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A Closer Look at the Konstantin Chaykin Wristmon Minotaur

Konstantin Chaykin Wristmon Minotaur

Konstantin Chaykin is a master watchmaker that offers time telling from a nontraditional point of view. Chaykin is a daring and innovative master craftsman. He doesn't mind stepping outside of the lines of what is considered to be the norm. It's this type of adventurous spirit that challenges conventions and produces new works that inspire and enlighten. The brand has announced the pending release of its latest masterpiece. The Konstantin Chaykin Wristmon Minotaur is a provocative new timepiece that will be offered in a limited edition production run.

A new take on the Chinese New Year

A Blog to Watch provides us with a history explaining the intentions of the design of the Wristmon Minotaur. Konstantin Chaykin has produced examples highlighting this theme for the past few years and it carries on the tradition by calling upon a characteristically different approach, incorporating an ancient Greek version to represent the 2021 Year of the Ox. The Minotaur, borrowed from ancient Greece offers an alternative rendering of the concept of the Wristmon in a mythical theme that expands the Chinese holiday symbol to the Knossos labyrinth monster with a bull's head.

The Bull-theme that crosses cultures

Konstantin Chaykin has taken the design to a new level with the Greek theme. It's more in line with the Greek mythos than the Chinese Year of the Ox. It's crafted of materials that put one in mind of the ancient Greek tools and ancient Greek letters that more closely resemble Norse runes. It's a hodgepodge of inspirational symbols that encourage wonder and fantasy.

A closer look at the Konstantin Chaykin Wristmon Minotaur

Hodinkee expands our knowledge of the details and features of the Wristomon Minotaur. The exquisite case features an interesting pattern. It's made of iron bronze in a brushed finish with a rugged aesthetic that reinforces the notion of the powerful and beastly ancient bull. The multi-component case is fastened together with sixteen brass screws holding it firmly in place. The beveled edges of the case lead to a thin polished bezel edge that somewhat softens the rugged aesthetics. The width of the case is 42 mm, a suitable size to add to the masculinity of the design. The depth adds to the masculinity with a 13 mm thickness that gives it a chunky profile.

The dial

The dial features a classic labyrinth pattern with its myriad of false passageways and dead ends. Straight lines move upward in expansive angles that form the shape of the bull's upper face for definition. They're raised with horizontal lines graduating downward creating an illusion of depth to further define the face of the bull. The nose toward the bottom of the dial features nostrils bearing the Greek letters F and R in a Norse rune styling with a blue background and white lettering. The bull's eyes are formed of two subdials placed at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock, delivered in red, black, and white colors. The bull's horns are shaped by the lugs to the side of the case, flaring outward with an exaggerated curve. The bezel text spells out the word Minotaur with angles that resemble an ancient Greek typeface. The case back is made of titanium material. This strategy was a necessary addition. It prevents skin contact with the bronze material that tends to shed its patina.

The movement

The Minotaur receives its power from the Vaucher Caliber K.08-1 automatic movement. This power source is a redesigned unit that delivers an upgrade over the previous movement used in the Joker series of the Wristmon collection. The watch movement is hand-finished. It features a power reserve of 50 hours. The mechanical parts beat at 28,800 vibrations per hour for accurate and precise time. The anchor escapement features a novel pendulum clock style. This movement represents an evolution for the brand with is modifications to accommodate the dual aperture, a new feature for the brand. As usual, Konstantin Chaykin infuses innovations into the design.

The strap

The strap that holds the Minotaur firmly to the wrist is genuine buffalo leather in a warm cognac brown color. The strap is accented with a contrast stitching in an off-white coloring with the Konstantin Chaykin logo embossed on the strap material. The founder personally tends to this detail himself for each of the examples offered for sale to the public. It fastens with a pin and buckle closure.

Availability and price

The Konstantin Chaykin Wristmon Minotaur is a limited edition member of the Wristmon collection. It is strictly limited to a production run of just eight pieces for distribution throughout the world. The price is $25,483 in USD, making it a very expensive watch. This watch is only available by placing an order through Konstantin Chaykin or any of its authorized dealers. So far, there has been no confirmation of the release date. It's wise to contact the nearest authorized dealer for updated information on ordering and availability.

Final thoughts

Konstantin Chaykin has done it again with the pending release of a strictly limited edition celebratory wristwatch. He takes pride in being different and telling a story from multiple points of view. The concept of the Chinese New Year with the Year of the Ox inspired the Greek iteration of a mythical bull, providing the theme for this elegant yet masculine timepiece. Multiple references to ancient Greek culture are apparent in the materials and designs of the watch. It's a detail-oriented timepiece that tells the time through two subdials instead of the traditional watch face with classic indicators. This watch is bronze and iron materials representing the ancient tools that led the culture forward into new frontiers and technological advances. We see that same kind of innovation in the most recent limited edition watch offered by the brand. The Konstantin Chaykin Wristmon Minotaur will become a collectible as it emerges as a rare timepiece upon its completion by the low numbers in the production run.

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