The Advantages of Going to a Tag Heuer Outlet

Tag Heuer

Whether you buy a Tag Heuer watch, a pair of sunglasses, or a wallet, certain things come as standard. Stylish design, expert craftmanship, and yes, a mighty big price tag. The brand may be able to trace its lineage to 1860, but it’s clearly not letting standards slip with age – or adopting a more generous attitude to its price point. If you want to add a Tag Heuer piece to your collection, you’ll need to be prepared to spend big. If you want the status of a Tag Heuer accessory without the price tag (and aren’t actually too concerned about the difference between real and counterfeit), a fake might seem an attractive option. But with fake watches come fake quality promises, fake guarantees, and fake designs (and that’s to say nothing about the ethical and legal questions involved). So, what’s the solution for people who want to keep things real and not spend a fortune in the process? In a word, outlets. Outlets have shaken off their slightly dubious reputations to emerge as THE place to go for the fashion forward and the budget conscious. Granted, they might not carry all the very latest models and designs, but for customers willing to put up with last year’s designs if they come with a huge discount, they’re heaven sent. If you want to get your retail fix without blowing a hole in your budget, forget about the boutiques and track down your nearest Tag Heuer outlet. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find…

Instant Gratification

Online shopping might seem convenient, but it comes with some hidden frustrations. When you walk into a Tag Heuer outlet, (and assuming you find what you’re looking for) you get to leave the store clutching your goodies. End result? Instant gratification. Better yet, there’s no worries about shipping costs, keeping track of delivery statuses, planning your day around delivery schedules, or worse still, the potential for lost packages. Brick and mortar stores might be facing a crisis as the trend for online shopping increases, but for shoppers who like to keep things simple, immediate, and worry-free, there’s nothing quite like them.

Specialist Advise

Tag Heuer pieces can be complicated. Not all watches are suitable for everyone; without someone to point you in the right direction, you might end up spending a fortune on a model that’s meant for an entirely different sort of customer. Visit a Tag Heuer outlet, and not only will you get to see the pieces in person, you’ll also get the benefit of a specialist advisor to guide you through the buying process. If you’re the kind of person who finds watch specs as easy to understand as rocket science, having someone on hand to break down what each watch can do and how each feature functions can be invaluable.

Big Discounts

Let’s face it, the number one reason most people visit outlets is for the discounts. Tag Heuer watches might not be in the same league as brands like Rolex or Patek Philippe when it comes to huge prices, but noone’s going to describe them as cheap, either. While bagging one of the latest models directly from a TAG Heuer boutique might come with a certain kudos, who cares about kudos when you have to pay so much more for it than you would at an outlet? According to the Tag Heuer fans over at, you can expect anything up to around 38% off the average retail value when you shop at an outlet…. and that’s to say nothing of the extra discounts you might get during seasonal sales and special promotions.

The Personal Touch

If you’ve seen a watch online and fallen in love with it, if you’ve read the spec and trawled through the reviews, you might think you’re safe to click that ‘buy it now’ tab. And sometimes, you are. But not always. Regardless of how substancial the discount, a Tag Heuer watch is still a big investment. And investing big on something you’ve never seen in person is rarely wise. At an outlet, you’ll get to see the watch in real time. You can hold it, turn it over, even try it on for size. When you hand over your credit card, you’re doing it without the risk that what you end up with is anything other than what you want.

Quality Goods

One of the accusations frequently levied at outlet stores concerns the quality of the goods on offer. But as rightly notes, the days of outlets selling on damaged goods are over. Around 86% of stock is now made specifically for the outlet, meaning fewer cast-off goods and more quality products. Shopping at a Tag Heuer outlet might mean you spend less, but the goods themselves will be impossible to tell apart from their full priced equivalents.

Amazing Choice

Pop into a Tag Heuer outlet and you’ll be confronted with more choice than you’ll know what to do with. Like other brands, Tag Heuer use the outlets as a way of clearing stock from previous production years, making the range of available options far greater than it would be in a regular boutique.

Great for Comparing

Sliding two images next to each other on your laptop is one thing, but it’s never going to give you a full picture of how the products compare. When you visit an outlet, you’ll have the opportunity to physically insect the watches side by side. See how they compare, check how they function, and even see how differently they feel on your wrist – if your heart is caught between two different styles, an outlet is the perfect place to decide which you prefer.

Big Sales

You might already being paying significantly less for your Tag Heuer watch at an outlet than you would elsewhere. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spend even less. As writes, along with the in-built discounts, outlets tend to run more promotions and offers than regular stores as a way of clearing old stock. Seasonal sales also see big price cuts. Time your visit wisely, and you could end up leaving the store with a watch that’s anything up to 65% cheaper than usual.


Gone are the days when outlets where so few and far between, visiting one represented a major expedition. These days, outlets are moving closer to the major cities, meaning you won’t have to search too far to find a Tag Heuer outlet within trekking distance. Granted, you’re not going to find one on every corner, but their growing popularity means you might not have too long to wait until you do.

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