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Is the $50 iHome Speaker worth the Price?

iHome Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are increasingly becoming popular because of the full range of audio they bring when you place them into any of your rooms when you want to enjoy some music. The good thing is that they don't cost a lot of money or even take up ample space. Most of them are portable, and you can carry them wherever you go and use them any time within any area when you want to listen to music. Among the Bluetooth speakers that have taken the industry by storm is the $50 iHome speaker, which has been developed in a simple way to give you quality sounds. This article explains why you need to spend your $50 to invest in this quality speaker. When you are looking for an affordable portable Bluetooth speaker that will fill your entire room with rich continuous sound, please consider this iHome speaker. According to Insider, this speaker is the most eye-striking speaker that you can purchase for your sound needs. This speaker is affordable for anyone to own, and it will look great in any space that you use it. You can even use it when you are holding a small party outdoors, going to relax on the beach, and it will give you a strong sound for its small size.

Size and weight

The iHome speaker has been developed using quality materials to withstand the impact of music from the speaker even when you play music at loud volume. This masterpiece stands about 5.5 inches tall, meaning it is portable and not tiny at the same time. You can carry it to any place you want to go and listen to music because it is not that heavy to increase your luggage weight.

Color changing specs

The designer understood the impact of color in any space and on people. Therefore, he decided to incorporate a tremendous color effect on this speaker. This speaker is fitted with a device that displays six different colors changing modes that change when on. You can enjoy the lovely colors as you listen to your music. The color display can change in four ways: a slow blend, favorite color, fast blend, and pulse to the music. This color music adds fun while listening to this speaker and will make your experience worthwhile. The color combination used by the designer is to energize and uplift your mood.

Charging port

The iHome speaker has a charging port that is found at the back part. The port is secured by a cover so as not to be spoiled when you carry it in your luggage. You can recharge the speaker and take it to bring a party anywhere you feel like. When the speaker is fully charged, it can play for more extended hours before going off to keep you entertained indoors and outdoors, in the pool, or when you go to the beach, it will sort you. It also has a 12 hours battery life.

Material builds up

The entire exterior of this speaker is covered with smooth, dustproof silicon and waterproof material that is fully satisfied by IP67. This means the speaker can also float on water when it drops. It is also sand proof and perfect for relaxing in the beach area and the swimming pool.


This iHome speaker is wireless to enable you to enjoy music anywhere you go. It contains a powerful inbuilt speaker that you can control with the buttons. It is Bluetooth enabled, and you can connect it to your phone and enjoy music from apps that contain music like Spotify, iheartradio, and more.

Built-in mic

A built-in mic is a unique feature that is incorporated in this speaker, making it extraordinary. You can use it to make your calls. When they come in, you can also take calls; it will show the caller ID from the updated iSO ten devices.

Set-up and Listening Experience

You can connect the speaker to your phone and pair it with Bluetooth. The connection is quick and easy. Every time you click it and turn it on, it will connect automatically within seconds.

How to connect your iHome with Bluetooth

Before you connect your iHome speaker with other Bluetooth devices you intend to pair with it, you need to ensure that you have configured the wireless pairing parts in the gadget set-up function. Understand the pairing process of the two devices to be connected. The two devices should be able to connect and create a unique link. This will help them to discover each other and enable communication. Ensure that your speaker is fully charged before you switch it on. Once you have switched it on with a push of a button, you can turn on the Bluetooth option. Please remember you can also use the Bluetooth command available on the "tool menu" or "gadget settings." Then activate the Bluetooth connectivity to keep your gadget visible.

Use the play/pause/pairing button found at the top part of iHome to activate the pairing mode in this speaker. After pressing it, you can release it once it has to produce amber light and produce a beeping sound. The next call of action is to select the "set-up Bluetooth device" or "add a new Bluetooth device" to your speaker, and it will start to search. According to Which Home Automation, if your iHome speaker refuses to pair with your other device after three minutes or time out, it will automatically go off. You can retry the process again. But once the devices pair with each other, it will request a password, you can enter 1234, and it will connect after keying the password that authorizes the pairing process. Then you can start to play your favorite music.

Final Verdict

If you want to have an incredible visual experience when you want to play your favorite music, iHome is the gadget for you. This fantastic color-turning speaker should fall on your top choice list. The Price that it goes for is suitable for all the combination features it has from solid sound, colorful light show, lightweight, size, ability to make and take calls, and built-in Alexa.

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