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Why You Need to Visit Amaterra Winery in Oregon

Amaterra Oregon

The Amaterra Winery is a 12-acre vineyard tasting room, vineyard, and restaurant situated in the hills of West Haven-Sylvan. The area was once populated by Scandinavian immigrants and farmers in the late 1800s. The 45,000 sq. foot winemaking facility also features an indoor and outdoor space for hosting private events and concerts. Jami Flatt, a prominent chef at the Amaterra's restaurant, is best known for making the most delicious Swedish meatballs, red currant jam, and white wine-leek cream topped with crispy Oregon sunchokes. Additionally, Amaterra's Winery is filled with naturally-grown grapes around the property, thus providing a suitable location for a tasting room. Read on to learn more about the Amaterra Winery.


According to Oregonlive, since the establishment of the Oregon Zoo, Amaterra Wines is the next big thing to happen in the West Hills. The Amaterra Winery guarantees to provide you with an exceptional wine country experience as you enjoy the spectacular view of the West Haven-Sylvan hills. In 2012, a 51-week winemaking plan was initiated to help maintain the nature in the hillside area as residents could hike and enjoy their stay in the Winery. One notable feature of the Amaterra Winery is using a unique strategy that involves using bridge cranes to allow one elevation drop to serve as a multiple-level gravity-flow winemaking structure. This winemaking approach and process facilitates the mildest handling of fruit while maintaining the desired system and subtle aromatics used in the winemaking process.

Moreover, the patent-pending design allows their winemaking process to be very efficient, especially in raw material handling. Unlike other wineries that use augers, aeration pumps, and conveyors to extract fruit sap in winemaking, Amaterra Winery has adopted the use of barrel aging coupled with vinification in reduced lots to maximize the quality of their wine. At Amaterra Winery, they provide all their customers with a premium winery membership experience that allows you to enjoy the best wine quality in the region. With several years of continuously meeting the desires and demands of their Portland wine clients, Amaterra Winery helps add to the luxurious winery experience by providing their customers with quick Lyft or Uber rides within the city boundaries.

Why should you visit the Amaterra Winery?

Amaterra Winery is a private membership-based vineyard, club, and Winery located in the West Hills of Portland. The general manager of Amaterra Winery, Matt Vuylsteke, who oversees the wine production in the Winery, claims that three-quarters of their wine is chardonnay and pinot noir. According to Onlyinourstate, below are some of the reasons why you should visit the Amaterra Winery in Oregon:

5. Amazing scenery of the vineyards

In the northern 60 miles of the Willamette Valley, situated between the Coast Mountain Range and the Willamette River, you will find a series of hills where the best Pinot Noir vineyards are grown. These vineyards have varying soil types, including the Dundee, Chehalem, Eola-Amity, and Yamhill-Carlton. This has played a significant role in ensuring the fruits grown have thicker skins, small berries, and fully-matures with a burst of exciting flavors. The Amaterra Winery features large-spaced windows to provide you with a stunning view of Southwest Portland and the Oregon Coast Range.

4. Nature and exciting flavors

This is provided in one of the premium customer packages by the Amaterra Winery that includes:

  • One dinner in a local restaurant with traditional cuisines but beverages and wine are not included.
  • One toured visit to a historic Valpolicella winery and learned the process of winemaking, wine aging, and bottling. You will also get to taste some of their best wines.
  • On-site assistance
  • One guided visit to a historic local company with free sampling of typical local products such as the delicious cheeses and salami accompanied with jelly and mustards.
  • Baggage or Medical insurance cover.
  • Two nights in a double room with breakfast included.

3. Panoramic flight through the Valpolicella vineyards and the olive trees of Lake Garda

In this event, you will be required to assemble at the meeting point in Verona at a Heliport, where there will be a safety briefing before boarding the helicopter. After take-off, you will fly over Lake Garda and the Valpolicella hills as you enjoy the spectacular aerial view of the small villages in the area, the olive trees, and several vineyards. In addition to the exclusive private helicopter experience, you will get to capture the memorable moments during your flight.

2. Exclusive private aperitif on the highest tower of Verona with our Sommelier.

Here, you will gather at the meeting point with our Sommelier at Torre dei Lamberti in the center of Verona. The Lamberti Tower is approximately 84 meters high that rises from Piazza Erbe, giving you a beautiful view of the city. This location is open for exclusive events only on requests and can cater to a small number of people. You will also get to enjoy the best Amaterra wines accompanied with cheeses and salami.

1. Sail on Lake Garda on board an ancient wooden schooner

In this program, you will enjoy a boat ride on an old wooden schooner accompanied by a professional skipper. This sailing experience will provide you with the right colors, great emotions, and relaxation. You will be requested to visit the meeting point in Garda for a 3-hour private excursion at the Port Vecchio as you enjoy the spectacular view of the villas, lake, and the surrounding environment. Moreover, the sailing on Lake Garda is rounded off with a local wine tasting of the best premium wines in the area.

Final Thoughts

The word "Amaterra" means a love of the earth; the Amaterra Winery initially began as a deep appreciation of friendship, family, and the natural grandeur of the Pacific Northwest. About three miles from downtown Portland, the Amaterra Winery is a world-class stop for some of the best wines, traditional cuisines, entertainment, and special events. The Winery is best known for its unique winemaking process that ensures the mildest handling of fruit and efficient use of the raw material. A bonus to all customers, the Amaterra Winery offers memberships to their premier wine club, where members receive exclusive experiences and perks.

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