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A Closer Look at the TAG Heuer Connected E4 Smartwatch

TAG Heuer Connected E4 Smartwatch

Smartwatches have gained popularity in the United States over time. According to Pew Research, 21% of Americans use a smartwatch. Typically, people use Apple smartwatches, and you may wonder whether other smartwatch brands exist. Fortunately, Tag Heuer made the TAG Heuer Connected E4 Smartwatch, so you now have a different smartwatch to try on. TAG Heuer’s smartwatch is versatile. That means you will not only use it for fitness tracking. It is powered by Google’s Wear OS, which means you can use most Google applications. You can use applications including Google Fit, Google Pay, Google Assistant, Google Translate, Google Maps, and Google Play. You can use the apps by interacting with its touchscreen. Alternatively, you can operate it using the two pushers and crown. There is still much more to be said about this watch. Here are further features of the TAG Heuer Connected E4 Smartwatch below.

The Watch’s Main Attraction is Its Feature Called “Guided Workouts”

Think of Guided Workouts as a fitness coach on your wrist. This feature not only keeps track of your fitness data but also teaches you exercises. Before we talk about the exercises, we need to appreciate the feature’s comprehensive data report. The report uses fitness statistics such as BPM, Kilometers, etc.

How can Guided Workouts teach you exercises? To learn about the exercises, you must head to the main menu and select “TAG Heuer Sports.” Once you select it, you should see the “Fitness Category” that you should also select. After that, you will find a free training section and 7-minute workouts. Some of the routines in the watch include Upper Body, Core Body, and Lower Body, just to name a few. Once you identify a routine, an animated coach will illustrate how to do the exercises. That means you do not need to depend on your smartphone or computer for your workout routine.

The Watch’s Strap is Made of Rubber

This smartwatch is ideal for sports, which is why rubber makes an excellent band choice for this watch. First, the material gives the watch a sporty look. The other reason it is ideal for sports is its tolerance to elements like water, dust, and the sun. According to Luxury Travel Magazine, its tolerance makes it better than a silicon strap. Silicon is positively charged, which easily attracts dust. Since rubber isn’t charged, it does not attract dust or any other element.

Another advantage of rubber lies is that it is lightweight. Due to its lightweight, your wrist will not feel heavy. You cannot say the same for metal bracelets. Since it is made for sports, it would be counterproductive to use a heavy material. That is because you would use much effort lifting your wrist while doing your exercises. As a result, you would get tired quickly. Lastly, the material is washable. In case any dirt is on it, all you need to do is wipe it off with your hand. That means you do not even need to use chemicals to clean it.

It Has a Water Resistance Depth of 50 Meters

Are you a swimmer in need of a watch? Thankfully, this watch’s resistance depth of 50 meters makes it suitable for swimming. However, according to Watch Time, you should only swim with it in shallow depths. So, swimming in the sea would therefore ruin the watch. However, you may wonder why you should stay in shallow waters despite having a resistance level of 50 meters. Can’t you swim 50 meters deep with it? However, the measurement assumes that water is always still, which we know is false. Water always moves due to wind or people swimming in it. As the water moves, pressure is generated. This pressure will destroy the watch the further you go deeper.

Another concern you may have is whether or not you can shower with it. As long as you take cold showers, your watch will remain safe. Hot showers endanger the watch since they cause it to expand. As it expands, it allows water into the watch, which can destroy the movement and other parts.

Its Touchscreen is Made of Sapphire Crystal

Have you ever owned a watch whose screen developed scratches? Or one that had a cracked screen? If your answer is yes, the screen was likely not made of sapphire glass. Sapphire cannot crack or break due to its hardness. According to Gem Society, it has a hardness value of 9. That makes it the second hardest mineral after diamond. It will therefore take a lot of force to shatter it. Besides its hardness, sapphire is known for its transparency. Its transparency enables you to view time on the dial. However, the mineral is so transparent that it creates glares. Glares occur from too much reflection and make it hard to view through the watch. To prevent the glares from appearing, it has been coated with an anti-reflective substance.

The Case is Made of Titanium

Some people tend to prefer stainless steel and gold cases but don’t realize how advantageous titanium is. One advantage of titanium is its corrosion resistance. Elements like water contribute to rust. As a result, swimming with such a watch would damage it. Thankfully, the metal cannot rust, so you can swim with it as often as you like.

Compared to stainless steel, titanium is stronger. That means it cannot bend or break after you drop it on a hard surface. However, the material was not always used in watches. Due to its strength, the metal was exclusively used in aerospace construction before the 1970s. Some people are allergic to nickel, which is found in stainless steel cases. Such people experience symptoms like rashes or itchiness. Titanium does not cause allergies; hence ideal if you are allergic to nickel.


The TAG Heuer Connected E4 Smartwatch is a must-have. There are features that make it convenient, ranging from its applications to the material used to make it. Due to its convenience, you can track your health whenever you feel like it. Since it will hardly get ruined, you can enjoy several years of tracking your health.

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