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10 Rules of Success According to Sofia Vergara

It’s only been six years since Sofia Vergara burst onto the scene with her thick accent and pleasing figure on Modern Family, but already she’s become a mainstay in American culture thanks to her quick wit and fiery nature. The naturally blonde vixen is no doubt known best for her role on TV’s “Modern Family” where she plays opposite Ed O’Neil as Gloria Pritchett, one of the absolute perfect roles for her talents. It also allows her to take full advantage of her Colombian heritage and display the overall strengths that she possesses as an individual.

Whether or not she is like her character, Gloria, when she is off camera or if she is a completely different person, the fact remains that Sofia Vergara is without a doubt a classy, unique individual that has a lot to offer in the way of experience and wisdom. Here are a few quotes that showcase her sense of humor and her outlook on life.

10. “Listen, I’m not afraid of anything. I’m Colombian.”

It’s a point of pride with many people to be able to stand up to most anything in their lives without flinching. Some people are simply better at this because they are raised in areas where their situation is more intense than others or because, as most people know, life happens. Sofia is obviously very proud of her heritage and has no problems when it comes to claiming it as a means of showing that she is uniquely tough and high-spirited. This type of saying can encompass a great many characteristics that people are proud of, and stands as one of the simplest and easiest for anyone to use.

9. “I’m not afraid to look silly dumb or ugly. That’s the way to do comedy.”

Despite being an absolute bombshell, Vergara is also quite a funny woman. Her performance as Gloria Pritchett has shown a side of her that might be close to the real person, but has also showcased a range that is quite impressive and lends her a great deal of credit when it comes to being one of the pivotal characters on the show. If you want to be funny you don’t have to be an attention-getter, you just have to work the moment for all it’s worth.

8. “My mantra is to accentuate your best qualities.”

She is a beautiful woman, there’s no doubt about that. But she is also surprisingly humble as this quote shows. While Vergara could possibly wear anything and look good she is all about highlighting her best physical attributes while living with everything else. Despite being in her 40’s she is a stunning example of what can be done when you have the right attitude and are able to do more than just strive for perfection.

7. “I’m fearless. I don’t complain. Even when horrible things happen to me, I go on.”

This is the type of quote that inspires others. Life is going to happen, no one can stop it anymore than they stop the sun from rising in the east and setting in the west. If something bad happens to you then deal with it, get past it, and move on. There is no time to complain about the bad things and why they happened so long ago. Vergara obviously understands that to complain about something that happened in the past or present gives that horrible thing more power over your life, which is not allowable.

6. “Looking like a million bucks isn’t about how much the clothes actually cost.”

You do what you can with what you have and what you can afford. The idea of looking good doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Despite the fact that she could easily purchase most anything she wants, Vergara is surprisingly low-key when it comes to her selection of brands and what she decides to wear out. After all, you don’t really need a brand name stamped on every article of clothing to look good.

5. “I guess at the end of the day, all women like to be appreciated and treated with respect and kindness.”

This is true no matter where you go. While it doesn’t happen everywhere, the act of treating women with kindness and respect is a mainstay in many cultures that might be seen as old-fashioned, but is still very important. There’s nothing subservient about being respected as a person, particularly since the act is meant to be complimentary, not a reward for any service or a down payment on a later favor. Women are meant to be respected and treated like human beings just like anyone else, and there is no doubt that many would wish for this type of treatment each and every day.

4. “I didn’t want to be an actress. I wanted to be a dentist, but you never know what life will bring you.

Such a statement is a little surprising considering how convincing she can be with her roles. It’s certain that any man that has ever watched her would feel blessed to have Vergara taking care of his dental work, but the role doesn’t seem to suit her no matter that she might have quite good at it. It might seem horrible to say, but there’s little doubt that her clientele would have been made of that many females when word got around. Of course, being a dentist now would most likely earn her the biggest practice in any city. It’s horribly chauvinistic to think so, but it could very well be true.

3. “I’m happy with what I’ve achieved.”

This is the epitome for anyone and what they could ever want for themselves or anyone else. When all the smoke clears, and all the money is counted and the credits have rolled, the most important part of life is to be happy with what you have and what you’ve done. If you can reach that goal then you’ve succeeded no matter whatever else you might do in life.

2. “People shouldn’t stay married because of the kids. That’s torture for everyone.”

This is a no-brainer, but to hear it come from a superstar is even more inspirational as Vergara is the type of person that people look up to and want to listen to. The mere fact that she even goes into this subject in person is enough to believe that she indeed a very special person that transcends the stereotypical bombshell personality. Many people would find this absolutely wonderful, not mention uplifting, that a Hollywood celebrity would bother to speak so honestly on a subject that seems to be taboo in public.

1. “When you have a kid, you have to be more mature.”

Most people would think that having a child would force an individual to grow up overnight, but they would be wrong. You don’t have to grow up entirely to have a child, but you do need to be the individual in the house that knows when to follow the rules and when to just have fun. When a child is present you need to understand that you are the adult, that you make the rules, and that you are the one that has to enforce them. Aside from that, maturity doesn’t mean being stodgy or uptight. It just means you need to be able to know when enough is enough.


More and more the classic Hollywood bombshells are being lauded for their brains as well as their beauty. It is a revolution in Hollywood that has been ongoing for some time, but is still to this date revealing more and more about the classically-beautiful women than just their looks. If Sofia Vergara is any kind of example, the most beautiful people are just as smart if not smarter than the average person.

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