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A Closer Look at Hublot's Square Bang UNICO Watches

Hublot's Square Bang UNICO Watches

Hublot watchmaking began in 1980 when the company headed by Carlo Crocco, a visionary Italian from a family of watchmakers, broke new ground by pairing gold, a precious metal, with natural black rubber, which became the only one of its kind in the market and history of watchmaking. This watch received substantial commercial success due to its uniqueness and became an inspiration for the style used to assemble it. You could not mistake it in the fashion world. Since the success of their first Hublot gold watch, the company has been epitomizing the art of fusion in making their timepieces and joined the rest of prominent watchmaking brands creating luxury watches. This article will take a deep look into the new Hublot's Square Bang UNICO Watches.

The inspiration behind Hublot's Square Bang UNICO Watches

The inspiration behind the creation of these new geometry unique watches by Hublot came from Mason's iconic Big Bang. According to Hublot, this square Bang Unico added a new pillar, "The shaped Collection "which was placed to sit beside the Spirit of Big Bang. Hublot took a risk to go the square watch creation way which many watchmakers across the globe, despite their experience, have dared not to try to tackle. It appears to be a divisive, unconventional, and disruptive shape that has defeated many to try and rework this type of shape for decades. The company designers show their prowess in watchmaking by getting to grips with this unique shape and exploring its power. Like the other watches developed by this Swiss-based company, the Square Bang Unico is not fitted with an equivalent. The Hublot's R&D department needed a new challenge. They had already created three other exceptional watches with the most resistant materials you can find globally. The company had also formed one of the craziest partnerships you could find in the watchmaking business and created an extraordinary complication. This team's challenge was to create this fantastic square shape. Here are its features:

The Movement

Hublot placed around designed in-house UNICO family automatic chronograph movement inside the unique Square Bang watches. The 354 special part mechanisms function at 4Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour) with 72 hours of power reserve. It features a 60-minute column-wheel-controlled chronograph, time, and date. When you want to view the movement of this timepiece, you need to look at the rear of its case. Typically, the dial part is an open view of the watch movement. Further, the designer of this watch placed the hour marker and indexes on the watch periphery. Creating a wheel to work in a square case is a challenge for watchmakers because it has to operate harmoniously with that shape. That is why many watchmakers hide their creation pieces' movement area after failing to discover a dependable aesthetic style or give an illusion utilizing a shaped movement. Hublot took a radical direction with its in-house Unico Movement and kept the movement open. The column wheel for this watch is displayed open and visible to view at 6 o'clock. According to a Blog to Watch, Hublot's Square Bang UNICO Watches bicompax dispenses with the dial to showcase its secret inner workings. The movement suspension can be viewed from the front and back of the watch on all corners of the watch. The watch has a width of 43 mm, and the height is approximately 14.5 mm when you lay the watch to rest.

The Watch Case

Since the watch was a square in shape, developing a water-resistant squared shape case posed another challenge to Hublot's designers. The company wanted something that falls in line with Hublot's DNA, to enable a myriad of transformations and combinations by dressing the watch with an upper and lower plate in square shape. The designers developed a case that fits perfectly with the watch and is 100 meters water-resistant. The case is 42 mm Big Bang size ensuring the watch is ergonomic and providing the wearers with some comfort on their wrist. It has all the unique Hablot countless details on it.

The Bezel

The bezel is fixed with six screws which are placed in the same spot as on the Big Bang. You will spot the "ear "on all sides of the Square Bang, which was available on the Big Bangs case. These ears provide balance to the design while protecting the watch case. According to Autoevolution, depending on which bezel you select, all watches come with a unique rubber strap which you can distinguish through the waffle pattern. You can replace the factory-made standard strap with other leather or rubber, through the Square Bangs quick-change system.

The Crown

The crown designed for the Hublot's Square Bang UNICO Watches comes in over-molded black rubber, with two screws in the middle as attachments. The textured pattern available on the strap was custom designed for the Square Bang. It has four rows similar to the four sides of the case of raised squares, the same as the bezel on the case area.


Dubbed the Square Bang Unico, this unique timepiece was produced in five formats, and all of them measure 42 mm in diameter. The most affordable one out of the five is the Unico Titanium which retails at $23,100. The Unico Titanium Ceramic is available for $24,100. The Unico All Black will set you back at $26 000, while the Unico King Gold Ceramic goes for $39,900.You will get the Unico King Gold for its kingship status at $43,100.

Final Verdict

The Hublot's Square Bang UNICO Watches are unique and made for class. No wonder it is a safe bet for celebrities and megastars like LeBron James, Jay-Every piece component included in this watch is attractive. A new strap decorated with chocolate squares has further emphasized this watch identity. The other unique thing about it is the interchangeable system that enables you to give it a different loll with a simple click from a remarkable range of Alligator, soft-touch leather, and rubber straps.

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