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What is a Super Clone Rolex?


You must have heard of the phrase “fake it till you make it.” Well, even in the world of fashion, that saying has been adopted, and manufacturers are making a killing from the desperation of people who want expensive things but cannot afford them. As a result, luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Rolex are the most targeted for counterfeited goods. Forbes India even published that Rolex is the most sought-after fashion brand online for counterfeit products. Over 200,000 searches for fake Rolex are carried out each year. Due to the demand for fake Rolex watches, Super Clone Rolex timepieces entered the market. Let’s go into detail about this category of watches.

What Exactly is a Super Clone Rolex?

A Super Clone Rolex is a high-end counterfeit. It is so accurate that you can hardly tell it apart from the real Rolex. Daily Mail explains that gone are the days when fake Rolexes were so poorly made that you could tell from a distance that they were counterfeit. The watches are no longer are available in cheap quartz movements or soft metal. Most counterfeit manufacturers have upped their game to provide buyers with high-quality watches that, of course, bear an exorbitant price tag to match the excellence. The demand for Super Clone Rolexes has gone up thanks to the long waiting period that some of the models have. For example, the Rolex Day-Date can take anywhere from 6 months to 36 months to be delivered to you. You must also be a loyal customer with an excellent relationship with the dealer to be on the waitlist. For this reason, there is a market for Rolex watches, but the supply is low. Counterfeiters are opportunists who take advantage of such situations. You will be convinced that instead of waiting for three years to own a Rolex, why not part with a few thousand dollars and get one that looks exactly like what you want. The benefits are lower prices and less waiting time. It is a decision worth weighing because Rolexes are all about prestige, and hopefully, no one but you and the dealer will know you have a fake. Wired enlightens us on how hard it can be to spot a Super Clone Rolex. As the article published, there have been strides in technology. There is very little handcrafting involved, thanks to rapid prototyping machinery. The watches even replicate the Rolex movement, which is not easy so you have to applaud the counterfeiters.

You Can Still Spot a Super Clone Rolex

Quality Replica Mall boasts of producing Super Clone Rolex watches that are very close to the genuine ones. The mall prides itself in having a distribution center that stocks parts and recruiting first-class craftsmen with high-end watchmaking skills to manufacture top-notch Rolexes. It even says it has perfect replication, and the prices are very affordable. For instance, a Rolex Milgauss black dial model goes for $899 on the Quality Replica Mall website. Yet, these watches usually have a hefty price tag of $10,000 and above.

All the same, while the price is enough to lure you into owning a Super Clone Rolex, you should know that anyone who knows Rolexes will easily spot a fake, no matter how “accurately replicated” it is. It could be because of the light absorbed such that a fake appears to be brighter or duller than a genuine Rolex. Or maybe it is how the edges are not as flawless as you would expect from a genuine watch. Also, the brushed and polished case seems off; while Rolex coats the bezels with platinum dust, counterfeiters do not. Thus their ceramic bezels fail to have the expected shimmer. Even the movement shows evidence of counterfeiting. Although the counterfeiters try to copy the Rolex movement, they cannot fine-tune it to be as accurate as in a genuine Rolex timepiece. Askmen admits that while other fake Rolexes can be easily identified, you can only tell a Super Clone Rolex from a genuine one if you place them side-by-side.

How Do You Spot a Fake Rolex?

Unless you are in the market for Super Clone Rolex, you can be easily fooled into buying a fake watch if you do not know what details to look out for when going for a genuine watch. The Watch Standard says you have to research the reference number. It contains information pertinent to the originality of the watch. You will find out if it was discontinued, the bezel type, the material it is made from, among other features. The length of reference number is directly related to the age of the watch. Watches with few numbers are much older; therefore, a 4-digit reference number is for vintage watches, while a 5-digit reference number is for discontinued models. Six-digit reference numbers are for more modern models. The numbers indicate the material the watch is made from, based on the last digit. For instance, if it ends with 0, it is a stainless steel watch. Letters are also indicative of the color. Therefore, if a watch's reference number ends with LN, it should have a black bezel, while BLNR shows it has a blue and black bezel.

No matter how tempting it is to buy a Super Clone Watch, you should know that you face the risk of jail time if you are spotted with one in Italy or France. According to the Los Angeles Times, counterfeits cost France 30,000 jobs in 2005. As a result, the country increased the maximum fine for buying counterfeits to three times the cost of the authentic product. Imagine being caught with a fake Rainbow Daytona that costs at least $60,000 and having to pay a fine of $180,000. Therefore, before you embark on the quest to buy a Super Clone Rolex, ask yourself if you are ready to face the consequences, especially if you are fond of traveling. You never know which laws regarding counterfeits are in place in other countries.

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