A Closer Look at the Creux Automatiq Ghost V3 Mono

Creux Automatiq is a newer watch brand that specializes in the production of modern luxury watches. The price range averages $3,000 per piece and up, which fans of the brand seem happy to pay. Its latest release is the Ghost V3 Mono, which is a limited-edition timepiece, according to A Blogtowatch, that merits our attention as one of the most intriguing modern wristwatches we’ve seen in the past year. The Creux Automatiq Ghost V3 Mono was an exclusive and somewhat rare collectible from the date of its production. The limited edition has restricted the total production run of the model to just 80 pieces for distribution throughout the world, thus increasing its value in the collectibles market. The value is enhanced by the numbering of each watch produced in the collection from one through 80. We couldn’t help but notice that it’s hard to get your hands on one. Luxury Signature had just one left in stock and some other websites are sold out.

The Ghost V3 Mono at a glance

The first thing that catches your eye is the open work of the dial. A wide bezel with a marble aesthetic and stud fasteners holds the crystal in place to protect the delicate inner workings of all of the complicated gears and mechanisms of the movement beneath. It’s a visual masterpiece that allows you to watch the precision movements of the myriad of working parts that keep accurate time. Hour markers are set into the crystal in a thick stick styling with black edges and white filling for a lovely contrast that makes them highly visible for telling time. Creux Automatiq is printed in white on the crystal at the 12 o’clock position in the fine print. The minute markers are applied to the inner circle of the bezel. Thick minute and hour hands in black and white point to the time.

Specifications of the Creux Automatiq Ghost V3 Mono

The Ghost V3 Mono has a case that measures 45 mm x 50 mm in a generous size with a depth of 12.9 mm. The material of the case is titanium with microbrille sandblast and brushed finishes applied. The marble-designed bezel is made of forged carbon material which is light yet strong and durable. An outstanding detail of the case is its appearance as a platform that holds the bezel which slightly elevates the open-worked dial, highlighting it as the main focal point of the watch, however, this detail is not wasted, nor is it insignificant. It gives the appearance of a more aggressive styling with definite masculine overtones. It’s a watch that is best suited for larger wrist sizes.

  • The top lens – The top lens of the timepiece is a sapphire crystal with natural resistance to scratching. it provides crystal clarity for exceptional legibility of the time. The hour markers and hands are treated with Super Lumova that glows brightly in low light environments, making it easy to read the time day or night.
  • The movement – The Ghost V3 Mono is powered by an S23-SK8 Swiss-made movement with hour and minutes functions. It’s novel to watch the precision movements of the automatic mechanical caliber in action through the openwork face of the watch. It’s visual candy for novel watch enthusiasts. In among the black moving parts we see golden wheels and cogs of materials not disclosed by the brand, with the yellow appearance of gold plating, or perhaps polished brass. They contrast wonderfully eep within the interior of the timepiece to show the depth and the layering of all the intricate moving parts of the movement. These minuscule details are important for showing the great attention that Creux Automatiq’s design team pays to the quality of the build and the design of each piece.

Other features of the Ghost V3 Mono

The Ghost V3 Mono affixes to the wrist via a grey FKMrubber strap. The deployment clasp styled closer is made of stainless steel with titanium PVD coating. The watch is water-resistant to 10 ATM or 100 meters. It’s not a watch that will tolerate great depths of submersion, such as diving, but it will tolerate submersion in shallow waters when snorkeling, swimming, or participating in other light water sports.

Pricing and availability

The Creux Automatiq Ghost V3Mono is getting hard to find since its recent release. Its original manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $3,200. The official Creux Automatiq website has sold out of its stock of Ghost V3 Mono models at the time. It is unknown how many examples were offered during the first round of production, when or if any more will be produced, or when the release date will be.

Final thoughts

The Creux Automatiq Ghost V3 Mono is the latest in the brand’s line of modern luxury wristwatches. Although a novel timepiece, with its openwork design, it emits an air of sophistication with its dark grey color scheme and masculine appearance. It’s every bit a luxury timepiece with attention paid to the smallest of detail to catch the discriminating eye of true watch enthusiasts. W are impressed with the presence of this masculine timepiece that highlights the meticulous workings of the movement beneath with a range of subtle color hues and textures applied throughout various parts. This timepiece is suitable for wear with sporty attire as well as casual or even dressy outfits as it is a versatile design that lends itself to propriety in a variety of social situations. Creux Automatiq has established itself as one of the emerging luxury watchmakers to arise from startup status to a respected member of the watchmaking industry. The brand has attracted its share of followers and fans with its solid approach to providing modern timepieces with the elements of timeless classics offered for the present age. The Ghost V3 Mono is an example of this legacy that we’re witnessing in the making.

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