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A Closer Look at Hublot's Classic Fusion Orlinski Bracelet

Hublot's Classic Fusion Orlinski Bracelet

After five years of successful partnership, Hublot and Richard Orlinski will finally unveil the missing link to their collaboration. The new Hublot Classic Fusion Orlinski Bracelet watch is that lost connection. The watch features metallic bracelets adorned with facets from a famous French artist. To fully understand this watch, it is good to make a connection between the brand and the artist and how it influences the significance of this watch. For starters, Richard Orlinski is the best-selling French contemporary artist. His contribution is undeniable in the success of the collaboration with Hublot.

Overall Review of Hublot Watches

Hublot is a successful watch brand based in Nyon, Switzerland. It means bull's eye in French and Italian artist Carlo Crocco founded the brand in 1980. Carlo used his creativity and the power of invention to create unconventional designs. His unique designs were a combination of Swiss craftsmanship and Italian designs. The story of Hublot watches is not that of an overnight success. The founder experienced some hitches at the onset of his journey, but with consistency and pure determination, Hublot is now a success story. Combining unique concepts and attractive marketing skills made the watch a global brand.

Within a short time, Hublot became the rising star among Swiss watches. In 2008, they sold the company to LVMH for approximately 200 million Swiss Francs. Over the years, the company has experienced a series of notable successes. In 2005, Jean Claude Biver became the brand's Board of director’s chairman. Jean Claude developed the concept of the Big Bang. The Big Bang chronograph was an incredible watch that won several awards in design contests and watchmaking. It is available for both ladies and men.

Unique Designs

The watch became a top-seller because of its epic material combinations of titanium, carbon, tantalum, and ceramic. During this time, the brand invented the famous motto 'Art of the Fusion,' which created global enthusiasm and increased the sales volume of the timepiece. Since 2005, Hublot has created a broad fan base with striking watches such as Hublot Aerobang and Big Bang All Black. Jean Claude is a marketing genius who contributed immensely to the brand's success. He did numerous publications, creations, developments, and production of clockworks.

His most significant contribution was signing the brand to the world of football. Since 2008, Hublot has been named the official timekeeper of all European Football Championship matches. In 2010, they became the official timekeeper for FIFA and the soccer world championship. Another top achievement of the brand was its collaboration with Kobe Bryant in 2013. Together, they designed the Big Bang Unico Chronograph Retrograde Kobe 'Vino' Bryant. They also created the epic model of King Power Black Mamba.

In the same year, Hublot partnered with Pele, one of the best footballers of this time. Pele is recognized as the best football player of the 20th century. According to Bachmann, during the 2016 Olympic Games, Hublot unveiled two Big Bang collection special editions, the Yellow Gold Usain Bolt and the Ceramic Usain Bolt. Usain Bolt became the brand ambassador of Hublot after winning three gold medals in the Rio Olympics Games.

Features of Hublot Classic

The Hublot Classic Fusion Orlinski Bracelet has a unique design. The watch is available in four designs produced in a limited edition. The four designs are divided into two options. There is the option with alternative pave and an option with no diamonds. The uniqueness of the watch is displayed in its bracelets which are epic compared to the classic fusion bracelets with a traditional design approach. The new design has a multifaceted structure which Richard Orlinski uses in his art.

There is also an integration of H designs on the links that connect the bracelets. The bracelets are interchangeable with rubber straps. According to Hublot, if you have an Orlinski watch, it is possible to purchase the bracelets and make a switch between the rubber straps and bracelets. It is easy to disconnect the watch case from the straps. The interchangeable straps make the watch and bracelets a top seller because clients want convenience. The option with the alternative pave has diamonds placed strategically. Clients should be careful when adjusting the bracelet to maintain the same design. You will notice one side has a row of diamonds, and it's on the other side on the next row. It is advisable to maintain the integrity of the design when making a switch.

Essential Information

In 2017 in Miami, Hublot launched its first watch designed by Richard Orlinski. The fan's reactions were overwhelming because it was the first artwork by Richard Orlinski. Since 2017, Hublot and Orlinski have worked together and produced several lifesaving watches. The launch of the Hublot Classic Fusion Orlinski Bracelet marks the beginning of a new season in their collaboration. The watch will have four versions that will feature an integrated metallic bracelet. According to A Blog To Watch, few watchmakers have attempted to develop this unique design, and they can attest that it takes tremendous effort to build it to completion.

The bracelet should be carefully integrated automatically and mechanically into the watch case to adapt to any morphology comfortably. Hublot designers employed all their technical expertise in producing a watch characterized by beveled edges, facets, and a metallic bracelet whose creation has faceted and beveled titanium with 83 parts. The watch was inspired by Orlinski's sculptures that feature a chamfered form with reflections in its mirror-polished facets. The new bracelet is attached to the watch case extending the aspects. In an interview, Richard Orlinski once commented that it is a daunting task to express your art in a diameter of a few centimeters. Creating a complete bracelet was difficult for the engineers, but they completed the mission.


Hublot Classic Fusion Orlinski Bracelet is a stunning watch. The watch is a top-seller because of its interchangeable bracelets that can be fit on other Orlinski watches. Another contributing factor is the connection between the brand and the artist, which is emphasized when selling the watches.

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