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How Does the TAG Heuer Warranty Work?

TAG Heuer

If you own a TAG Heuer timepiece, it's wise to be familiar with the warranty process from the time that you take possession throughout the life of the watch. Since repairs can become complicated and even expensive, it's best to keep your timepiece in the best possible condition with proper care and adherence to the specific instructions that can help to keep your warranty in place. If you're not familiar with the warranty terms associated with the brand, then you're in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about how the TAG Heuer warranty works.

What is the TAG Heuer warranty?

According to Tag Heuer's website, the connected warranty may differ fro one country to another. There are specific links that describe the warranty information for Western Europe and the Americans, Eastern Europe, Russia, and Scandinavian countries, Africa and the Middle East, and Asia and Australia.

International Warranty

The brand offers a limited international warranty for all products sold. The company assures that each watch undergoes stringent quality testing before marketing to consumers. It is guaranteed to function as described with all of the associated features intact. Any problem with the function or materials of the timepiece falls under the TAG Heuer warranty. The TAG Heuer warranty runs for two years from the date of purchase. It covers any manufacturing defects, but some conditions apply to keep the guarantees in force.

Why is the TAG Heuer warranty important?

TAG Heuer watch owners are responsible for reading and understanding the instructions, limitations, and conditions issued as components of the warranty. The terms outline all of the requirements for keeping the guarantee intact. Certain things are not covered. You should be aware of what is covered and what is not. Also, owners are responsible for keeping the watch in good condition. It means taking it in for proper maintenance per the guidelines outlined in the warranty terms. Certain things can void the warranty.

What does the warranty cover?

The TAG Heuer Warranty guarantees that the owner shall have access to repair of any problems with the functions of the watch if they are the result of defective manufacturing. If you damage the timepiece, it is not eligible for free repair services through the TAG Heuer warranty. Any defects in manufacturing are remedied free of charge. The catch is that the watch must be serviced/repaired through an official TAG Heuer service center. You can't take the timepiece to any other repair service to have it fixed.

Restrictions of the TAG Heuer warranty

Millenary Watches warns that there are requirements to maintain the validity of the warranty. The serial number on the watch must be readable. The original serial number must still be intact. The original case back must also be in place. If the serial number has been changed, removed, replaced, or altered in any way that makes the serial number illegible, it will void the warranty. The international warranty card comes with each new TAG Heuer watch. It must also be enclosed with the timepiece when you take it to an authorized representative for repairs. You must sign and date the card immediately when you purchase the watch from a TAG Heuer retailer or at one of the brand's official boutiques to activate the warranty. If you do not possess the warranty card, it will be null and void.

Items that do not fall under the TAG Heuer warranty?

If you take a TAG Heuer watch into a non-authorized repair service for maintenance or repair, any damages that result do not qualify for inclusion under the conditions of the warranty. It is one of the best reasons to avoid having your watch serviced by anyone other than the TAG Heuer authorized repair service. Other components of the timepiece not covered through the warranty are the battery, crystals, and bracelets.

Wear and tear or other kinds of deterioration on the case or to the movement that occurs from humidity from improper handling is not covered. Any abuse, whether unintentional, is not covered. The TAG Heuer company does not spell out what they mean by the word "mishandling." Since we don't know what they mean specifically, we can assume that the decision-makers reserved the right to make judgments about whether or not certain repairs qualify for free repair services of the warranty.

Save the booklet

Each TAG Heuer watch comes with a guarantee booklet and warranty card. Read the information in the booklet to become familiar with the restrictions and limitations of the warranty. Some customers may receive a digital warranty card. This new process is one of the latest changes that TAG Heuer has made to keep up with the internet sales division of the brand. The digital warranty card is just as binding as the physical card. The warranty card doesn't come in paper form anymore. Plastic materials contain a code imprinted in a white box that has a QR Code that is also at the bottom of a square box. The numbers printed on the warranty cards are identical to the numbers you can find on the timepiece.

Issues with the digital warranty cards

There have been some problems associated with the plastic digital warranty checker. Although it is much more advanced and detailed than the old paper method, there have been problems with the system since its initial launch. The digital system guards against counterfeit serial numbers, but TAG Heuer has discovered glitches in the system that they've been systematically working out as they arise. The digital system grants access to faster confirmation of warranties as well as identification of genuine/authentic TAG Heuer serial codes. According to Watchuseek, the TAG Heuer digital warranty system launched in 2016


Read the booklet that comes with every new TAG Heuer watch. The most important things to remember about your TAG Heuer warranty include obtaining and signing the warranty card upon receipt, keeping the booklet and card in a safe place, and taking proper care of the watch. You may not take it to unauthorized repair services. You can mail your timepiece into an authorized repair service center if there isn't one close to you.

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