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The Five Best Rolex Sports Watches Money Can Buy

Rolex Submariner

British-founded, but now Swiss-headquartered, Rolex SA has been in the trade of selling world-class wristwatches since 1905. Founded by Alfred David and Hans Wilsdorf, this elite brand of watchmakers didn't officially start making their own trademarked timepieces until 1908. In 1915, Rolex Watch Co. Ltd. was officially registered as a company, which later moved to Geneva, Switzerland, in 1920. In 1926, the first Rolex sports watch to make history featured a hermetically sealed case made to protect the dial and crown from dust and moisture, providing optimal protection. Oyster was the name officially given to this style of a wristwatch by Rolex, which was tested as a marketing ploy in 1927 by Mercedes Gleitze. The British swimmer sported the Oyster case on her necklace as she swam over ten hours across the English Channel. For Hans Wilsdorf, he exercised the genius of strategic marketing, which worked to the advantage of Rolex. It is a practice still continued today by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, a legacy he left behind prior to his death in 1960. Since then, Rolex SA has continued to follow in the footsteps by not just keeping up with the times, but staying at least one step ahead with one innovative watch design after another. There is a reason why owning a Rolex means more than owning a watch. It's also establishing a status symbol that mixes quality and style together to form a class all its own. As for the sports watches, this lineup from the Rolex roster has a category on its own that serves even more than simply a status symbol. They each serve why Rolex has the reputation it does as one of the elite watch brands there is.

Rolex Sky-Dweller Steel Black Dial 326934

5. Rolex Sky-Dweller Steel Black Dial 326934

First introduced in 2012, the Rolex Sky-Dweller is among the most complicated watches ever designed. It is also among the best money can buy, thanks to the 24-hour display and special ring command bezel for easy adjustment. There is also an annual calendar feature, which adds to the uniqueness of this timepiece. The infamous Rolex Oyster case offers the choice between steel, rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. Among the different models associated with the Sky-Dweller, the black dial 32694 series not only makes the cut as a sporty watch but can be worn at any time, any place, and any occasion.

Rolex Yacht-Master II 40 Oyster Steel & Platinum Rhodium Dial 126622

4. Rolex Yacht-Master II 40 Oyster Steel & Platinum Rhodium Dial 126622

For the love of simple beauty and water sports, the Rolex Yacht-Master's 950 platinum bezil is a standout beauty from its sandblasted dark rhodium dial. In celebration of the long-standing relationship, mariners have shared with the Rolex brand, this iconic watch is designed not only to look impressive but measure up to the high standards of discerning sportsmen and women who want one of the best performance watches money can buy. The Yacht-Master II replaced its predecessor in 2007 when it first launched and was designed as the ultimate tool for the modern mariner. The 40-millimeter dial is chunkier than the original Rolex Yacht-Master series but doesn't stray too far from its simple design. While the Yacht-Master II may not share the same aesthetics as some of the classier-looking watches Rolex is known for, it certainly makes up for it in reliability. Since 2019, the Rolex Yacht-Master II 40 126622 is powered by a 3255 caliber movement and has a certified chronometer that can hold up to seventy-two hours worth of power.

Rolex Sea Dweller

3. Rolex Sea-Dweller (especially Deepsea 126660)

Headlined as the watch that conquered the oceanic deep, the Rolex Sea-Dweller has a waterproof rating of up to 1,220 meters. Its Deepsea variant has been certified waterproof up to 3,900 meters. This easily makes the Rolex Sea-Dweller among the best sports watches money can buy. In 2014, when James Cameron released a documentary on the depths of the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest part of the ocean, the Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller he sported was the 116660 model. As of 2018, the 126660 sports an updated variant of his model has been designed to commemorate the event. The James Cameron special edition sports a black and blue gradient on the dial, which represents the dive towards the bottom of the ocean. The 126660 series has a number of variants and its predecessor, the 116660 series, does as well.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ice Blue Dial Platinum Men's Watch

2. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ice Blue Dial Platinum Men's Watch

Actually, any Rolex-branded watches belonging to the Daytona lineup are among the best watches money can buy, and not just with the brand itself. Overall, the Daytona models have established themselves as among the sportiest watches ever designed ever since it made its debut in 1963. The Ice Blue Dial Platinum men's watch is one of the most sought-after watches around the world due to its reputation and beauty. These watches were designed with the world of motorsports in mind, but even among sports enthusiasts who engage in other rugged activities find the Daytona series among the most reliable sports watches ever made. It's not easy to get this specific design of the Daytona watches as there is a lengthy waiting list for new arrivals, which come in gold and steel. The cosmographic design is the primary selling point of the Daytona as it serves the need to set it up for time and speed when engaging in racing competition. These watches are extremely durable and have a tachymetric scale so racecar drivers can accurately measure speeds up to 400 kilometers per hour. The dial and contrasting subdial are designed to not simply make the watch more stylish in appearance, but easier to read. The Daytona has been one of Rolex's flagship watches ever since it first came out. While the Ice Blue Dial Platinum men's watch is definitely at the top of the Daytona lineup, there really isn't such a thing as a disappointing Daytona watch for as long as it's a genuine Rolex brand.

Rolex Submariner

1. Rolex Submariner (especially 114060)

Of all the watch models Rolex has in its roster, nothing seems to beat the almighty Rolex Submariner. This is the watch series that answered the call of concerned divers who needed a watch that could handle better water depths as a waterproof watch. Starting in 1953, the Rolex Submariner began to come out with wristwatches that were certified to reach 330 feet (100 meters) deep of water. Not only has the Submariner proven itself as the best watch for divers, but for men engaged in all sorts of watersports, as well as a variety of rugged activities. A true sports watch should not only be able to handle all the environments but look good as well. Since 1953, Rolex has made sure the Submariner keeps up with the times as new technological breakthroughs continue to evolve the sophistication of not just this particular watch series, but all of the timepieces belonging to the Rolex brand.

In truth, any Rolex Submariner is among the best Rolex watches money can buy. However, the 114060 series is the best value for the money. The beautiful black dial and the 40-millimeter Oyster case shine as a typical Rolex, as well as the design of the monobloc middle case with the screw-down backing and winding crown. The 3130 self-winding caliber movement is entirely chronographic, and the three-piece-linked bracelet is made entirely from Oystersteel. Rotating in one direction is the bezel and each minute is engraved, which greatly enhances the look of this classic Submariner. Although among the Submariner series the 114060 is the lowest priced compared to the rest, doesn't mean this watch is a slouch, either. Far from it, it's among the best money can buy.

Watching Rolex Sports Watches

Rolex has been one of the most coveted watch brands in history by watch enthusiasts and collectors who look for the authentic crown symbol that is featured as a mark of authenticity. There are many knockoffs that attempt to copy what Rolex has accomplished. While some of them are very good at what they do, nothing beats the real thing, especially among buyers of discerning taste that will accept no less than the best money can buy. Of the five models provided, while one variant in specific was mentioned, each model number has more than one cosmetic style to choose from that works just as well. It's all subject to taste. The Submariner, as an example, has a rather lengthy list of color variants to choose from, as does the Daytona. Rolex excels at marketing to the discerning consumer the wonderful world of choice, for men and women who are looking for something that best suits their personal style.

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