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The Five Most Expensive Invicta Watches Money Can Buy

Invicta is famous for making some of the most distinctive and exciting timepieces available on the market today. With their distinctive styling and strong nautical and pop culture cues, Invicta watches are seen on the wrists of celebrities and actors and cut a distinctive figure.

One of a handful of precision Swiss brands of watch to survive the Quartz Crisis in the 1980s, when cheap quartz watches all but destroyed the market for traditional and expensive Swiss timepieces, Invicta was founded by Raphael Picard in 1873 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, and continued making watches in the family until it was sold to American owners, who founded the Invicta Watch Group in 1991.

Except for a break between 1983 and 1991, Invicta Watches has produced watches continuously for nearly a century and a half. Their wristwatches are made in two separate groups. The inexpensive watches are produced, as many other companies do, in China, taking advantage of lower cost of labor in the Far East to bring down the price of their goods. There are also the expensive, traditional Swiss watches that are made in Switzerland, using the techniques that Swiss watchmakers have always used to create timepieces of exquisite quality and value.

Comparable to Rolex

Swiss-made Invicta watches are comparable in quality and expense to the more famous Rolexes. The willingness of the Invicta company to take advantage of lower prices for Chinese goods, however, have made them somewhat controversial among Swiss watch fans. Some of these, especially originating from Invicta’s more recent alliance with pop culture producers like DC Comics, may be seen with scorn among collectors of classic watches.

To those who are interested in a different take on watches, though, Invicta’s characteristically bold take on the traditional form and their experimental forms for traditional watches can be a brilliant variation. Fans of Invicta point to the company’s exciting new designs as the future of Swiss watchmaking.

Here are five of the most expensive Invicta Watches money can buy:

5. Invicta Reserve Ripsaw 53mm Swiss Quartz Watch - $1,181.99

A step below the #1 Limited Edition watches, which are reserved exclusively to Invicta’s own web store, is the Reserve series. At the top of the Reserve series lies the Ripsaw, a 53mm Swiss quartz watch that lists at $2,999.99 but is mostly sold between $1000 and $1200. It’s a distinctive timepiece that shares the black and gold highlights of its more expensive limited-edition siblings.

A high-end Invicta at a more affordable price, this watch’s Swiss Quartz workings make it a distinctive piece with years of reliability. Its dial, additionally, is crafted from carbon fiber, making it stand out even more from more traditional timepieces crafted from metals and other materials. This is a high-fashion watch that will stand the test of time. It’s also a modern, practical, working timepiece that has some of the best standards of craftsmanship in a watch under the $3,000 price point.

Invicta’s most expensive watches are some of the world’s finest, standing toe to toe with competitors in their market space. With both limited-run and widely produced watches positioned above $1000, Invicta competes strongly with other traditional Swiss watchmakers to show off in the world’s ever-expanding luxury goods space.

4. Invicta Pro Diver 3.08 Carat Diamond Automatic Men’s Watch - $6,199.90

Big and imposing, the Pro Diver in steel and gold is one of the true distinctive watches in Invicta’s collection. With burnished metallic accents and intense, brilliant diamonds set into its face, this unique work is a creation that does some work as well.

With a flame fusion crystal affording it 200 meters’ water resistance, this watch lives up to its diver name and can go deeper than its wearer can. The Pro Diver watch’s gold and diamond rim accents additionally make it one of the most distinctive timepieces that any viewer has likely ever seen. The precision Japanese movement components by TMI are among the best around, gaining less than five seconds a month even under heavy use.

3. Invicta Shaq Automatic Men’s - $7,709.90

Embodying the spirit and energy of world-famous athlete Shaquille O’Neal, the Invicta Shaq Automatic Men’s watch is a suitably titanic 60mm for this titan of the basketball court. Over his nearly 20-year career, Shaquille O’Neal was among the greatest basketball players of a generation, terrorizing the rim with his unique combination of size and athleticism.

So unstoppable in the paint that opposing players would often commit personal fouls simply to negate his ability at the rim, the Invicta Shaq’s oversized components are similarly imposing, with the massive 60mm face and 3.42 carats of diamonds giving this watch an imposing and massive authority all its own. The watch comes with either 3.42 carats of diamonds including six studs at the face, or 3.13 carats with those studs replaced by numbers and burnished brass accents.

The Shaq watch is one of the most distinctive watches in Invicta’s lineup and its automatic movement is one of the true triumphs of the traditional watchmaker’s art.

2. Invicta Subaqua 3.31 carat Diamond Watch - $7,969.90

Much like the 4.1622 carat version of this same watch design, the Subaqua 3.31 carat differs in having additional faces for a 10-hour chronograph as well as day and date. The Subaqua 3.31 carat men’s watch comes in blue and black, and each crusted with diamonds.

A limited-edition Swiss timepiece with Quartz movement and sturdy cases, this watch is as brilliant as a 47mm men’s timepiece can be. Designed with the discerning customer in mind and distinctive blue/gold and black/red faces and watch hands, these timepieces are some of the finest works of Eyal Lalo, Invicta’s master designer. The status afforded by these watches is second to none.

1. Invicta Subaqua 4.1622 carat diamond automatic men’s watch - $9,919.90

The very first watch produced in Invicta’s limited edition series, the Subaqua holds an Automatic movement and 4.1622 carats of diamonds. The case is purple, with gold accents and a gold dial to hold up to the elite, precision-manufactured components.

This limited-edition Swiss timepiece is the most brilliant and expensive piece of work crafted by Invicta. Its stunning shape and precise manufacture by Eyal Lalo make it a unique piece of craftsmanship and work. The Swiss timepiece in the very top of the Invicta range is mindblowing in its quality. While those who can afford a piece like this are relatively few, this Invicta Subaqua watch is the ultimate status symbol for those lucky few individuals.

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