite to celebrate our achievements as one. There is more that brings us together than separates us.

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