The 10 Best Morphic Watches Money Can Buy

Morphic M3

If you’re in the market for a new watch, Morphic might have just the piece for you. For the last decade, the brand has been turning out one fine timepiece after another, steadily building a reputation for its ability to marry timeless aesthetics with advanced functionality. If you’re not sure which from their collection to plump for, check out our round-up of the ten best Morphic watches on the market today.

Morphic 89

10. M89 Series – MPH8901

If you’re happy to hand over $575 for a watch (provided, of course, that watch justifies the price), then say hello to the M89 Series – MPH8901. Stylish, contemporary, and solidly built, its sleek aesthetic is matched only by its superb functionality. With precision Japanese quartz movement, 316L surgical-quality stainless steel case, a 24-Hour sub-dial, and glare and scratch resistance, this is one purchase you’re unlikely to feel a single pang of buyer’s remorse over.

Morphic 61

9. M61 Series – MPH6104

If the rubber straps and funky dials of most sports watches leave you cold, the M61 Series – MPH6104 is likely to be a much better fit. With a simple, genuine leather strap and a timelessly elegant watch-face, it’s the kind of piece that’s as fitting in the boardroom as it is in the gym. Chief features worth a shout out include the full functioning chronograph, date display, and glare and scratch resistance. If all this sounds your kind of thing, expect to fork out around $575.00.

Morphic 51

8. M51 Series – MPH5105

With it’s in-your-face aesthetic, the M51 Series – MPH5105 is certainly not for the shy and retiring. Thanks to an average retail price of $775, it’s probably not that great for the cash-strapped either. If, however, you don’t mind spending over the odds for the kind of wrist-candy guaranteed to make you stand out in a crowd, it’s ideal. With a 45mm diameter, it’s as big as it is bold; thanks to its genuine leather carbon fiber strap, it’s also extremely comfortable. Other key features to note include the magnified date display, the 10 ATM water resistance, the scratch and glare resistant crystal case, and the uni-directional rotating carbon fiber bezel.

Morphic 34

7. M34 Series – MPH3406

If you want your wrist to make a statement, head straight for the M34 Series – MPH3406. With a space-age design and a bling worthy black and gold color scheme, it’s the kind of watch you’ll need to have confidence to pull off… but if you do, you’re in for a treat. Along with excellent timekeeping, the piece offers a number of great features, including precision Japanese quartz movement and a non-glare scratch-resistant mineral crystal case. If you’re hoping to get your hands on one (or in one, as the case might be) expect to part with around $595.00.

Morphic 44

6. M44 Series- MPH4402

First up: the price. With an average retail price of $1000, the M44 Series- MPH4402 isn’t cheap. It is, on the other hand, superb quality. With an aesthetic that manages to combine elegance with ruggedness, it’s comfortable enough in its masculinity not to feel the need to advertise it. The hinged leather strap and logo-engraved stainless steel caseback match in black, while the superb timekeeping qualities are enhanced with precision Japanese quartz movement, retrograde dual time zone, and a 24-hour sub-dial. Worth that $1000 price tag, then? Most certainly.

Morphic 77

5. M77 Series – MPH7701

Simple doesn’t have to be boring, at least not if the M77 Series – MPH7701 is anything to go by. Perfect for the man who values timeless elegance over brash designs, this classically handsome timepiece features a slimline, 316L surgical-quality stainless steel bracelet with safety clasp, a logo-engraved stainless steel caseback, and a simple, engraved dial with white luminous markers. If you’re looking for showy or ostentatious, go elsewhere. If you want classic sophistication with a neat line up of features, you’re in the right place… provided you have around $480 to spare.

Morphic 57

4. M57 Series – MPH5705

With its elegant case and contour leather strap, the M57 Series – MPH5705 is a beauty. Costing $575, it’s a supremely comfortable, sturdy timepiece with some great little features, including a 316L surgical-quality stainless steel case, accurate Japanese quartz movement, a full functioning chronograph, a 24-hour sub-dial, and 5 ATM water resistance. If you’re looking for a mid-range watch with great looks and a good selection of functions, this might well be your perfect match.

Morphic 38

3. M38 Series – MPH3804

Good looks meet outstanding functionality with the M38 Series MPH3804. Its elegant, classical aesthetic is enhanced with a slimline leather carbon fiber strap and a logo-engraved stainless steel caseback and magnified date display. Measuring 43mm in diameter, it’s a joy to wear… although with an average retail price of $1000, slightly less comfortable on the wallet.

Morphic M3

2. M3 Series – MPH0301

If big, bold aesthetics are what you look for in a watch, the M3 Series – MPH0301 won’t disappoint. With its all-black strap and case offset by red luminous hands, it makes a big statement. The functionality is just as impressive, with water resistance to 10ATM, Swiss quartz movement, glare and scratch-resistant mineral crystal, and a 316L surgical-quality stainless steel case. Fall in love with one of these little beauties and you can expect to be $650 poorer by the end of the day, but if it’s any consolation, your wrist will look fine.

Morphic 35

1. M35 Series – MPH3506

If you’re in the market for a rugged, bold watch with excellent functionality, the M35 Series – MPH3506 is unlikely to disappoint. Featuring a full-function chronograph and precision Japanese quartz movement, its timekeeping qualities are second to none. The grey robust silicone strap is as comfortable as they come, and complements the all-black case and charcoal luminous hands perfectly. With an average retail price of $899, it’s certainly not the cheapest Morphic watch on the market, but with its outstanding aesthetic and functionality, few would argue its worth the price.

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