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A Closer Look at the Nintendo-Tag Heuer Collaboration Watch

Nintendo-Tag Heuer Collaboration Watch

Tag Heuer has entered into a partnership and agreement with Nintendo to produce a special edition wristwatch that is aimed at pleasing the most discriminating tastes of brand enthusiasts on both sides. The Tag Heuer Super Mario Connected Watch combines the video game theme with high-end watchmaking. Although the initial wisdom suggests these two notions to be a world apart, it might surprise you how many Tag Heuer fans are Nintendo enthusiasts and vice versa. To celebrate this unique pairing from two seemingly separate universes, we take a closer look at the new creative expression from Tag Heuer.

Background on the Tag Heuer Super Mario Connect

Forbes reports that Tag Heuer, the Swiss luxury watchmaker has signed a long term agreement with Nintendo to collaborate on the launch of two special edition wristwatches featuring Tag Heuer's quality watchmaking with the Super Mario theme. This marks a new era for the luxury brand as it takes them further into the territory of connected technology, which has been an ongoing evolution. The first connected watches were offered by the brand about five years ago. More recently, TH released a 2020 edition of next-generation connected watches with a sports theme mainly focusing on golf. The new direction is geared toward gamers fond of Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers franchise. Here is everything we known about their latest endeavor.

A closer look at the Tag Heuer Super Mario Connected watch

The digital age has created a new audience in most industries with watchmaking being no exception. Tag Heuer is keeping pace with changing demands from the public with new collaborations as appropriate. The Super Mario Connected is a handcrafted timepiece offered in a limited edition with all of the luxury elements one would expect from a high-end Swiss brand. As gaming began to rise as a digital pastime in the 1980s it has become a part of mainstream culture, according to the Robb Report. The recent pandemic has driven millions indoors in quarantines that made them look toward the next best form of entertainment to in-person social gatherings, which is gaming. From the time of the release of Super Mario Bros. in 1985, it has been a popular game franchise. Who's to say that loving luxury watches isn't a thing among gamers?

Specifications of the Super Mario Connected

The timepiece is a smartwatch and uniquely is made to encourage the wearer to increase physical activity with a Super Mario theme. Tools for enhancing heart-healthy exercise is are provided in the "get active" alert and a dial that becomes animated to match the activity of the wearer. Mario gives you a salute when you become active and the game provides you with bonuses and rewards for participating in healthy exercise. Tag Heuer offers the Super Mario Limit Edition Super Mario Connected in a choice of three variants, all with a titanium case in a 45 mm width. The standard version has a case made of stainless steel. The dial is black with a Super Mario Bros theme featuring Mario with his eye-catching red hat. The digital watch features elements from the 1985 release of the game with booster symbols appearing at the 3, 6, and 9 o clock positions on the bezel. Animations and bonuses appear as activity increases. The variations feature black and red colorways with straps of lime green, black, and white, and green rubber. The crown is embellished with a red M.

Other features and functions

The Super Mario Connected provides monitoring of your pulse rate and offers alerts to let you know when it's time to pick up the pace and get more exercise throughout the day. It sounds alerts when you've achieved a goal and have rewards coming for your efforts. The dial is covered with a highly legible and crystal clear sapphire crystal lens.

The limited-edition collection and where to get yours

The Tag Heuer Connected is a smartwatch with a unique Super Mario theme, that gives wearers incentives in the form of animation and game rewards. New quests are given daily in a merge between the Super Mario universe and the world of Tag Heuer. They've commissioner a strictly limited release of just 2,000 pieces total. The watch comes with exclusive package designs and comes with two interchangeable straps including Super Mario Red in leather and a rubber strap. The watch was released by Tag Heuer and is only available through select Tag Heuer stores. The official website indicates that the first production run of the limited edition has already sold out and it did so in a mere ten minutes of listing.

A modern iteration of a classic

The Tag Heuer Super Mario Connected follows their previous entry into the digital age with successful sales of the golf-themed digital watch. The Super Mario Connected is a digital watch that is designed for games that enjoy the Nintendo classic and iconic franchise, who are also interested in improving their overall health by increasing their activity levels. The dial is loaded with symbols and elements of the game that provides them with rewards for becoming more active. The pulse monitor lets the users know when they've increased their heart rates and the duration. The dial offers exciting rewards and bonuses for doing a good job in the form of bonuses and prizes that are displayed on the screen of the digital face in exciting Mario-themed colors and images. Gamers can appreciate the symbols used such as Mario climbing the pole, giving them a salute, the mushroom and star appearing, and more. It's much like playing the game with symbols from the 1985 version of the game, and it's all housed in a Swiss-made luxury wristwatch that has been designed for a modern age. Some savvy entrepreneurs offer their editions of the watch for several times its original cost, so it might pay to wait for the next production run.

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