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10 Reasons To Stay at the Alila Marea Beach Resort

Alila Marea

Classified as an iconic beachfront resort, the Alila Marea Beach Resort is located along the North Coastal Highway 101 within the County of San Diego, California, USA. It is located at the beach city known as Encinitas, which is twenty-five miles north of San Diego. It is just under a hundred miles south of Los Angeles. Encinitas is Spanish for "small oaks" and was officially founded by Jabez Pitcher in 1881, nearly forty years after the Mexican Independence War against Spain. The win the Mexicans earned resulted in the stretch of land that serves as the home of not just Encinitas, but for Alila's Marea Beach Resort. Encinitas itself is divided into five different communities, namely Old Encinitas, New Encinitas, Olivenhain, Leucadia, and Cardiff-by-the-Sea. The preserved little oak trees that gave Encinitas its name serve as part of the magnificent scenery this small city has to offer, not to mention the endless views of the Pacific Ocean.

10. Location

Encinitas is a beach city located twenty-five miles north of San Diego, California, and ninety-five miles south of Los Angeles. With a municipal population of approximately 60,000 people, it's a community that continually buzzes with activity throughout the year. Alila Marea Beach Resort is located within the Old Encinitas region, alongside the infamous Highway 101, as a private resort. Not only is it conveniently close enough for visitors to venture into the city of Encinitas to see what it has to offer, but far enough away to enjoy seclusion.

9. The Beach

It can't be called a beach resort if there's no beach to enjoy. Alila Marea Beach Resort not only offers this as part of its property feature but does so with a level of luxury that only elite-class resorts can achieve. The unspoiled beauty of California's magnificent coastline features the framework of natural stone, warm woods, clean lines, and picturesque views.

8. Facilities and Services

Resorts are supposed to be locations that have all the needs of a guest covered. They're designed to be just as desired as a vacation destination as its surrounding demographics. With Alila Marea Beach Resort, there is an oceanfront swimming pool with a deck, restaurants, gym, spa, ballroom, meeting rooms, game room, and gift shop. These on-site facilities provide a number of services to address the needs of each guest at a quality level that often gives them a five out of five-star rating by those who've previously stayed at the resort. In addition to these facilities, there is also a number of other services provided such as dry cleaning, laundry, room service, and concierge.

7. VAGA Restaurant and Bar

Not only is VAGA Restaurant and Bar offered to on-site resort guests, but to the public as well. The restaurant prides itself in offering a menu that features locally-grown and produced food ingredients as a preferred standard in the modernly prepared, yet mouth-watering cuisine. Award-winning Executive Chef, Claudette Zepeda, is a born and raised San Diego native who heads the kitchen staff to ensure nothing but the best is put on a plate before it's served to the customer. Whether the dining experience is inside the restaurant itself, on the patio, in the lounge, or at the fire pit, VAGA makes sure it doesn't fall short on catering to the needs of every diner.

6. Bed & Breakfast

One of the most desirable features most hotel guests look for when booking a place to stay is whether or not there is a complimentary breakfast service included. Via the VAGA Restaurant, a guest has access to this feature should they care for it. The idea of enjoying the ocean view while enjoying what's supposed to be the most important meal of the day is nothing short of appealing, especially if the itinerary scheduled for the day is expected to be a busy one.

5. Spa Alila

Not only do hotel guests enjoy the spa experience from Spa Alila, but so do the locals. Within the spa are five naturally appointed treatment rooms, as well as saunas that are designated for men only and women only. Whether the need to visit a spa is to relieve stress or enjoy an opportunity for relaxed beautification, there is a spa package designed to cater to a visitor's most desired needs.

4. Electric Go

At Alila Marea Beach Resort, there are opportunities to go for a spin with an e-bicycle from its collection of Electric Go bikes. Whether you wish to coast up and down along Highway 101, or venture into the villages of Leucadia, Encinitas, or Cardiff-by-the-Sea, this environmentally-friendly way to do so is an option you have access to as a guest. In addition to access to these bikes, plus the required safety equipment, the on-site valets can also provide recommendations that will make the experience as ideal as possible. This is a great opportunity to get to know the neighboring communities without going through the hassle of car rental.

3. Dramatic Coastline View Hotel Rooms|

When staying at a beach resort, one of the biggest reasons for doing so is the appeal of waking up to the scenic view of the ocean. The more pleasantly dramatic the experience is, the better. Each hotel room is tastefully decorated and equipped to accommodate the needs of even the most demanding guest. There is in-room coffee and tea service, a miniature bar, and Bluetooth accessibility, as well as a 65-inch wall-mounted flat-screen television, full bathroom, patio balcony, and WiFi.

2. Adults Only

In order for a resort to earn and keep its reputation as a place of tranquility, this also includes who is able to access Alila Marea Beach Resort as a guest or not. As awesome as children are, sometimes just getting away for rest and relaxation without the busy buzz of little ones around serves as the perfect recipe as a getaway. It also has a no pet policy, one which not only does the resort favor as a means to keep its resort as tranquil as possible but also abides by the Ponto State Beach restrictions they have in place to ensure the beaches remain as environmentally appealing as possible.

1. Alila Hallmark

Alila prides Marea Beach Resort as the hallmark of the corporation's collection of hotel resorts. Between the combination of innovative design, luxury, and unique location, it serves as an ideal opportunity to arrange that perfectly personalized vacation. It's also a highly favored destination for business groups to gather together at a place that is far enough away to feel secluded, but not too far where it feels isolated. This can also be said for wedding parties and other guests that may require more than just one room to book their stay. Because so much pride is poured into Alila Marea Beach Resort, it serves as a vacation destination in its own right.

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