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A Closer Look at The Longines Spirit Zulu Time Watch

Longines Spirit Zulu Time Watch

Longines is an established watch brand that has more than a century of experience designing watches featuring multiple time zones. They've been in business since 1908 producing multipurpose watches with instruments pilots, additional time zones for travelers, and attractive aesthetics for all. Its latest release is the Longines Spirit Zulu Time Watch with GMT functionality. The model is the newest addition to its collection of fine and functional timepieces from Longines. The reputation of the brand is enough to draw one in for a second glance. It deserves a closer look and examination to fully appreciate its merit and value.

The Longines Spirit Zulu Time Watch at a glance

The first thing you notice about the Spirit Zulu Time is the lovely aesthetics of the dial. The matte black background of the dial offers the perfect backdrop for the gold-rimmed hands and numbers. They appear to jump out at you with brilliant legibility and clarity. Recessed diamond markers exemplify the tops of each Arabic-style number representing the hours with indices in gold, for a third-dimensional effect. The sword-shaped hour and minute hands are filled with lume, as are the numerals for a glowing presentation of the time in low light environments. The second hand is needle-style in gold. When you flip the watch over, the solid case back is engraved with the Longines logo and specifications that tell you more about the timepiece. It's a beautiful sight to behold, but there's far more to it than its status as an attractive accessory. The usefulness of this timepiece is a part of its magnetism. Here, you have the entire package for dyed-in-the-wool luxury watch enthusiasts.

The Spirit Zulu Time on the wrist

Hodinkee delivers the most thorough insights with its reviews. The team tried the watch on the wrist to get a feel for wearing it after purchasing one of the examples and wearing it for a few weeks. It's decked out with all the bells and whistles of a luxury wristwatch in a comfortable size for the average wrist. The Hodinkee team gives it a glowing review for comfort, stylishness, design, and functionality. It's a treasure that follows the tradition of Swiss watchmaking richness.

A closer look at the Longines Spirit Zulu Time Watch

The Spirit Zulu is a subcollection of the brand that offers the functionality of a GMT with its jumping local 12-hour second's hand as its star feature. The Spirit Zulu Time has other features taking center stage such as the bidirectional 24-hour bezel with the capability of displaying a triple time zone for busy travelers and international business professionals. The movement is an automatic L844.4 with a silicon hairspring. It's chronometer-certified with a 72-hour power reserve. The bezel is adorned with a colored ceramic insert to add a dash of luxury. Both the crown and the case back are screwed in to enhance the water-resistance of the timepiece. Going back to the dial, the choice of sandblasted anthracite for the grey version is an exceptional option. You can also order your watch in a sunray blue dial. It comes in a choice of a matching steel bracelet or a leather strap. The case measures 42 mm in width with a depth of 13.9 mm. It's made of stainless steel.

Other merits of the Longines Spirit Zulu Time

The details of this attractive timepiece add to its overall beauty. For example, the edge of the bezel features a coin-edge detail. It's a feature that lends a sense of depth to the profile. The size of this wristwatch is neither small nor large for the average male wrist. It's in the middle offering a comfortable feel on the wrist for all-day wear. The Longines Spirit Zulu Time is suitable for wear with any attire from casual or business to dressy. The choice of three color options opens the Spirit Zulu Time up to a larger segment of the population in terms of personal preference. There's something rugged yet refined about the aesthetic. The duality makes it an exceptional choice for travelers, pilots, international business professionals, or anyone else that can appreciate the watch for what it is. The price is reasonable for what you get from the deal.

Pricing and availability of the Longines Spirit Zulu Time Watch

The Longines Spirit Zulu Time is not a part of a limited edition and it is available in a choice of three models. You can easily find the timepiece for sale at the Longines official website. The version featuring the steel bracelet sells for $3,050 MSRP, with the leather strap version, $400 less at $2,950. It's offered at an exceptional price for a timepiece that is destined to become more valuable over time.

Final thoughts

The Longines Spirit Zulu Time has been in circulation for about a year. It's neither plain nor excessively ornate. It's our opinion that Longines achieved the perfect balance in luxury features and attractive elements like the gold-framed applied numerals for the dial with the addition of white, luminous filling. The small details mean the most to avid watch lovers. The Spirit Zulu Time is an exceptional value for the cost. It's the ideal companion for busy travelers juggling multiple time zones. The GMT function elevates it from a simple timekeeper to a tool for staying on track with friends and loved ones across the globe. The release has come at a time when we could all use something a little special. As we emerge from the days of travel bans and the world starts to open up and welcome visitors from other lands, the Spirit Zulu Time is essential to help us arrive at our destinations on time and call home while everyone is still awake. We're privileged to have yet another option as we begin to venture out of our seclusion and explore the world around us. The Longines Spirit Zulu Time Watch can help us do it with a bit of class and style.

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