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The Five Best Serica Watches of All Time

Serica 4512 California

Serica is a watchmaker that emerged in the latter part of 2019. Although it hasn't been in business for long, it has made an impressive entry into the world of watches. A few of the elements that make the brand noteworthy include its commitment to providing the public with a robust and well-designed timepiece that is available for a fair price for the value. The introductory model set the tone for the quality and appeal in the Serica WWW with an acronym for the simplistic values of providing a Wrist Watch that was also Waterproof. Although the design was inspired by WWII it was a clever play on the naming of the model. For your enjoyment and your consideration, here are the five best Serica watches ever produced to this time.

Serica 4512

5. Serica 4512

The Serica 4512 was introduced in the Summer of 2019, soon after the brand made its entrance as a notable watchmaker. A clever marketing schedule resulted in multiple pre-orders of this model before the final product was ready for shipment. This is a unique model that is inspired by the watches from the World War I era in time with modern elements. It took several prototypes to arrive at the perfect product. The 4512 is available in a choice of white or black dials with two different handsets available by order through the Serica website.

The case is made of stainless steel material in a size of 37.7 mm width and a depth of 11.3 mm for a somewhat slender profile on the wrist. The crown is a screw-down type that enhances the water resistance of the timepiece. It is styled with grooves that make it easy to grip for making necessary adjustments with no visible guards to the sides. The bezel of the black dial model is delivered in a simple grey lacquer that encircles the exterior of the dial with black edging for a simple yet nicely contrasting effect that draws attention to the lacquered black dial beneath. The upper portion of the markers is Roman with Arabic at the bottom for a somewhat different and novel approach to timekeeping. All are treated with SuperLuminova for high legibility in low lighting conditions. The watch is powered with an STP1-11 movement. The dial and movement are protected with a sapphire crystal lens. The strap is a Bonklip Bracelet made of stainless steel. This watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters.

Serica WWW William Brown Edition

4. Serica WWW William Brown Edition

The WWW William Brown Edition is a limited edition wristwatch with a vintage aesthetic delivered in simple yet modern styling. It's inspired by WW II as is the habit of Serica's design team. This is a special watch that is crafted of a stainless steel case that measures 37.7 m in width with a slim profile of 11.85 mm in its depth. The movement beneath is protected with stainless steel back and a domed sapphire crystal on the front. The dial is available in a choice of white or black lacquer. The markers are printed but the styling gives them the appearance of being painted. The hands are offered in an Omega styling for the hour hand with Alpha hands available upon request. Markers and hands are all treated with Superluminova to give them superior legibility in low lighting conditions. The bezel features a polished facet with a brushed face finish. The crystal lens covering the dial is made of mineral glass. The screw-down crown contributes to the water resistance of 100 meters or 330 feet. This watch is powered by a Swiss hand-wound movement and features a minimalist design.

Serica Reference 5303-1 Diver's watch

3. Serica Reference 5303-1 Diver's watch

The Serica Reference 5303-1 Diver's Watch is a recent release that is made of high-end materials. It features a case that is crafted from 316L stainless steel for rugged durability. The width is 39 mm with a depth of 12.20 mm, suitable for all wrist sizes. The materials are scratch-proof to retain their original luster and detailings of the finish. The bezel is a rotating type that is made of engraved polished high-density ceramic. It features double graduation 60 minutes and a second time zone. The dial is available in a choice of black or silver, white galvanic. The markers and hands are treated with Superluminova for high readability in all types of light. The hands are painted broad arrow style with a white lacquered finish and the application of Swiss SuperLuminova with C3 green emission. The crown is an oversized style measuring 8 mm in a screw-down style for enhanced water resistance, and it is available by order for either right-handed or left-handed clients. The movement is an automatic Swiss Caliber Newton with a power reserve of 45 hours. The dial and movement beneath are protected with a double-domed sapphire crystal of 2 mm. The bracelet is made of 316L stainless steel and delivered with a tapering folded mesh with integrated end links.

Serica 4512 Commando

2. Serica 4512 Commando

The Commando is a variant of the Serica 4512 that offers many of the same elements of the original with the addition of a special Commando dial. It is equipped with an open minute track. The hour markers are longer and it keeps the 24-hour scale. This is a clean version of the original that also features the quality and water-resistance of its elder sibling with a few more features.

Serica 4512 California

1. Serica 4512 California

The California version of the Serica 4512 is one that is hard to get your hands on. It sells out as quickly as it is stocked in batches of 200 examples. This is a member of the Serica 4512 collection that features a highly stylized dial that is bold and graphic. It is inspired by watches from the 1920s with a radium dial, half Arabic and half-Roman numerals to make telling time more accurate for military personnel. This is yet another waterproof version that is destined to become a classic of the brand.

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