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10 Things You Didn’t Know About AIG CEO Brian Duperreault

In 2017, insurance juggernaut AIG named Brian Duperreault as its new CEO. As you can imagine, when a company as large as AIG make a move like this it gets the attention of the business and finance world. With more than a year has passed, Duperreault is sitting securely in the drivers’seat as he attempts to lead AIG into the next decade. There are some interesting facts that came up when the announcement was made, and there has been a lot of buzz around who Duperreault is and what he will do in the number one position at AIG. Unless you have followed this company closely, you are probably not familiar with Brian Duperreault, so we decided to provide you with 10 little-known facts that will help to familiarize your with this executive.

1. He Is 71-Years-Old

One of the concerns of some people who objected to this particular appointment was the fact that Duperreault was 70 when he was appointed as CEO. At an age when most people have retired, he was taking on the most important assignment of his career. One thing is certain and that is Duperreault is still very sharp and he knows how to articulate his vision and get people to buy into it.

2. He Has Served a Previous Stint with AIG

As you can imagine, Brian Duperreautl is no rookie in the game. He actually spent two decades with AIG before leaving to run several other companies. He has an extensive resume that supports his ability to take on massive projects and achieve the desired goals. He has a keen eye for details that can have a massive impact while running under the radar, and he knows how to deal with these types of subtle issues.

3. Credited With the Turnaround of Marsh & McLennan

As it turns out, Brian Duperreault has a reputation for cleaning up messes left by other leaders. He is widely praised for the massive turnaround accomplished at Marsh & McLennan, an insurance brokerage firm. He has a straight-to-the-source approach that is both direct and efficient, but he also knows how to relate to his employees, which is huge.

4. Will Work to Improve Company's Position

One of the reasons that AIG went after Brian is the fact that he has a reputation for putting companies in the proper position to withstand the push of competition. The insurance industry is highly competitive and AIF has not been performing up to expectations. The company is still reeling from the financial crisis back in 2007 and 2008.

5. He Earned $43.1 Million His First Year

It is amazing what America’s top CEOs earn on an annual basis. According to public records, the company has paid Duperreault $43.1 million so far. The question that a lot of people are asking is whether he is worth it or not. If he is able to turn the company around amidst all of the volatility, he is more than worth what he is being paid.

6. He Has Been Very Active

During his first year at the helm, Duperreault has hired and promoted at least 13, senior executives, as he looks to build a strong team that is capable of translating the mission and message to lower-management personnel in a way that will result in a higher level of performance across the board.

7. He Is In the Insurance Hall of Fame

Okay, first of all, I did not know such a thing existed. I am assuming that the top performing in a number of positions in the insurance industry is inducted into this hall of fame. From what I have gathered, Duperreault has a quite the reputation among his contemporaries and he has the garnered the respect of the industry in a way that has solidified his place in the history of the industry.

8. Forty Years Strong

Duperreault has been in the industry for more than 40 years and by the looks of things, he does not appear to be slowing down any time soon. His consistent success and constant focus have earned him a reputation for being goal-oriented and to achieving the results he is brought in to achieve.

9. He Is a Native of Bermuda

Now, I would not have guessed that this powerful executive is from Bermuda. When I think of Bermuda, I picture all of the residents being laid back and relaxed. I definitely don’t envision someone as intense and focused as Brian Duperreault. He has definitely caused me to view Bermuda a bit differently now.

10. He Is Married with Three Sons

It is easy to view these type of driven individuals as hard and non-negotiable, but obviously, Brian has figured out how to manage a very successful career and still enjoy life with his family. In addition to his family, he is a man of faith, a Jesuit, which he credits with his success in business and in life in general.

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Written by Liz Flynn

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