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The 10 Finest George Daniels Watches of All-Time


Dr. George Daniels is perhaps best known for his expansion of the double wheel coaxial escapement. His version did not require the use of lubrication, which was known to interfere with the accuracy of timekeeping. This innovation made him famous in the watchmaking industry.

He was the only watchmaker known with the ability to create a watch entirely by hand with the exception of the hair spring. He has achieved the status as one of the great horological designers and inventors. His first project was a Marine Chronometer created in 1953. His first commissioned watch followed in 1970 and he continued making fine watches until his death in 2011.

Here is a collection of ten of the finest George Daniels watches of all time.

10. The Space Traveller


This watch was hand crafted by George Daniels to honor the men who flew into outer space in the space program for the betterment of all mankind. This circa 1982 model features an 18 Karat yellow gold chronograph with Daniels' signature independent double wheel escapement, sidereal and mean solar time, phase and age of the moon with the equation of time indications.


Gilt brass movement, independent double wheel escapement, sidereal and solar time ring, yearly a calendar ring, phase and age of the moon, chronograph emchanism for center seconds, silver dial featuring 24 hour chapter ring for sidereal time, 12 hour chapter ring for mean solar time, seconds dial, arabic and roman numerals, equation of time, signed Daniels below seconds rings, gold hands for eman solar dials, blued steel hands for sidereal dials and chronograph, Daniels pendant and bow, signed dial and movement, gold and blued steel double ended key and gold double link chain attached. Diameter is 63mm.

Price -  $2.125 million

9. George Daniels Grand Complication Watch


The Grand Complication watch was a masterpiece that contrasted to the simplicity exhibited in most of Daniels' other creations. This grat achievement showed the complexity with which a horological genius could work and exhibited his mastery in grand style. One minute Tourbillon with ultra slim coaxial escapement. This watch is minute repeating with an instantaneous perpetual canlendar, moon phases, equation of time, thermometer and power reserve indication, circa 1987.


Gilt brass movement; sli coaxial escapement with mounting on steel one minute tourbillon carriage; steel 3 arm balance with gold adjusting weights, instantaneous perpetual calendar mechanism; retrograde date; indication of leap year; annual calendar ring; equation of time indication; minute repeating; silver dial with gold chapter and seconds ring; retrograde date indication; roman numerals; centigrade thermometer in seconds ring; days of the wek and month subsidiary dials, moon phases aperture; gold Daniels hours, minutes and seconds hands; blued steel calendar hands; signed cartouche Daniels London, pendant and bow winding; movement and dial signed; double link chair of yellow gold, diameter 61 mm.

Price: $648,925.00

8. Four-Minute Tourbillon Wristwatch


The first model that Daniels made that shows how well the coaxial escapement works for wristwatches. It also uses the compact chronograph mechanism. It was experimental at the time of this creation in 1991 and proved to be a great success. Four minute tourbillon wristwatch of 18 karat yellow gold with slim coaxial escapement and compact chronograph mechanism in an experimental phase of wristwatch development.


Gilt brass movement, 60 hour duration, slim coaxial escapement which is mounted on a four minute tourbillon carriage. Minute recording; silver dial; roman numerals, eccentric chapter ring, subsidiary dial each for chronograph seconds and constant seconds, minute recording, power reserve indication, gold hands, chronograph buttons in band, signed dial, 42mm diameter.

Price: $ 194,677.50

7. Spring-Detent Chronometer Tourbillon Watch


One of the first watches made by Daniels. Each came with the engravement of the intended recipient. Open faced one minute spring detent tourbillon chronometer watch in 18 karat yellow gold, made in 1970.


Gilt brass movement; 36 hour duration, spring detent chronometer escapement with mounting in steel one minute tourbillon carriage, stell four arm balance; gold adjusting weights; isochronal adjusting screw, retrograde hur hand mechanism; silver dial; quadrant for retrograde hours, minutes chapter ring; roman numerals, interlaced subsidiary seconds ring, cartouche signed Daniels London, blued steel hands, Daniels pendant and bow; signed on case, movement and dial; short gold doule link chain featuring blued steel and gold key; 62mm.

Price: $ 194,677.50

6. Four-Minute Tourbillon Watch


This watch was made in 1994 and was the last pocket watch model that was made by George Daniels. For minute tourbillon watch with compact chronograph and 48 hour power reserve. Crafted in 18karat yellow gold, open faced coaxial.


Gilt brass movement; coaxial escapement with mounting on steel four minute tourbillon carriage; four arm balance; gold adjusting weights; keyless winding; silver dial; eccentric gold chapter ring; power reserve indication; roman numerals; interlaced subsidiary seconds; chronograph seconds and concentric minute recording; signed gold cartouche; gold hands; keyless pendant and bow winding; chronograph buttons on band; dial and case signed; 18 karat yellow gold double link chain and T bar.

Price: $ 389,355.00

5. George Daniels Millennium Watch


This watch was originally intended to be made with a limited number of twelve timepieces. It was made in commemoration of the pending millennium, in 1999. Demand became so high that Daniels had to enlist additional help outside of his workshop to meet the requests and fifty total were made. Wristwatch with an 18 karat yellow gold automatic center seconds and date with slim coaxial escapement.


Automatic gilt brass movement; slim coaxial escapement; metallic free srung balance; eccentric outer im with foliate decor on movement plate; silver dial; gold hands; yellow gold chapter ring for display of time; roman numerals; yellow gold date ring with arabic numerals; signed silver cartouche; sapphire crystal display back; dial, movement and case signed, 37mm diameter.

Price: $64,892.50

4. George Daniels White Gold Millennium Watch


This watch affers the features of the Millenium Watch with the exception that is is made of white gold. Only seven white gold Millennium watches were ever made. Wristwatch with an 18 karat white gold automatic center seconds and date with slim coaxial escapement.


Automatic gilt brass movement; sli coaxial escapement; metallic free srung balance; eccentric outer im with foliate decor on movement plate; silver dial; blued steel hands; chapter ring for display of time; roman numerals; yellow gold date ring with arabic numerals; signed silver cartouche; sapphire crystal display back; dial, movement and case signed, 37mm diameter.

Price: $64,892.50

3. 1999 Millennium Prototype Wristwatch


Designed by Daniels to show the flawlessness of the slim coaxial escapement. The original plan was to make twelve millennials based on this prototype. The difference between the prototype and the other millennials is the differential in size of 36mm versus 37.

The price for the prototype version of the 1999 Millennium is also less than the others.

Price: $51,914.00

2. George Daniels Minute Repeater+Tourbillon+Perpetual Calendar+EOT+Thermometer


This watch was currently sold at auction for an astounding price of $1.464 million. It was predicted to sell between 800k and 1.3 million but it beat all records.

1. George Daniels Anniversary Watch


This watch was made by Roger Smith who worked with Daniels. It is made with the same standards established by Daniels himself. it features a manual winding with power reserve indicator, seconds dial and calendar similar to the tourbillon chronograph pocket watch finished by Daniels in 1994.


The dial is silver and features an 18 Karat yellow gold inlay with 18 karat yellow gold hands and a 40mm case of the same materials. Finished surfaces are frosted and gilded. It comes in a choice of tan or black straps. A limited number of 35 pieces have been made with a price of $224,541 USD.

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