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A Closer Look at the $3.3 Million Piaget Emperador Temple

Piaget Emperador Temple

Piaget is a brand name in the watchmaking industry which is synonymous with prestige, high quality, and luxury. Some of the most magnificent designs in horology have come from Piaget. They are known for stunning aesthetics and exceptional movements for precision timekeeping and magnificent complications. Sales for new Piaget creations are conducted exclusively through authorized retail boutiques or directly through their website or by telephone. Occasionally, one may surface at an auction but beware of companies handling Piaget watches who are not fully vetted, such as Sotheby's or other established auction houses because Piaget watches are some of the most valuable on the planet. Such is the case with their most expensive $3.3 Million Piaget Emperador Temple. This is a one of a kind limited production and is not something you can just go out and buy. We learned that just 1,000 examples will ever be produced but as soon as one is completed, they are sold immediately. Today, we take a closer look at their most highly prized production to learn what makes this watch so special that it fetches such a high price tag.

The aesthetic beauty

The Piaget Emperador Temple is one of the most dazzling and ornate examples that the brand has ever produced. The watch is nearly fully encrusted with diamonds, but not in a manner that is overdone. The dial is offset with mother of pearl materials which is toned down just a bit from the brilliance of the diamonds and this feature adds a bit of a resting place for the eyes, which is still lovely in its own right. One of the more remarkable features of this piece, when it comes to aesthetics is the dial panel which is also encrusted with diamonds and can be opened to show the secondary dial and even more lovely features. This highly remarkable timepiece is crafted for extreme eye appeal.


Although considered to be one of Piaget's most highly jeweled models with big-time eye appeal, it is a fully functional wristwatch and as such, Piaget has maintained the highest standards in the design and construction of the inner workings. This example features the unique design that houses two watches within one. At first appearance, a large diamond is seen in the center of this lovely accessory, hiding the fact that it is even a timepiece at all. The center panel can be opened to reveal the first view of the fact of the watch. The small window showing the basic time offers a sophisticated view of the time in a dial that features white mother of pearl radiance as the background for wonderfully contrasting hour markers. When you open the larger diamond-studded panel case, a breathtaking dial is revealed, made of Polynesian mother of pearl and featuring the minute tourbillon in its display which is located in the upper righthand corner, giving the larger view of the dial an oblong rectangular appearance versus the small square one seen upon the opening of the smaller square shaped panel containing the larger diamond. The power reserve indicator is located next to the minute tourbillon system.

The case is crafted of 18 karats yellow gold, but you're not likely to even catch a glimpse of this precious metal because of the full coverage of the diamonds. There are a total of 481 diamonds covering the case. They are of brilliant cut quality and skillfully cut to complete the intended design pattern, which is every bit as complicated as the movement powering this timepiece. In addition to this, there is an emerald cut diamond at the center panel, and an additional 207 baguette cut diamonds. When you open the larger panel, you'll find another 162 brilliant cut diamonds around the mother of pearl dial along with an additional 11 baguette cut diamonds. The bracelet is also fully encrusted with an additional 350 baguette cut diamonds.

Building value

There is little doubt that this amazing watch is well worth the price tag of $3.3 million if for no other reason, for the stunning number of brilliant and other diamonds it holds. There are a few other factors which add to the overall value of the Piaget Emperador Temple. The brand alone adds significant importance because of its solid reputation for building some of the finest watches ever produces. The name is a symbol of quality, innovation, and prestige. The inner workings are guaranteed to be something very special with state of the art technology used in the creation of the movements and the intricate workings of the timepiece. The design is one of the most unique we've ever seen. Even if the expensive precious stones were to be removed, the opening case which transforms the dial into two different watches, at least in appearance is a wonderful and whimsical touch, which makes the piece all the more intriguing. When it comes to design, the Piaget engineers and design team are masters. Add the fact that they cannot keep this limited edition in stock because each example is gone upon completion, overall, the model has been a smashing success.

Final thoughts

The $3.3 million Piaget Emperador Temple is one of the most fascinating timepieces that has ever been created. This is definitely one of those examples that are only going to appear on the wrists of the very rich and famous. From the high-end materials to the exquisite design, this is a product within the Piaget Emperador line that has gone over and beyond all expectations. The fortunate few who get their names on the waiting list for snagging the next production belong to an elite group of owners of this exclusive wristwatch which can double for a bracelet when the timekeeping dial is hidden and we can tell by the speed of sales, they don't mind paying the asking price.

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