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A Closer Look at the Bell & Ross Diver Blue

The first look at the Bell & Ross Diver Blue leaves one with definite impressions. It's a luxury timepiece that immediately commands the attention of onlookers with a unique design that gives it a sense of depth that echoes the sentiment that it's meant for descending into the ocean depths. It almost has a dual personality that makes it a sensible choice for divers or aviators. The silhouette gives a nod to the 1960s military airplane cockpits with its rectangular case delivered in an instrument styling. The rectangle case shape was first introduced in 2005 and has stuck as a consumer favorite. The Bell & Ross Dive collection made its appearance in 2018 with its aviation-style case that crosses industry purposes in an affordable yet stylish dive watch. The Bell & Ross Diver Blue is a magnificent example that deserves a closer look to appreciate its finer points.

First glance

A Blog to Watch points out that the Diver collection offers a choice of multiple variations, but there is something special about the Diver Blue, reference BR 03-92. The deep blue dial is striking and catches the eye, pulling one's full attention to the oceanic theme that is portrayed in its rich deep color. The design team was at the top of their game with the application of white indices that stand out for exceptional legibility. It's a thing with watch enthusiasts that adds a bit of extra value. Yellow accents are well placed to add a splash of color and add contrast to the overarching blue color scheme. These are the first impressions you get at first glance, but there is much more to investigate. It seems that everywhere you look something interesting is going on with the small details that pop up one after the other.

A closer look at the Bell & Ross Diver Blue

We begin with an examination of the angular case. It has a utilitarian appeal with its square base top attached firmly with screws at each corner. A look at the details reveals that the stainless steel case has slightly beveled edges polished to a mirror finish atop the brushed matte finish of the other case components. It measures 42 mm in diameter with a host of angular lines that set the tone. The bottom of the case has received the same treatment with polished bevels. The screws feature a mirror polish. It's a nice touch that adds a detail worthy of note. The case back is made of solid stainless steel that takes a no-frills and no-nonsense approach. The crown guards are an extension of the lower part of the case which to its angular character, with the crown itself finished in deep blue or black vulcanized rubber grip with a silver top and the signature Bell & Ross Ampersand. From a side view, the bezel features a silver mirrored polish ridge style edging against a deep blue color scheme. The play of the round unidirectional dive bezel against its square pedestal adds variety through the use of contrasting shapes with an anodized aluminum insert and a 60-minute scale. We love the practicality of the design of the Diver Blue, along with its seafaring personality.

The dial

Escapement points out that the water resistance of this diver is certified for depths up to 300 meters. The indication of water resistance is displayed in color below the center of the dial. The background is deep blue signifying the depths of the ocean. white indices treated with SuperLuminova encircle the dial in a stick style. They glow bright green as lighting conditions lower, enhancing the legibility of the time. The chunky skeletonized hour and minute hands are also lume-filled with a generous dot of lume on the sweeping seconds' hand. The Bezel features larger dots with lume filling to maintain a sense of the features when the natural light begins to fade.

The movement

The Bell & Ross Diver Blue is powered by a caliber BR-CAL.302 automatic movement. unctions of the self-winding movement include hours, minutes, central seconds, and date. The watch is also designed with anti-shock protection and it meets the requirements of ISO 6425 certification.

Other features of the Bell & Ross Diver Blue

The face of the watch is protected with a sapphire crystal lens that is scratch-resistant, and according to Bell & Ross, treated with a coating of anti-reflective treatment to reduce the glare of bright sunshine. The strap is made of blue rubber material. It affixes to the wrist securely via a satin-polished pin buckle style closure. This watch is also available with a strap made of black fabric material. The starting price is set at $3,800. The Diver Blue was released for sale to the public in 2018 after its initial debut at Baselworld. It's available through the official Bell & Ross website or any authorized dealer of the brand. We found no indication of this being a limited edition variant of the collection.

Final thoughts

The Bell & Ross Diver Blue has been available for the past 3 years. It's a high-end luxury diver that is equipped with all the functionality one could ever need for aquatic use, but it's also a dressy accessory. The starting price is moderate for a watch of this quality, but it's not an inexpensive diver to any degree. This isn't the kind of watch that most people would wear into the murky deep, as it's an attractive example that is best worn as a conversation starter because of its obvious quality in the world of functional designer accessories. It has all the capabilities of a utilitarian timepiece, but it has the appearance of a sporty gentleman's watch that is just as well-suited for wear at the office or with a casual suit. The Diver Blue is a versatile men's diver watch that captures the imagination with its unique and masculine design.

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