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The 10 Best Jacob And Co Watches Of All-Time


If you are a fashion lover, then you know how essential accessories are in achieving the desired look. There are various accessories to don as part of your fad, such as watches, glasses, hats, and rings. One that you should never overlook is a watch. It is one of the accessories that most people prefer to wear everyday, as it can excellently complement your style, and also speak much about your character. Focusing on timepieces, several manufacturers and dealers cannot miss out on conversations about standout pieces. Jacob and Co watches is among such manufacturers. A look at its official website gives you a clear picture of how lucrative this watchmaker is. If you want to get a proper watch, then you are in the right place as we give you the ten best watches from the mentioned watch manufacturer.

Palatial Classic Automatic Watch

10. The Palatial Classic Automatic Watch

The Palatial Classic watch takes heed from its name and is a truly classic piece inspired by the Art Deco era. It is a simple watch that can go well with various outfits, mostly a perfect fit with formal wear. The watch has different strap designs from the classy leather to the elegant metal chain. Its plate also comes with different styles to meet your taste. It has a 36-hour power reserve figure and is also water-resistant.

Palatial Five-Time Zone Pirate Black Timepiece

9. The Palatial Five-Time Zone Pirate Black Timepiece

Suitable for the adventurous type, the Palatial five-time zone pirate is a unique timepiece that you can don on a casual day. On its face is the famous skull and bones pirate logo, with a polished case that screams of sophistication. Some of the pirate watches may come with a circle of gems that top up their stylishness element. The black watch goes well with an all-white outfit for a contrasting look to make it more pronounced.

Rasputin Tourbillon

8. Rasputin Tourbillon

If you love a shiny essence to your style, then do not hesitate to get the Rasputin Tourbillon watch, which is decorated in gems and white gold. The gems are Baguette diamonds that will show how classy you are. It also has a 50-hour power reserve figure, the unisex watch is more of a casual piece, suitable for a night out or spending time at the weekend in a high-end resort. The watch is a limited-edition watch with only five pieces coming out of production worldwide.

Iconic Angel

7. The Iconic Angel

The iconic angel is genuinely angelic, and its slivery shiny hue will definitely grab your attention. It has durable steel, rose, white, or yellow gold casing, with the dials being either diamond or mother of pearl. It is a unique watch to wear for a classy dinner date. Pair it with silver rings and silver or rose old necklace, and you have your style on point.

Pioneer Automatic

6. Pioneer Automatic

For a smart-casual style, you can complete your look with the Pioneer Automatic timepiece. It features a grade 5 titanium case that adds to its durability element. The face features a unique print that gives the watch a simple touch. It has a 48- hour power reserve limit, and is also water-resistant up to depths of 50 meters. It has a robust leather strap that ensures the watch serves you for a long time.

Iconic H24

5. Iconic H24

Adventurous and free are the two adjectives that can fit the description of this wrist wear. It is a unisex piece and is versatile. For ladies, you can have it on almost all occasions, provided you have a matching outfit. For gents, it is an excellent piece for a casual event or the smart-casual style. The Iconic H24 has a 48- hour power reserve time and is water-resistant up to 30 meters deep.

Epic X

4. Epic X

Also known as the Epic X Racing, this watch juggles between the lines separating a sports watch from a formal watch. With the right attire choice, the watch is a great compliment and gives you a serious look. For a lady, you can don it to give your style a slight masculine touch. It is a durable piece featuring a sturdy casing and is waterproof to levels of 50 meters deep.

Oil Pump

3. Oil Pump

The Oil Pump is a unique skeleton watch with the gears assembly resembling an oil rig set. Its casing features 18 karats rose gold and sapphire. It has a 60-hour power reserve limit and resists water to a 30-meter depth limit. The watch is a statement of sophistication, and you can have it for both formal and casual settings. Pair it with a gold ring, and your style will stand out.

Twin-Turbo Furious Bugatti

2. Twin-Turbo Furious Bugatti

Talk about the fusion of a skeleton watch and a sports watch, and you get the Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti timepiece. It looks both vintage and futuristic with the visible gears giving it a vintage retro look. It is a durable piece featuring an 18 karat gold and forged carbon casing, with a polished finishing that makes it shiny. With 200-meter water deep resistance, this is a durable watch with only 18 pieces coming from the manufacturing table.


1. Opera

Taking the top spot is a unique timepiece that is a conversation starter. The Opera watch has out-of-this-world looks, which speaks of utter artistry when it comes to watchmaking. Its casing features grade-5 titanium and sapphire, with a DLC coat. It has a power reserve time of 72 hours with a water resistance of 3 atmospheres in pressure. Only 18 pieces will be out in the market.


Jacob and Co watches are some of the best and most unique timepieces you can come across. They rank highly in terms of durability, the same as in artistry, where standout designs are the norm, with the use of precious metals being common. Above are the best watches from this watchmaker to look at if you want to get one. However, know that some have limited production units; hence you need to be quick in their acquisition.

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