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10 Things You Didn't Know about Jimbo Fisher

Jimbo Fisher is an American college football coach. He should be best-known to most people for being the head coach for the Florida State Seminoles. However, it should be mentioned that Fisher is now the head coach for the Texas A&M Aggies. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Jimbo Fisher:

1. Born in Clarksburg, WV

Fisher was born in Clarksburg, WV. In the present, it remains a center for the surrounding region. However, there was a time when it was even more important, which was based on its natural resources as well as its convenient access to railroad infrastructure.

2. Followed Terry Bowden

Initially, Fisher was a student at what was then called the Salem College, where he was a quarterback for the Tigers under the guidance of head coach Terry Bowden. When Bowden headed to Samford University, Fisher went with him, with the result that he spent his last season playing for the Bulldogs.

3. Spent Some Time in Professional Sports

After graduating, Fisher spent some time in professional sports. To be exact, he spent a single season playing for the Chicago Bruisers in the Arena Football League, which is the best-known of the professional indoor football leagues that can be found in the United States. For context, the Arena Football League had a high of 19 teams in 2007, though that number has since shrunk to 6 teams for 2019.

4. Rejoined Terry Bowden At Samford University

Soon enough, Fisher was back at Samford University, where he proceeded to become a graduate assistance coach under Terry Bowden. Naturally, he worked with quarterbacks, with the result that he proceeded to become the offensive coordinator as well as the quarterbacks coach.

5. Followed Terry Bowden One More Time

Following Samford University, Fisher followed Terry Bowden one more time to Auburn University. There, he continued his work with quarterbacks, with the result that he is known for having coached a number of successful quarterbacks during his time there. Bowden continued on at Auburn University until Terry Bowden resigned during the middle of the season in 1998, though the two headed their separate ways.

6. Became Head Coach In Waiting For the Florida State Seminoles

With that said, that wasn't the end of Fisher's association with the Bowdens. After all, he eventually became the head coach in waiting for the Florida State Seminoles, which was still being coached by Bobby Bowden at the time. Fisher's contract included a clause that promised him $5 million if he wasn't made head coach by January of 2011, though that clause never came into effect because Bobby Bowden retired after the 2010 Gator Bowl.

7. Has Highest Winning Percentage Among Former FSU Head Coaches

During his time with the Florida State Seminoles, Fisher managed an 83-23 record. As such, he has the distinction of being the former FSU head coach with the best winning percentage at 0.783, which says much about his accomplishments in said role.

8. Got His Nickname Because Jim Was Overused By His Family

It is amusing to note that Fisher winded up with the Jimbo nickname because there were already too many people in his family who were named Jim. There are some media outlets that have reported that he was once called Slim Jimbo because of his fondness for Slim Jim beef jerky and other meat-based snacks, but it is important to note that said reports are based on a Wikipedia hoax created by his son.

9. His Other Son Has Fanconi Anemia

Fisher's other son has a rare condition called Fanconi anemia, which is named for the pediatrician Guido Fanconi who was the first person to describe it. In short, Fanconi anemia involves defects in proteins that are responsible for repairing DNA damage, which is why those who have it are prone to developing cancer as well as other serious medical problems. Due to this, Fisher has made an effort to raise awareness for Fanconi anemia.

10. Lots of Support But High Expectations

As a coach, Fisher is famous for focusing on recruiting good players. After which, he provides them with a wide range of support so that they can fulfill their potential, though that support comes with very high expectations for said individuals as well.

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