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A Closer Look at the 2023 Mazda CX-50 2.5 Turbo

2023 Mazda CX-50 2.5 Turbo

In the past few years, Mazda has witnessed incredible success from the sale of the Mazda CX-5 in North America. Data from the company shows that in 2021, Mazda sold 170,000 units of Mazda CX-5, and it is the best-selling Mazda in North America. In a mission to expand the model's success, they have introduced the new 2023 Mazda CX-50 2.5 turbo. The new Mazda is not a replacement for the CX-5 but an upgrade. Mazda's latest version is a versatile, rugged off-road vehicle with increased performance, off-road capability, and ground clearance. Here is a close look at the 2023 Mazda CX-50 2.5 turbo from its design, performance, trim, specs, and safety features.

Powertrain Engine

The 2023 Mazda CX-50 shares the same platform as the CX-5, and they share a similar powertrain. The base is the usual Mazda 2.5 liter engine with a naturally aspirated sky activ G4 cylinder that makes 187 pounds-feet of torque and has 186 horsepower. Mazda is very particular about the engine, and it will be a hook for many consumers who will go for it. The aspect of a sky activ G4 cylinder means that the car has a unique exhaust. It also means that it has direct fuel injection and high compression of horsepower. According to Caraanddriver, the 186 horsepower is impressive, using approximately 320 pound-feet of torque and 256 premium gas. These numbers are incredible because it is six times more powerful when compared to the 2021 Mazda CX-5. Mazda is also planning to introduce a hybrid version of this vehicle. The Mazda CX-50 can use up to 3 mpg on the highway, making it fuel economical. The base engine is designed to get 29 mpg on the highway and 23 mpg in the city. This is a one mpg improvement even though it has the same engine as the cx-5. The powertrain has improved cooling that can tow 3500 pounds.


Mazda did a fantastic job on the CX-50 2.5 design. The first model of the CX-5 was the first car to have the company's Kodo original design language. The cx-50 is a blend of the Kodo design language and a rugged firm outlook which works particularly well for this model. The car's exterior has a grille with the signature Mazda five-point that has been expanded. There are also beautiful black accents which increase the magnificence of this car. The grille is also endowed with a chain link design on the interior and the fantastic Mazda design at the center. It also has other incredible features like a front- camera and a front bumper that resembles a skid plate. The front part has some more cladding from the LED lights with high and low beams. The downside is it does not have LED fog lights. The general exterior design looks great, and you will notice that this vehicle is more comprehensive. In reality, cx-50 2.5 turbo is three inches wider than the standard Mazda CX5, which gives it a more rugged appearance. The car has an increased length and a wheelbase that has been stretched by about four inches to reach 110.6 inches long. The interior has a five-passenger sitting capacity and cloth-trimmed seats. The seats have a 4-way manual adjustment and adjustable front and rear headrests. The floor is covered with floor mats.


The performance of the Mazda CX-50 is a notch higher. The car is fitted with the Mazda Intelligent Drive Technology, which increases your road connectivity and makes it intuitive and natural as you maneuver through different driving situations. The traction and responsiveness of the vehicle are upgraded through various drive modes. Normal, sport, off-road, and available towing are four drive modes. For improved weather and off-road driving, the vehicle has the i-active all-wheel drive designed to optimize the car's performance on any road. Mazda CX-50 guarantees you an unparalleled level of response that takes your driving to the next level. According to Mazdausa, the car also uses the G vectoring control plus technology engineered to make the vehicle comfortable and increase its performance. The G vectoring plus technology works to add more inputs together with the refined engine torque and braking adjustments. The system is applied together with the drive modes to increase stability for a smooth drive and when towing to off-road terrain.

Safety Features

To enjoy your drive, Mazda has increased its safety features. The advanced creations are designed to make you more aware of your environment regardless of where you are driving. The vehicle has an adaptive front-lighting system that helps you drive confidently at night. The lights will enable you to see all corners when it is dark. When you want to make a corner, the LED lights will point in the direction you want to drive. They improve visibility and help you avoid potential hazards on the road. There is also an active driving display that helps you maintain focus despite the driving condition. The active driving display gives you vital information. It projects a minor feature on the driver's windshield displaying the speed, distance, fuel consumption, and much more. The 360 degrees view monitor creates great awareness by rotating in all directions. It is fitted with tiny cameras that are integrated all-round the vehicle to help you view your surroundings. The automated emergency braking technology is also a key feature for safety.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

Mazda offers some warranty and compliance maintenance coverage for the 2023 Mazda CX-50 2.5 turbo. According to Modernmazda, they are offering a limited warranty for the first 36,000 miles or the first three years of the vehicle. The powertrain has a warranty of 60,000 miles or five years. Mazda does not have complimentary scheduled maintenance.

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