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The 10 Finest Armin Strom Watches of All-Time

Armin Strom Watches

Born in 1938, founder Armin Strom set out to become a trained watch maker, and by 1981 had created his first gold encrusted watch which formed the basis for his watch company, named after himself. Since 2009, the company has been creating their own in house calibers, with their small team of employees, producing the most luxurious of watches on the market. The watch company is widely known for its limited edition collections, as well being the forefront of innovative skeletal designed watches. If you want to get your hands on an Armin Strom watch, but don't know where to start, check out the finest of Armin Strom watches below:

1. Racing Chrono  - Starting price- $5,344.86

Racing Chrono

Inspired by the actual formula one racing cars, Armin Strom's Racing Chrono is simply a masterpiece. In a titanium case, the watch uses sapphire for the glass, and is wrapped around the finest leather. Movement for the watch is automatic, requiring no initial set up and is easy to adjust around your wrist. The watch also uses parts from the actual formula one engines, and is perfect for sport enthusiasts alike. The watch has been highly sought out by many for its attention to detail, and was said to be one of the watches that became a driving force for the Armin Strom brand.

2. Manual Water (AMW11) - Starting price- $10,067.60

Armin Strom's Manual Water

Armin Strom's Manual Water watch is a beautifully designed piece, with a sapphire crystal case back and stainless steel hands. The dial ring is white with founded appliqués and has an adrillion buckle in stainless steel, though you can also opt for double folded clasp in stainless steel instead. Like the Gum ball 3000 watch, the Manual Water watch has a five day power reserve and uses center time indications. The watch is also available in other styles, such as fire, earth and air.

3. Max Chilton Edge Double Barrel - Starting price- $ 27,355.39

Max Chilton Edge Double Barrel

One of many sports inspired watches Armin Strom has to offer, this watch was made in dedication to professional sportsman Max Chilton, and sports a bold and dynamic look. Max Chilton himself has commented in interviews that he was pleased with how the watch came out and has even commended the company for making the watch more sporty looking. The watch uses a ARM16 calliber, which helps to make the watch manual winding, with an eight day power reserve. The Max Chilton Edge Double Barrel watch, also uses PVD stainless steel around the case and has an enhanced bezel with sapphire crystal, as well as an anti relfective case back. The watch is limited edition, so get it before it sells out!

4. Skeleton Pure Fire Watch -Starting price- $46,168.57

Skeleton Pure Fire Watch

Released in 2014 as part of a limited edition collection, Armin Strom's Skeleton Pure Fire watch en corporates a skeletonizing design, that is perfect in creating a classy and refined style. The case is encrusted in 18ct rose gold, along with a sapphire crystal case back that helps to make the watch anti reflective. The strap of the watch is made out of alligator horn back leather, which is also encrusted in rose gold. The watch uses a ARM09-S caliber, that is both manual winding and has an eight day power reserve.

5. Tourbillon Gravity Earth -Starting price-$89,489.74

Tourbillion Gravity Earth

Part of the Tourbillon collection, the Tour billion Gravity Earth is another skeltonized watch that is both scenic and intricate. The watch uses genuine alligator leather for the strap, that is easily adjustable and in PVD stainless steel black. The ATM13 caliber's power reserve isn't as great as other watches Armin Strom has brought out, but nether less provides a 110 hour power reserve, as well as 50 m water resistance.

6. One Week Air - Starting price- $ 28,372.32

One Week Air

Available in other variants, such as Earth,Water and Fire, the one week air has open worked dials which is highly artistic and makes the watch look perfect for any occasion. The titanium case, with an anti reflective case back helps to make the watch be seamless. The white strap also helps to compliment the silver hands of the watch, and like many of the Armin Strom watches are made out of white alligator leather and an adrillion buckle made out of titanium.

7. Gravity Date Air - Starting price-$21,253.81

Gravity Date Air Armin Strom

Using a ADD14 caliber, that has a five day power reserve, as well as a date display with day and night indication, the Gravity Date Air is from the highly anticipated Gravity Date collection. The case is made out of a titanium with sapphire crystal and an anti relfective case back. The dial ring is white with founded appliqués and has an adjustable strap made out grey alligator leather, along with an adrillion buckle made out of titanium.

8. Regulator Air - Starting price-$21,000

Armin Strom Regulator Air

With a scenic retrograde display, and natural colouring, the regulator air watch is the finest watch out of the regulator collection. The watch functions in hours, minutes and seconds, and is also manual winding. The watch has a power reserve of 46 hours, with the back made out of sapphire and the rest encrusted in titanium. Like all Armin Strom watches, the watch has a leather strap with a pin buckle. It's recommended that if you like this watch, that you purchase it as soon as possible because only 100 have been made in this collection.

9. Gum-ball 3000 - Starting price-$ 16,800

Gum-ball 3000

Inspired by the movies, the Gum-ball 3000 was created in commemoration for the Gum-ball 3000 rally. Similar to the classic skeleton style watches Armin Strom releases, this watch has black carbon inlays with The gum-ball 3000 logo encrusted in the inside of the watch. The gum ball 3000 comes with an adjustable leather strap, and uses caliber AMW11-GB, which gives the watch a five day power reserve.

10. Manual cognac -Starting price - $15,040


Made in collaboration with Wealth Solutions, the watch incorporates drops of rare cognac. The watch uses a manual winding caliber, and is sealed in a sapphire capsule to create both a bold and innovative look. The strap uses blue alligator leather, and has a water resistance of Like the name of the watch, the winding is manual, and is perfect for anyone who looks the cognac beverage!

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