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A Closer Look at Hublot Exclusive Limited-Edition Classic Fusion 45mm Bronze Brown Watch

Hublot Exclusive Limited-Edition Classic Fusion 45mm Bronze Brown Watch

Hublot is a trusted luxury watchmaker with a penchant for delivering high on the small details that capture the heart and mind of watch enthusiasts. They aim to please, but Hublot has recently made a few changes in its approach to service. The company expanded its horizons a few years ago when people were sequestered in their homes with stay-at-home mandates for all but essential travel. The pandemic changed a great many things about the way we live our lives. Hublot rose to the occasion with the launch of an e-commerce platform. They mark the second anniversary of the event with the release of a new watch. The Hublot Exclusive Limited-Edition Classic Fusion 45 mm Bronze Brown Watch has a long title, but it's descriptive of the timepiece and suitable. If you've not yet had the pleasure of hearing about it, we're happy to fill you in on a Hublot masterpiece you can buy online

The Hublot Exclusive Limited Edition Classic Fusion 45 mm Bronze Brown Watch at a glance

The first thing you notice is the sophisticated and straightforward styling of the timepiece. It exudes a simplistic and somewhat utilitarian personality tempered with charm. The warmth of the bronze and the brown theme create a harmonious blend in an elegant luxury men's watch. It bears the features of a classic, yet there's something different about the appearance that somewhat elevates it aesthetically. We expected the fusion in the title to present a novel approach but this watch is straight-forward with tantalizing details you only notice with a closer look

The case

Examination of the case helps to solve the mystery behind what makes this watch exceptionally attractive. The case is bronze with a brushed finish. It features a unique multi-component design with numerous angles, a chamfered bezel, and integrated lugs. The chunky layered styling with flat screws builds a masculine persona. A Blog to Watch notes that the case is large, which adds to the boldness that comes close to being rustic, yet refined. The black flange on the crown and opposing sides adds to its unique styling. Although the initial impression is of strength and durability, it's only rated for 50 meters of water resistance. It's a contrast to the mariners Hublot is famous for creating, but this is not a diver. When you flip the watch over, you'll notice that the center half of the case back features an exhibition sapphire crystal. It gives you a view of the movement beneath. It's only partial with a partly solid case back with the required engraving of the details of the timepiece. We begin to understand the fusion when looking at the warm brown dial in its sunray styling.

It's the perfect background that catches the light and reflects varying tones of brown, as does the bronze of the case with its intricate angles and shadow effects. Brightly polished 3N gold indices, hours, minutes, and seconds' hands complete the fusion effect with brilliant compatibility yet enough contrast for legibility. The Roman numerals add a classic nuance. A date window is an inset at the 3 o'clock position adjacent to the crown with a dark background and a white date indication. It's a feature that adds a sense of depth, as do the raised indices. The tapered lugs cover the distressed leather strap that holds the watch firmly in place on the wrist. It's made of genuine alligator leather in a warm mahogany tone with bronze hardware and a lining of black rubber on the inside. The stitching matches the color of the strap. There is no need for more contrast as the other components cover enough to keep things interesting if not fascinating.

The movement

Haute Time explains that the Hublot Classic Fusion 45 mm Bronze Brown Watch receives its power from Hublot's in-house movement they call the Caliber Hublot HUB112, in a self-winding style. This movement beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour. The functions are hours, minutes, seconds, and date, with a forty-two-hour power reserve. You might expect a fancier movement for an expensive luxury timepiece, but rest assured, Hublot has equipped the Bronze Brown with a suitable power source. It's rated as a dependable movement offering precision timekeeping.

Pricing and availability

Hublot has made the Classic Fusion 45mm Bronze Brown available only to customers in the United States. It is accessible now at They've set the price at $13,330. DuPont Registry confirms that the limited edition of the production run only allows for thirty examples of the Hublot Classic Fusion 45 mm Bronze Brown to be released. The limited number of pieces creates added value as each watch sold is rare from its delivery. The Hublot Classic Fusion 45 mm Bronze Brown, is a limited edition collectible. The watch will likely increase in value over time. Savvy collectors will scoop them up quickly. Delay may result in the loss of opportunity.

Final thoughts

Hublot toned down a few features from the sibling of the Bronze Brown, the Fuente Limited Edition Bronze. The Bronze Brown has a simpler styling than its ornate sibling that features elaborate carvings throughout the case and bezel. It's in the middle between the Fuente and the cool Anticlockwise Dubai edition. It's easy to appreciate the warmth of the brown tones with the natural feel of the bronze. We have no doubt, in time, it will develop a patina within each example to further distinguish each of the 30 members of the exclusive group. Hublot's use of texture and color, with tonal variations, creates a unique personality for the Classic Fusion Bronze Brown. The chiseled, and almost aggressive aesthetic, is tempered by the warmth of the colors. It's a brilliant use of color, texture, and nuance. It's not overplayed, but rather, meets in the middle for exceptional balance in a men's luxury watch that is far too attractive to sit in a display case as a collectible. It belongs on the wrist of a gentleman.

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