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A Closer Look at The TAG Heuer Monaco Titan

TAG Heuer Monaco

In 1860, the Heuer company was founded by Edouard Heuer in St-Imer, Switzerland. Quickly, the company developed a reputation for being one of the finest watchmakers. Additionally, Heuer developed the oscillating pinion, which was patented in 1887 and is still used in watches today. During the 1920s, Heuer watches were used at the 1920s Olympics. Then, in 1933 Tag Heuer launched the Autavia, used on racecar dashboard, which created a longstanding relationship with the racing industry. Jack Heuer's 1969 Monaco chronograph got its name from the Grand Prix in Monaco. The company created a square cased watch that was water-resistant to a hundred meters. The mechanism for the watch was powered by Calibre 11. The same year original Monaco debuted, Seiko and Zenith both introduced chronographs which led Jack Heuer to create the trendsetting model. It was worn by Steve McQueen in the movie Le Mans, later selling for over two million dollars at an auction, the highest price paid for a Tag Heuer watch. The Tag Heuer Monaco Titan is the modern version of the Calibre 11, one of three automatic watches with chronograph movement to debut in 1969. However, he didn't feel that these models were forward-thinking enough, so he created the Monaco 1133B. In 1986, the company launched its first Formula 1 series which was designed by Eddy Burgener. The second series was produced from 1997 to 2000. Each year they used a different dial and pattern circle.

Monaco line

The first time the company released another Monaco Calibre 11 was in 2009. The fortieth-anniversary addition was slightly smaller than The Tag Heuer Monaco Titan. In 2015, the CAW211P model cemented this watch's permanent place in the Tag Heuer line. When the company released the newest model, it was much more similar to the 1998 Moncao. In 2021m, Tag Heuer has released several limited edition watches, including the 844 Tribute Aquaracer, Monaco LE two Carreras, and now the Monaco Titan Special edition, whose iconic roots are Caliber 11. Aside from the Monaco V4 and Bamford Carbon edition, Monacos have been traditionally made out of steel. Tag Heuer chose Titan for two reasons; it connotates strength and is the French word for titanium.

Formula 1 racing has always been considered a grand event, so it's no wonder that Tag Heuer launched a brand celebrating the race. Not only has Tag Heuer created an entire line for the race car drivers, but they have also sponsored numerous teams. Additionally, the watches have been worn by legendary race car drivers like Mario Andretti, Jack Ickzx, Clay Regazzoni, Carlos Reutemann, and Jody Scheckter. As the sport progressed, so did their line. Now, they've launched the latest in their distinct collection. Tag Heuer released the Monaco Titan to celebrate the return of Formula 1 racing after 2020 was canceled during the pandemic. The watch is a limited edition, with only five hundred being released. It's a new take on the Calibre 11, which was first seen at Monaco. According to Boss Hunting, Red Bull Racing Honda F1 team driver Max Verstappen, sponsored by Tag Heuer, won Monaco's Grand Prix in May and wore the Tag Heuer Monaco Titan when he overtook Lewis Hamilton for the win. It was another example of the longstanding relationship Tag Heuer has had with racing.

Watch specs

The watch is striking with a blue dial as well as red and blue hands. The square cases are waterproof and feature the company's well-known chronograph movement, which was an industry first. One of the things Tag Heuer updated was the case which is lighter weight than its predecessors. Although the Monaco V4 had a titanium case, the texture on the Monaco Titan is a fashionable update on the classic. Additionally, the company carefully chose the color for the logo that stands out against the face. The Monaco Titan has an open case back that showcases the chronograph movement first featured on the Sellita SW-300 in 20011. Additionally, it beats at 28,800vph with a forty-hour power reserve for all features on the watch. You'll also notice two triangles with Cotes de Geneve, which showcase the refined grains on the plates. Much of the design is a reimagining of the movement in original Monaco, including the Monaco Heuer logo.

The Tag Heuer Monaco Titan's case is a thirty-nine-millimeter square made from Titanium and features a matte finish. According to Mono Chrome Watches, exceptional craftsmanship is everything one expects from a watch in the Monaco collection, including rectangular buttons on the right and a crown on the left. Additionally, it has a silver dial with two curved dials for the second hand, located at three o'clock and nine o'clock. The company chose red for the second hand since it's well-known as a racing color. Both the hour and minute hands have Super-LumiNova dots appearing at the hour markers. Much like other Tag Heuer models, the date is located at the o'clock hour space. Additionally, horizontal indexes are at the one, two, four, five, seven, eight, ten, and eleven o'clock hours which is a nod to the original Monaco models. Beveled sapphire crystal keeps the dial safe. Another notable feature of this model is the alligator strap with grooves similar to racing cars and a folding clasp made of titanium. Additionally, the company carefully chose the belt so that even though the overall design is sporty, it also looks sleek and can be worn away from the racetrack.

Final thoughts

Tag Heuer watches have been synonymous with sports and racing for almost a century. Their ability to keep accurate time is why race car drivers favor them. The company has set many milestones throughout the years, including being the first Swiss watch in space. Yet, it was the Chronomatcic Caliber 11 that was the first automatic water-resistant watch. Since then, the company has built on that technology. Now, Tag Heuer has created the impressive Monaco Titan, another in a long line of cutting-edge technology.

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